10 Ft. Ganja Plant: 10 Deadly Shots Vol. 2

Strictly speaking, the 10 Deadly Shots don't even belong on this page, because what the band from New York brings to our ears here are pure old-school instrumentals that come with them Dub have as much to do as my good old Olympia with the MacBook Pro on which this text is being written. If you didn't know better, a short listening session could give you the impression of hearing a Studio One tape with Jackie Mittoo that was believed to be lost - something for the guys from that Ganja plantation would probably be a huge compliment. Because they really did everything they could to fool the listener. On their website, they meticulously describe which analog recording equipment was used and when, how the recording device was calibrated and probably also which brand of tape they used and what was previously stored on the tape (if the latter was not for the benefit of the reader would have deleted). But listening is more than reading, and as far as that is concerned, no further explanation is required: The ten fatal shots (which are more like ten happy rubber balls) are just as much fun as the lovingly mimetic retro productions of Prince Fatty. Anyone who hears them simply gets a good idea: life is beautiful and everything is good. If you would like to read a critical reflection here, you should try to write one yourself in a state of blissful rapture. It is impossible.

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