Tu Shung Peng: Dub Of light

On the track "Pass The Kushumpeng" (= Tu-Shung-Peng) Frankie Paul sang in 1980:
“I don't smoke cigarettes' cause it will stop I breath; I man don't sniff coke 'cause it will make I choke; All I smoke is the real tu-sheng-peng. "
Ergo, it's about the sacred "Rasta herb". The original instrumental "Darker Shade of Black" comes from Jackie Mittoo and was composed in the late sixties.
In the middle of the month the French Dub-Label the album of a band named after the sacred "Rasta herb", Tu Shung Peng: "Dub Of light". Almost in line with tradition, the 40-minute long opus is again available as a free download this time.
Unfortunately, there is not much information to be found about Tu Shung Peng. Hopefully that will change soon with the quality of the band. Just this much, there are seven musicians who have already accompanied many Jamaican artists as a backing band such as: Ken Boothe, Michael Rose, U Roy, Derrick Harriott, Clinton Fearon, Justin Hinds and many others on their tour through France. Although many ODGProd artists are more dedicated to the French steppers, Tu Shung Peng spoils us with old school riddims, the true sound of classic roots reggae. All good craftsmanship with a well-presented brass section and arrangements that sometimes reveal soulful-jazzy influences. "Listen To Your Dub“Is a nice example of successful guitar licks, full blowers and magical Nyahbinghi drumming. The quality of the album is devastating, and memories of the early work of Prince Jammy and Scientist spring to mind while listening to it. You really can't complain about that.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Yes but hello!

Now that's a nice surprise here. At that time (about 10 years ago) I bought the record with Ras Daniel Ray and I have a very close relationship with the record
entered because it was and is just really awesome roots reggae that you could still get after the 70s. Not because of Ras Daniel Ray (but also), but even more because of the backing band, I was and still am enthusiastic about this record to this day. It was clear that I wished for nothing more than one day Dubs to hear about it or
on my shelf next to the vocal disc. Well, you can't have everything, but I can hear them Dubs at least now. And I can only say that I am very pleased!

Cool runnings ………………… lemmi

Danke sehr Ras Vorbei!

Ca fait super plaisir de savoir qu'on est écouté en Allemagne. On imagine bien qu'il ya des roots reggae lovers chez vous !!!



Tu Shung Peng

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