Addis Pablo: In My Father's House


Addis Pablo - the name already skilfully suggests what it is made of: Addis Pablo is actually the son of the legendary Augustus Pablo. And you hardly believe it: he also plays melodicas. The young musician is guaranteed attention - but also an enormous pressure of expectation that weighs on him and his debut album. This is what he is now placing under the title cleverly chosen for marketing purposes In My Father's House (Jahsolidrock) before. Recorded by the Austrian band House of Riddim, produced by Marc Baronner from the Netherlands and published on the Amsterdam label Jahsolidrock, the album is a purely European affair. It contains 17 tracks, 5 of which are pure vocal tunes - without the involvement of Addis Pablo. That leaves 12 tracks, to which the famous father's son contributed his melodic playing. Okay, there is nothing to be said against it, but that is not exactly an impressive artistic achievement that justifies the artist name on the album. Especially since House of Riddim plays so tight that Pablo's rather thin melodic playing can hardly compete with it - let alone that it confidently takes the lead in the middle of the pieces. The melodica often seems more like an accompanying instrument and the melodies seem improvised rather than composed. So unfortunately we have to state: Addis Pablo's debut doesn't quite live up to the high expectations. Is that why it's a bad album? Not really, because House of Riddim pulls the coals out of the fire. The rhythms are without a doubt solid. But still: as Dub-Friend I don't really get warm with the somewhat mainstream sound of the Austrians, which seems to have no corners or edges. What is the backing behind good songs (like z. B. Chezideks Thanks and Praise) works perfectly, doesn't have to be an instrumental or even a Dub cut a fine figure. Since the latter was not even attempted, the album can be missing something Dub-Mixing, however, do not blame. But remembering Augustus, I actually would have liked it.
Rating 3 stars

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unfortunately a hardly comprehensible criticism. the album is one of the best in recent years. augustus pablo would be proud… .chris 53 and reggae collector for 40 years

Ha, we finally have a little bit of trouble. So I left this album in the store because I was still bored after several sound checks. House Of Riddim is a great live backing band. I noticed that when I was in Bersenbrück for the first time and I was really annoyed by all the amateur bands because they just didn't really hit reggae with precision. Suddenly I heard (from outside) a band playing in and I thought WOW! now it seems to start here in Bersenbrück. Well, that was House Of Riddim. But with Dub they have nothing to do with their hats. I don't even know who screwed the "nipples", at least the whole thing turned out to be too good (muesliDub ). That is why I would not describe it as “a barely comprehensible criticism, but rather as a crisp factual report.
Greetings ………………. lemmi

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