Adam Prescott meets Joe Ariwa

Ever since father Neil Fraser, the mad professor, retired, his son Joe has been taking care of new Ariwa productions. And since he has a preference for cooperation projects with other producers, there is now the album "Adam Prescott meets Joe Ariwa“(Ariwa). They both put their production skills together, hired Black Steel and Ashanti Selah (son of Aba Shanti-I) as musicians and built fat roots rhythms: classic one-drop, but also massive steppers. From my point of view, the latter turned out better. They make up for what they lack in melody and arrangement with pure energy. Indeed: most Dubs are not particularly inspired. The two vocal tunes by Ranking Joe and Donovan KingJay don't really help either. Just as little as Adam Prescott's melodic playing. I think it's wonderful that Joe is continuing his father's work, but I haven't really been enthusiastic about his albums so far. Unfortunately, “Adam Prescott Meets Joe Ariwa” is (again) no exception.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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Ok, I'm ready. My opinion on the album is "done".

I don't know now whether “fat Roots Riddims” is a typo or whether it is meant exactly that way. Why shouldn't riddims be "fat" sometimes. Dub, or art is always a bit of a matter of interpretation. So I'll take that as the "finest,
fat riddims ”and totally agree.
Adrian Sherwood: "At first you need a good riddim, to make a good Dub "
And the riddims here are mostly top notch !!! Ashanti Selah is not really known to me, but Black Steel is even more so.
I don't know any riddim with Black Steel who hasn't bathed in reggae soup. Black Steel is reggae !!! No matter who is sitting at the mixer and if no one is at the "Dubbutton, if Black Steel is there, I'm there too. Mad Professor, Adrian Sherwood and Lee Perry were for a long time the measure of all things in the Dub. In the meantime, my horizons have expanded enormously in this regard. Adrian Sherwood and On-U.Sound have been the undisputed number one in mine since “Heavy Rain” DubCosmos and have shown that they still have the
Avant-garde and the spearhead in Dub are. (My name is not Pato Banton, but this is my opinion). Ariwa still owes me such a work before it goes back to one of my top addresses in DubMusic can be. Nevertheless, I think the riddims here are very successful and I personally like them so much that I like the DubMix is ​​then no longer that important. I think so, by the way
"Dub Ripe Fruit “I really like Raging Fyah too. The riddims have a warmth and a groove that make me very good DubFeeling. I'm also not that big a fan of the special "Ariwa bassDub-Effekt “(I once knew its name) and also with the MickeyMouse effects I sometimes have my problems. Still that is DubMix
still much more pleasant, varied and also much more charming than this very dull, almost depressing UK steppers Dub. (Fikir Amlak is just having something really boring with this Alpha Steppa outside. I can keep it completely outside. Although I am mega-happy about Fikir Amlak in Uk-steppers-style at a staid street festival with loud beer stalls and fun pop music would).
Well, what I actually wanted to say is that Joe Ariwa certainly still has potential upwards, but as long as he has good riddims in his luggage, I'll definitely be there.

By the way, I think “Rise and Fall” is really bold. For me this is excellent roots reggae with fine DubApplications. The Dub in addition, leverages the filthy walls of Babylon completely with an almost arrogant ease and without having to make the slightest effort. (I have to express it so swollen, otherwise my feeling will not come across properly). And immediately afterwards it goes with "South East Trod" and the one that goes with it DubDiversion in seven miles of boots over the desolate plains of Mordor, on towards Mount Zion. The "Meditation Rock" then follows in the same footsteps again and does
the album perfect for me!

So much for now …………………… lemmi

On the one hand, I can understand the assessment - there is no innovation here, everything has already been there. The sound is clear and crisp, probably above average, especially by Ariwa standards. Or am I still half deaf from Saturday's session?
On the other hand, the work starts with Ranking Joe, one of the 10 best vocalists (for me at least). There is an extra star for this, bung dillidi. Then make four of me.

The last time I saw MadPro live I wasn't even aware of how old he was. Young boy, 64 ...

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