Addis Records: Jamaica By Bus

The streaming service of my choice knows me very well; he knows about my crazy love for Dub and can distinguish it from my appreciation for reggae. He provides me with the latest releases punctually on Fridays at midnight - probably knowing full well that I, a transparent person, sit in front of my notebook by 00:00 p.m. at the latest, waiting for the latest news Dub to get presented. No, not minimal techno-electro steppers-Dubwhich is mainly characterized by endless repetitions of the same synth bassline or one and the same EDM pattern; neither Dub the cheap kind quickly cobbled together somewhere in the closet and certainly not Dubthat was produced for its own sake. It has to be the classic one Dub being who boldly reflects the present; who is at best the counterpart of a vocal album or proves to be sophisticated, Dub-inspired instrumental album presented.

But then again ... nobody is perfect. Occasionally - but rarely - I deliberately flush my ear canals with completely non-genre productions by various current artists. On the one hand, the gray matter begs from time to time for appealing and / or intelligent texts; on the other hand, I mean that more classic Dub there is no island of the blessed: He can and must get involved in new musical trends and technical developments in order to be up-to-date, lively and, yes, competitive within the scope of his possibilities. In this respect, a comparison with other genres is important to me - but I'm assuming that my streaming service cannot (yet) understand this train of thought and that one or the other non-genre album can be senselessly incorporated into the beloved one Dub-New release list is misdirected. In any case, this not only increases my desire for discovery Dub Satisfied productions - at the same time I broaden my horizons and can deal critically with current music. 

That is sometimes exhausting, but highly satisfying and brings one or two aha moment, which brings us to the actual topic of this review: Spotify presents me with a brand new album, the brightly colored comic cover spontaneously on the soundtrack to a sequel of “Cool Runnings “Film lets close; Despite the Marley reference, the title “Jamaica By Bus” points more to a calypso or Mento-laden tourist souvenir than to a substantial album; The artist name “Addis Records” also seems strange ... so close your eyes and go through with it. First impression: woah… a professional production with an earthy, rich and dynamic sound, instrumental reggae brand. Second impression and suspicion: oh no ... Dean Fraser. His sometimes aggressive, often layered saxophone just doesn't want to go into my ears. To put it clearly: his soprano, tenor, baritone and bass saxophone, which is played in layers, is not a classic brass section as it is in reggae /Dub is at home and rather suggests that you want to spare yourself the trumpet and trumpet. So many Dub-Enthusiast will see the other; I find it hard to forgive Fraser for using classics like Black Uhuru's "Shine Eye Gal“Assassinated. I wish the man would turn more to the backing vocals, the arrangement of which he has mastered perfectly - you just remember the grandiose harmonies he created for various XTerminator productions.

The very successful second track of "Jamaica By Bus“(Addis Records) dispels all concerns: Trumpet there, all good and even more: Few, well placed Dub-Effects ensure that you don't choke on the instrumental album like dry bread. The large number of well-known musicians involved in the production is reflected in the variety of titles named after nine of the 14 Jamaican parishes - all handcraft in the best sense of the word, recorded over a period of six years in Kingston, London, Paris, Geneva and yet: an album made from one piece; an album heavily related to recordings from the early 1980s; an album that plays through one drop, rockers, steppers and back as a matter of course and is quite entertaining.

And who produced it? The Swiss, of course - the duo Jil & Stuf, which has already gone under the name “Restless Mashaits“Has released two good, if not optimally mixed, instrumental albums. This shortcoming has now been corrected; the drum machine is finally disposed of and musical excellence is the focus. “Jamaica By Bus is not a Dub-Album, also not a pure instrumental album; it's a 100% live version album, ”says producer Jil. “We wanted to capture the special atmosphere of individual parishes - a musical journey of discovery, so to speak, based on our own experiences exploring the island.” Jil now seems to know her very well - he has been traveling to Jamaica since 1991. He knows the constantly tense, sometimes dangerous situation in Kingston; but he also knows about the completely different scenes in areas far away from the capital. As varied as the island is, so different are the tracks - connected solely through instrumentation, arrangement and mix.

