Addis Pablo: Majestic Melodies

Addis Pablo released his second album in September 2018 after a four-year break: "Majestic Melodies“ (Dubshot). After “In My Fathers House”, he puts the melodica at the center of the action. Okay, you can stand by it however you want. To be honest, the uninspired game annoys me a bit. But what's even worse is the "happening" around the melodica. Who produced these rhythms and mixed this miserable sound? There are worlds between the conventional but properly produced “In My Fathers House” and “Majestic Melodies”. Because of "Majestic"!

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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I haven't even listened to it, but your review confirms my assumption that Jamaicans are reluctant Dub and probably also producing reggae in general. It's just a negative business from the start. Jamaica or the majority of the Jamaican population is back in the phase in which they were before the Ska period.
Everyone looks to the US and is eager to see what makes a lot of money there. Cheap riddims from the computer, some kind of text that appeals to the feelings of little girls and something new, quickly pissed off every week. Even the best magician cannot do a good one Dubs of making. What the heck, even when I was young, I was amazed at the mainstream tastes in music and that hasn't changed until today. Most people don't need good music at all, because they are satisfied with any noise coming from the radio. There is no other way I can explain why people can endure radio all day without at least one bullet of lead in the speakers. Fired from a 45 magnum !!!

Especially kind regards ………… .. lemmi

I listened to it now!
I don't even know what you have? .... now it is Dub really innovative, without any bass ;-)

Greetings …………… lemmy

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