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As you know, I write them Dub-Column in the Riddim. The hundredth edition of the Riddim has just appeared. Incredible! I have a hundred (!) Dub Evolution columns written. That is extrapolated to the 900 to 1000 reviewed DubAlbums. I am wondering how to get over it Dub lets write so much. After all, it is a small sub-genre, largely without stars, without scandals, gossip or crime stories. Yes, even without lyrics. It remains the mere music, mostly even stripped down to drum, bass and effects. No wonder that for the uninitiated Dub everything sounds the same. But if entire compendia can be filled with stamps or ornamental fish, then it is probably also possible to cover 100 columns Dub to write! After all, we are dealing with one of the most fascinating styles of music in the world. Dub is pure rhythm and sound - for its own sake and not just as a background for a song. No text, (almost) no melody, nothing but sound: pure music. If you were to compare it to painting, then it would be Dub abstract art. It is not in the service of a representation, but is a pure sensual experience (who ever a Dub-Soundsystem knows that Dub is a maximally sensual experience). Dub is like a picture of Barnett newman: A huge area of ​​color that completely occupies the viewer. Or, to put it in new German: Dub is immersive. One immerses, sinks, becomes completely one with Dub. Why? Because Dub spans a space whose enormous dimensions can only be guessed at from reflected reverberation and echo. Outer space filled with dark bass matter. But - and I love that very much - Dub is not only immersive: Just like the tweeters at the top of a mountain of loudspeakers, there is a bright, rational, conscious head voice over the bass material. It enables Dub To listen consciously, to analyze its shape and to look virtually over the shoulder of the sound engineer. It's like stopping in a movie for a moment, following the story and drawing attention to the form, to how the story is staged. This analytical look comes in Dub downright on. The ostentatious play with arrangements and effects leaves the audience with no other choice - especially when engineers like Adrian Sherwood or Mad Professor are at work.
Yes, Dub is small but deep. I could do the whole thing Dubfill blog with it, about the essence of Dub to think about, the mother of all remixes, the pioneer of bass music - in general: the first music that subordinated everything to the primacy of rhythm and sound. Truly revolutionary music that cannot be written enough about.

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Unbelievable how fast time passes!
René Wynands, Die Dub-Koryphäe of Germany, oh what am I saying, the world, is celebrating the release of its 100th riddim-Dub-Column. Of DubRevolution for Dub-Evolution and has been for almost 20 years, if that's no reason to celebrate!

Dear René, I only realized today how long you have been accompanying my life with your column. Your column is still the first thing I read in a new issue of Riddim. Thank you for your valuable tips, without your column a lot would have remained hidden from me. Keep it up and all the best for the next (minimum) 20 years!

Hi Rene! That is really worth all respect! I only got a lot of panes from your column. The draft of Dub enriches my life, who feels it knows it!

As a reader from the very beginning, all the best for the anniversary and all the best for the future too. stay healthy and… IN DUB WE TRUST !! ...

Dear René,
Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Through you (or through you: lemmi, gtkriz, ras vorbei etc. pp) I have the Dub although not discovered. But I always feel confirmed, well informed and well entertained. Keep going. All. Thanks.

Oh, there is something to celebrate here !!!

Congratulations on the 100th René ;-) !!!

When I read your anniversary speech like this, my heart will be warm again. In every sentence and also in between your enthusiasm and all your love for DubMusic expressed. Your (hopefully not) last sentence “A truly revolutionary music that cannot be written enough about” sums it up again!
And if you - like me - have had the pleasure, the honor or the grace, the DubAs researchers look over the shoulder of Adrian Sherwood and Mad Professor Live and Direct, you know exactly what fascination this music can trigger. Of course, it can't hurt if you already have a real fascination for Dub brings.
I always find it nice when I see certain parallels to other reggae / Dub Find fans. That's how I felt from the start Ras Vorbei. I always read the "riddim" from the back to the front ;-) ……… however, I always had to read the letters to the editor first, because I couldn't hold back my comments there either ;-)
When I was looking for DubMusic yours DubI was overjoyed when I found my blog and at first I thought, there really is no such thing. I found our overconfidence in terms of musical taste simply mystical. I thought you found a brother here in spirit. Even if we do not feel exactly the same in detail every now and then, our mutual enthusiasm is for Dub a beautiful and above all for me, a real asset to my life.
And as you yourself in the "Dub fe Dub“About DubBlog, the DubBlog by the other two musketeers
RasVorbei and gtkriz even better. Maybe politically not quite “etiquette” but I can't help myself, for all seekers, the Deep In Dub and Deeper In Dub Recommended by gtkriz on Spotify. After all, this is about him
DubRené Wynands' blog and his anniversary but the gtkriz playlist is a very comprehensive one that can be viewed or heard directly DubLibrary. There is also a lot of love and enthusiasm in there and by now the list should actually be in the Guinness Book of Records. Anyway, I want to see the one who can give me a longer list of brilliant ones Dubs so beautiful
strung on a gold cord, somewhere on the Internet, shows.
Well, where do you get to know such people?

IM DUBBLOG!!! ……………………. lemmi

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