Dub-Charts 2016

1. Mad Professor and the Robotics featuring Lee Scratch Perry: Black Ark Classics in Dub
2. Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno: 1000 Watts
3. Dub Dynasty: Holy Cow
4. Vin Gordon & The Real Rock Band: Heavenless
5. Radical Guru: Dub Mentalist
6. Brain Damage: Talk the Talk
7. Pressed Records: Dub Compilation Vol. 1
8. AMJ Meets RSD: Sky Blue Love
9. L. U. K. L.: Dubs
10. Dub Spencer & Trance Hill: Physical Echoes

Meine Dub-Top Ten 2015

  1. Aldubb: A Timescale of Creation – Symphony No. 1 in Dub minor
  2. Zion Train: Land of the Blind
  3. Blundetto: World of Dub
  4. Vibration Lab: Brass Plant EP
  5. Mad Professor and the Robotics featuring Lee Scratch Perry: Black Ark Classics in Dub
  6. International Observer: Touched
  7. Detroit Boys: Sexy Jamaicans
  8. Imhotep: Kheper Dub
  9. Umberto Echo: The Name of the Dub
  10. Dubvisionist: DV IV

Meine Dub-Top Ten 2014

1. Dubmatix: In Dub
2. Rafter: It’s Reggae
3. Razoof Jahliya: Dubs & Remixes
4. Tomas Hegert: Dub på Svenska
5. Lee „Scratch“ Perry: Back on the Controls
6. Dubvisionist: King Size Dub Special
7. Alborosie: Dub the System
8. The Senior Allstars: Verbalized and Dubbed
9. AudioArt: Op’ra Dub Style
10. Dub Syndicate: Hard Food

Meine Dub Top 10 des Jahres 2013

1. Dubmatix: Rebel Massive
2. earlyW~Rm: Dub Device
3. King Size Dub: Germany Downtown, Chapter 2
4. Lendublikation: Insane Dub Trips
5. Jazzmin Tutum: Share the Flame
6. Umberto Echo: Elevator Dubs
7. Abassi All Stars: Dub Conference
8. The Breadwinners: Dubs Unlimited
9. Various: Sound ‘n’ Pressure Story
10. Dreadsquad: The Riddim Machine Versions

Meine Dub Top 10 des Jahres 2012

1. The Spy From Cairo: Arabadub
2. Aldubb: Welcome To Bassland
3. Various: Roots Tribe Showcase Vol. 2
4. Miniman: Back To Roots
5. Alpha & Omega Meets Dan I: Blessed Are The Poor
6. Ashley: Land Of Dub
7. Brain Damage: Dub Sessions
8. Shaky Norman: Universal Love
9. Dubcall: Desolation
10. The Senior Allstars: What Next?

Meine Dub Top 10 des Jahres 2011

1. Dubmatix: Clash Of The Titans
2. Big Finga & Aldubb: Big Dubb
3. Roommate: Studio Dub Transmissions
4. Chris Dubflow: Echostream
5. Various: Dub Zealand
6. Senior Allstars: In Dub
7. Earlyworm: Natty Droid
8. Kanka: Dub Communication
9. Dub Caravan: Nomadic Fusions
10. King Size Dub: On-U Sound – 30 Years Anniversary

Meine Dub Top 10 des Jahres 2010

1. Adrian Sherwood & Lee Perry: Dubsetter
2. Alborosie: Dub Clash
3. Dubmatix: System Shakedown
4. Lee Perry: Sound System Scratch
5. Hey-O-Hansen: We So Horny
6. Various: Evolution Of Dub Vol. 5
7. Dubblestandart: Marijuana Dreams
8. Dubkasm: Transformed in Dub
9. Various: Jahtarian Dubbers, Vol. 2
10. Various: Shatter The Hotel

Meine Dub Top 10 des Jahres 2009

1. Hey-O-Hansen: Sonn und Mond (Pingipung)
2. International Observer: Felt (Dubmission)
3. Sideshow: Admit One (Aus Music)
4. Noiseshaper: Satellite City (Cat‘n Roof)
5. Dubblestandart, Lee Scratch Perry & Ari Up: Return From Planet Dub (Collision)
6. Various Artists: Dub Echoes (Soul Jazz)
7. Various Artists: Dubvision II (Perkussion & Elektronik)
8. Umberto Echo: Dub The World (Echo Beach)
9. Various Artists: Evolution Of Dub Vol. 1 – 4 (Greensleeves)
10. Various Artists: Nothern Faction 4 (Balanced)

Meine Dub Top 10 des Jahres 2008

1. Dubmatix: „Renegade Rocker“ (7 Arts/Echo Beach/Indigo)
2. Dubxanne: „Police In Dub“ (Echo Beach/Indigo)
3. Clive Hunt: „Clive Hunt & The Dub Dancers“ (Makasound/Rough Trade)
4. Prince Fatty: „Survival Of The Fattest” (Mr. Bongo/Cargo).
5. Various: „Dub-Anthology“ (Wagram/SPV)
6. Kasbah Rockers: „Kasbah Rockers with Bill Laswell“ (Barraka)
7. Vibronics & Friends: “UK Dub Story” (Scoop/Import)
8. Hi Fi Killers: „Turf War Dub“ (Mossburg/Import)
9. Lars Fenin: „Been Through“ (Shitkatapult/mdm)
10. Jimmy Radway & The Fe Me Time All Stars: „Dub I“ (Pressure Sounds/Groove Attack)

Dub Top 10 des Jahres 2007

Ticklah & Victor Axelrod, „Ticklah Vs. Axelrod“, (Easy Star Records/Import)

G-Corp Meets The Mighty Tree, „Dub Plates From The Elephant House Volume 3“ (Endulge/Rough Trade)

Various Artists, „Comfy Dub“ (Tricornmusic/Mconnexion)

Various Artists, „Roots Of Dub Funk 6“, Tanty-Records/Import

Various Artists, „New(dub)Excursion“ (Sounds Around/Import)

Abassi All Stars, „Dub Showcase“, Universal Egg

The Revolutionaries, „Drum Sound – More Gems From The Channel One Dub Room – 1974 To 1980“, (Pressure Sounds/Rough Trade)

Joe Gibbs & The Professionals, „African Dub All Mighty – Chapter 1 – 4“, (VP/Groove Attack)

Umberto Echo, „Dubtrain“, (19/Enja)

Dreadzone, „The Remixes“ (Virgin)