Addis Pablo: Melodies from the House of Levi

What does Addis Pablo stand for – the son of Augusts Pablo? That's right: melodica! Which brings us back to the topic. A few weeks ago his album “Melodies from the House of Levi“ (Jahsolidrock) and it ties in seamlessly with its predecessor. Years after "In My Father's House" it's about a house again, the album is again adorned with a beautiful cover artwork by Abbayahudah, it was again recorded in the Tuff Gong Studio and Addis Pablo plays melodica again - and again it's a inverted showcase album. "Inverted"? As a matter of fact! The label Jahsolidrock from Amsterdam had a clever idea here: Knowing that no one would survive an album with non-stop melodica play, producer Marc Baronner decided to follow each malodica track with the original vocal version - i.e. in "inverted" order . This makes it possible to elevate Addis Pablo to the title hero and still use the best tracks from the back catalogue. Good marketing, but also a good decision from an aesthetic point of view, because the album benefits enormously from this mix. Pablo pales in comparison to the originals, but the overall work is extremely entertaining.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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May I ?

Well, otherwise I wouldn't ask about it. So Addis Pablo is definitely my “daily form”! Even with "Melodies from the house of Levi" I don't immediately spark with enthusiasm. I sometimes think he may have had too many class book entries at school for bad behavior and he definitely doesn't want to go back to that time. His are too well-behaved and ironed out for me Dubs and tunes first. I wait the entire album for some kind of kick that really kicks my butt. Not that I really like getting my butt kicked, but as a kind of metaphor it should make it clear that I'm still missing something. superficial. Because even with "Inna my fathers house"
I was just bored at first because I was probably too greedy but waited in vain for something spectacular. I just thought, "I don't need it!" And like so many do Dubs of Sly and Robbie happened, which I initially put away far too quickly, but then a very pleasant murmur went through my body when I came into the office and one of these spurned by me Dubs by Sly and Robbie or "Inna my fathers house" happened to be in the gtk playlist. So I had to look up whose Dub I just liked it so much. And when I looked it up, I was really “baffled” …………. So again off to my “own” playlist with it.
Yes, and I feel the same way about "Melodies from the house of Levi". I'm still looking for the "spectacular highlight". But I haven't found anything yet. Nevertheless, I now know that I Dubs and tunes will be liked if I listen to them again in a completely unbiased manner and with a certain surprise effect. Except for this one tune ( I'm trying to improve myself and won't name a name ), which completely goes against the grain "vocalistically" because the singer "warbles" again in a way that makes me flee. My pants are still wet from the lukewarm mess he snuggled down my leg. And my shoe isn't quite dry yet either. Doesn't matter !
I've hardened up pretty well now. I don't necessarily have to have the album, but if I somehow get it, I won't withhold it.

I still have to get rid of something. Because of the energy-saving measures, I can no longer watch reggae and Dub let run. We have to save where we can, so I'll switch off my computer right away and "enjoy" the sound of the turbo pumps. I'm now seriously wondering where this is all headed. Is all this still the calm before the really big storm or will it be "normal" again? How could they hand us over like that? Politicians should keep something like an overview. Since I can't imagine that they were really that clueless and stupid, I naturally suspect, as is usual for constructive lateral thinkers or weird thinkers like me, that there is a plan behind it that makes the rich richer even faster and the to drive the poor even faster to starvation. In any case, as always, I feel betrayed, fooled and sold.

So now also LogDown for my computer ( so long ) ………….. lemmi

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