19 questions to: The Senior Allstars

Your name: Thomas Hoppe (drummer, The Senior Allstars)
You live in: Münster
Title of your last album: The Senior Allstars - Verbalized And Dubbed

What is your definition of Dub?
Dub is an original Jamaican style that reveals the essence of a song by reducing it. By omitting them - completely or partially - individual elements are particularly emphasized, be it through effects or by simply bringing them into focus. In a nutshell: I also love the term “psychedelic reggae” that Neil Perch used here on the blog.

What distinguishes a good from a bad Dub?
A good one Dub is based on a good tune. The bassline is of course very important, as is the groove. And the good one Dub impresses with space and atmosphere. If there are still some magical moments then this is the good one Dub very good. A bad one Dub can arise when technology is more important than music.

How would you your Dub-Describe style?
I perceive the style of the Senior Alltars as “authentic continental Europe”. We love the Jamaican roots of the Dub, and that is always a fixed point. And yet we try to do our own thing with it. Free space is important to us, and somehow everything is analog. For example, we don't have a programmed delay time on stage, the factor of chance should definitely remain on board.

How does the creation process of a typical Dub-Tracks from you guys?
There are two paths that we have taken as a band and are still taking: Either there is a song and we will do one later Dub from that. So the classic way. Or a song is created directly as a Dub-Tune. The special thing about the Senior Allstars is that everyone is themselves dubbt. And that we keep a high degree of freedom. So everyone is played live Dub always a little different. And when things go well, the magical moments mentioned above may arise.

When are you with one of you produced Dub satisfied?
When I no longer hear him as a music maker, but as a music listener. So when my gut tells me, instead of my head, that I like the song.

What are your personal Dub-Top 5 albums?
Prince Buster: The Message Dubwise
Keith Hudson: Pick A Dub
King Tubbies: Meets Rockers Uptown
Lee Perry / The Upsetters: Great ape
Burning Spear: Garvey's Ghost
Linton Kwesi Johnson: LKJ In Dub

Who is the greatest for you Dub-Artist of all time?
King Tubby. Simply as the most important pioneer of this wonderful genre.

And who is currently the most interesting Dub-Artist?
I still enjoy everyone Dub by Victor Rice. And that for almost 20 years.

What is the musically most interesting decade for you? Why?
If I look at my list of top albums, it's probably the 70s! Because the albums from that period are the essence of Dub define and still get to the point today. And because perhaps the results are particularly musical because of the limited technical possibilities.

What is your current favorite album?
Curtis Mayfield: There's No Place Like America Today (old ham, newly discovered).

In what form do you buy your music: vinyl, CD, download, subscription? Why?
I'm definitely a vinyl fan. To justify this, I pull an open Rolling Stone magazine off the shelf: “Vinyl is the romantic way of listening to music, it is the most devout format. You have to take part, get up, place the needle. ”That's what Jack White said, I couldn't put it that beautifully myself. I also own CDs, of course, but for some genres - and that includes Dub - Vinyl is particularly important to me. The only ones Dub-CDs that I consciously bought in recent years were the Greensleeves “Evolution Of Dub“Boxes. But then the need arose to look for the best albums on vinyl as well. And when I get the Prince Buster label of my “The Message Dubwise “look, crooked cut and skewed centered, wonderful!

Can you make a living with music?
No. But I don't even try (anymore). That brings time problems to music making, but also relaxation. In our band, however, it's very mixed.

Which artist would you like to work with?
On our last album we just worked with so many people that I was happy to have worked with: Felix Wolter, Tokunbo, Umberto Echo, Dubmatix… But yes, Linton Kwesi Johnson on one of our tracks, that would be a dream for me!

What is your particular strength?
My strength and that of my band are, I believe, that we don't have to force ourselves to “less is more”, but that it comes from within. That fits with the music we play.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
That I don't see it as a “job” at all. And that I can sink into making music and forget everything else.

What do you dread in the studio?
Nothing at all. I love studio sessions because it's a particularly intense form of making music together. Everyone's attention is sharpened to the utmost, and if things go well, it's like a flow experience.

When you're not at Dubs screwing, what is your favorite thing to do then?
Listening to music, being a father, doing sports. Oh yes, and making music also includes all the trimmings. Then there is also office work.

What is the current state of health of Dub?
Perceived individually quite well. Is Dub a sprightly middle-aged person? Or should we even try “Forever Young” by Alphaville dubben? After all, they also came from Münster. I digress ...

How do you see the future of Dub?
There will always be people who are fascinated by the Dub-Reggaes by King Tubby, Lee Perry and Co. succumb. And there will always be people who Dub develop and use elements of it for exciting new things.

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