16 questions to: iLLBiLLY HiTEC

Your name: iLLBiLLY HiTEC
You live in: Berlin
Title of your last album: Reggaetronics (Echo Beach)

What is your definition of Dub?
For me there is somehow no definition. Dub is limitless, can merge with pretty much all genres of music, and simply offers a lot of opportunities to let off steam. That's what makes music so interesting for us.

What distinguishes a good from a bad Dub?
Technically it should be right, the rest is a matter of taste.

How would you your Dub-Describe style?
We generally have a lot of vocals in our productions and therefore use effects sparingly. All in all, apart from the excursions into electronics, our style is quite reggae-heavy.

How does the creation process of a typical Dub-Tracks from you guys?
We'll do that out of our guts. It usually takes a long time to get the final result, but the first hook comes spontaneously. We have higher calling z. B. The process, melody and vocals were finished very quickly - but the fine-tuning took a while.

When are you with one of your produced Dub satisfied?
Never. Isn't that always the case? We tend to come to a point with every song where you wonder if it will get better or worse if you keep going.

Who is currently the most interesting Dub-Artist?
Al is from Germanydubb certainly at the forefront. Live have me personally Kaly Live Dub very flashed from Lyon. We played with them once in Bucharest - very good musicians and great performance.

What do you hear besides Dub?
Thomas comes from hip hop, Longfingah is a right reggae head. I'm actually more of a rock. That Dub and similar sounds have become our musical focus, is probably due to the breadth of the possibilities of the genre.

In what form do you buy your music: vinyl, CD, download, subscription? Why?
Depending on the production, very different for me personally. But Thomas almost only has vinyl.

Do you manage to make a living with music?
It's very close.

Which artist would you like to work with?
There are quite a few. You have to wait and see what is still going on with the vocals and the mixer.

What is your particular strength?
Although there are only three of us performing, Longfingah's vocals and the live drums create the experience of a concert. In addition, our program is also very varied due to the different styles. So we can play at very different events and reach people from all corners.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
The tours and the resulting friendships are a lot of fun for us and also give us energy and ideas to develop the project further. Travel is always worth it!

What do you dread in the studio?
Before we finish producing the songs, we'll take them on tour. You get used to the fat live sound of the drums, the large PA and the vibrating stage. In the studio everything sounds comparatively dry at first. I get frightened every time.

When you're not at Dubs screwing, what do you like to do then?
Music doesn't leave us much time for other things at the moment. But Thomas has a great passion for walkmans, ghetto blasters and sneakers. But cooking is my top priority. Good food shreds!

Which music website do you prefer to visit?

How much you the future of Dub?
In Germany the scene is currently quite manageable, but still well positioned. I think there is still potential. Some artists become the Dub sure to bring it forward soon.

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