20 questions to: The Dubvisionist

Your name: Felix Wolter
You live in: Hanover
Title of your last album or your last EP: "Dubvision III “, an album compilation with Dubtunes (own material and material from friends), from my studio M7.
- "Lovin Peace" EP, my Steppas project

What is your definition of Dub? 
Just do it “differently”. Cultivate wonder and amazement. Breaking listening habits and re-evaluating source material.

What about a good one Dub indispensable?
The basic atmosphere.

What distinguishes a good from a bad Dub?
The good is based on vibes, the bad is based on technology.

How would you your Dub-Describe style?
In XNUMX, when Dubvisionist, I go to work “classically”. A Dub has an original, at best well known. Then new arrangements on the mixer and the "making visible" of sub-tracks make sense of the conscious listening pleasure.
I work differently at TVS. Here electronically interpreted beats are created as an atmosphere in which you can experiment with other elements. I find the friction between electronic sounds and roots influences interesting.
In addition, I'm still working on 2 related downtime projects, PFL and Chin Chillaz. Further musical essences flow into this. In this case it works Dub as a melting pot that combines different styles into something new.

How does the creation process of a typical Dub-Tracks from you?
Trax go through different stages with me. I collect ideas in a “backing pool”. When I get the feel for the song, it goes on. Someone is voicing the song or playing instrumental overdubs on it. At some point the track is a song and / or a Dub. I'm not rushing. I give the material as much time as it takes.

When are you with one of your produced Dub satisfied?
When it's done and I know where to use it.

What are your personal Dub-Top 5 albums?
Aswad: New Chapter Of Dub
Keith Hudson: Pic A Dub
King Tubbies: Meets Rockers Uptown
Scientists: Meets The Space Invaders
African Head Charge: My Life In A Hole In The Ground

Who is the greatest for you Dub-Artist of all time?
King Tubby produced a really unique sound. Thanks to his technical knowledge, he was able to sound out the resilience of the devices in a completely different way than others. He had partly built or modified devices himself. This resulted in a unique selling point in the sound that earned it the title "King".

And who is currently the most interesting Dub-Artist?
I think Mad Professor is very cool. An album The roots of Dubstep and then "as always" British roots Dub I think it's great to deliver. But not everyone understands this sense of humor. No matter - for his interpretation of Money on DubAbout Side of the Moon (Remix album by the Easy Star Allstars) I can celebrate it in a big way. He's so cheeky and anarchist about it. That really impressed me again.

What is the musically most interesting decade for you? Why?
There is good music in all decades. Of course, in the 70s I love the original roots reggae from Jamaica. For me, the 80s represent influences from the UK, e.g. the overlap of Dub and punk. In the 90s the UK steppas came and from 2K on I continued with downtempo Dub.

What is your current favorite album?
Kiddus I: Topsy Turvy World. A very nice album, I would love to have some dubI.

In what form do you buy your music: vinyl, CD, download, subscription? Why?
Fortunately, good music always finds me - no matter what form.

Can you make a living with music?
Yes, similar to that of my colleagues. From my Dubproductions alone, i can't pay all the bills. But I make a living from music. In addition to the studio and productions, I run the digital label “Time Tools Recordings” with a friend. There I am responsible for the sub-label “Percussion & Electronics”, on which I publish many of my projects. I also do remixes and Dubs for other artists. At the moment I am working on the light and sound installation “Seelewaschen”, which will take place here in Hanover in the Maschpark from June 15.6. until July 15.7 takes place. That is ambient sound in an urban living space. The common ground in this project is the Dub on the focus of deceleration.

Which artist would you like to work with?
I'm looking forward to my next remix for my colleagues from the Senior Allstars, whom Sarah Winton (singer of Nightmares On Wax, among others) was able to win for the vocals of a Trax. Sarah had voiced titles from Chin Chillaz before. I love her angelic way of singing and I look forward to your contribution.

What is your particular strength?
My weakness for music.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
That he's my job.

What do you dread in the studio?
Demos. I hate demos and haven't done one in 30 years. I hate nothing more than having to chase after an idea that was defined in the demo. It should of course sound just as expressive and spontaneous, but just "in a better sound format". Rubbish - never really works convincingly. The moment makes the music, not the technology.

When you're not at Dubs screwing, what is your favorite thing to do then?
Cook. The stove is like a mixer and a good meal is like a good one Dub.

What is the current state of health of Dub?
Quite well in my opinion. We have been running the "Liberation Skank" four times a year here in Hanover for about 3 years. This is a Roots & Dub Dance with Sounds & Members from Hanover and Berlin such as Cham Panda, Chris Re-Ignation, Sandokan Intl., Tobi Dread and TVS /Dubvisonist. All parties are always well attended. We play roots Dub and British UK Steppers for a really interested young audience.

How do you see the future of Dub?
The "Liberation Skank" collective makes parties in an environment that values ​​awareness. The motto is: No slackness, pure vibes. Celebrate with respect, without homophobia and sexism. I think that's great and sometimes really modern.

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