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Dubvisionist: Treasures from the Harddrives

For new work from Dubvisionist I get reflexively curious because Dubs from Felix Wolter would suggest the Netflix algorithm with at least “98% agreement”. The hit rate is therefore that of Biontech. Fortunately, the Hanoverian DubProducer a constant output level of high quality Dubs - and has done so since the 1980s. He and ThaiGrr founded The Vision, a pioneering German reggae band, whose recordings ...

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Dub Producers operate in the background. We bring them to light and pester them with questions: like them Dub define what is good Dub matters who you admire if you work with Dub be able to earn a living and much more. Alpha Steppa, Dubblestandart, Paolo Baldini, Dubmatix, the Dubvisionist, Zion Train ...

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