The question of the artist's name still remains: “Addis Records is actually the name of our label, which was founded in 1992,” says Jil, “we want to be easier to find on the streaming platforms.” They wish Jil & Stuf to do this works - because the motley cover, on which you can't even find the album title, makes visual orientation difficult. So watch out and don't get confused: This is not an album with children's songs, but first-class produced instrumental reggae - not nearly as sophisticated and solo-heavy as Clive Hunt's current "Blue Lizzard" release, but it is a mere "version" To call album “is a big understatement: as such it would be the best thing I've ever come across.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Another nice review with some information about the reviewer himself. I found it very interesting to read where and how you know a large part of your new publications
learn to gtkriz.
I have known for quite a while that I am not the only one who has meanwhile (felt for about 20 years) with Dean Frazer or with his saxophone playing, sometimes bad problems. But to get it from you, in your way, confirmed again, has strengthened my perception again. I found his and everyone else's appearance on MTV unplugged, when they tried to make reggae more palatable to the mainstream audience. As a Reggae fan, I take the liberty of calling it “abnormal” and repulsive. I could become punk out of pure protest and rather just listen to punk. But even there you could now put it on top and send me a link into the musical limbo. He assassinated "Shine Eye Gal" !!! "Gemeuchelt" is already so well chosen that it is difficult for me to go one better. Butchered
is probably just another word and doesn't punish him enough for it. The example “Shine Eye Gal” is really too good because there are passages where the sound of the saxophone - for me - can no longer be distinguished from that of a dentist's drill. In any case, it has the same - all contracting - effect. Brutal!
Now I don't want to just pick on dear Dean either. He is old and needs the money!
"Jamaica By Bus" ……………………. mmmmh yes. I like it ;-) Does it go beyond that?
I don't really know yet. During the first SoundCheck on Spotify, I initially thought that they had nothing good to smoke in the studio again ...... sounded a bit too "normal" ... not really "savvy and also with them DubEffects, one works here almost as if one would think that we no longer feel like trying our painstakingly rehearsed riddims through the fantasy and radicalism of a real one DubLet engineers "falsify" them.
Then I ran the two audio samples through again directly in the review and a little louder with more oomph! At first all my thoughts that I had about the disc until then were blown away. So "I only like the music when it is loud" I would say in this case. Still I want to Dub more radicalism. I would like to feel the anger of the people ;-), because the anger at the machinations of the ruling orcs has belonged to me since the invention of faith and the associated intimidation and fooling of the living, among the constantly emerging circumstances, the courageous and steadfast should be reflected from the past through the present to the future. Should this sentence be confusing or even wrong in relation to the sentence order, I would unfortunately have failed to get the eloquence of gtkriz
intertwine in my sometimes confusing views and the resulting sentences. Something like that can go wrong ;-)

Another topic: Again specifically addressed to gtkriz. You have a new tune for me (I'll call it Dub ) in your playlist …… from DreadZone !!!
I am very touched because I think it's the only one from DreadZone that you even allowed in your playlist ;-)
Then I went to the album from which the Dub and I have to say, I'm thrilled again how you can always get the best out of the essence, even if DreadZone doesn't work with you. I think you have the only really good one Dub picked out on the disc. As far as I'm concerned, the rest of the disc can remain very rare. Anyway, went with this one Dub back on dubBig murmur through my body, which I never had on the whole Addis disc.

You have to be careful not to confuse Addis Records with Addis Rockers. At least that's how I felt. Both of them should rather produce their discs in the Netherlands, as the production conditions there, as in parts of the USA, are still the best ;-) ......

What should I do ? I'm not just Dub - but also Raw Material Connaisseur ;-) ……………………. lemmi

"Dentist drill" :-))) I put a "circular saw" on it :-)

But it is important to me to emphasize that Dean Fraser is definitely an excellent musician - it is not for nothing that he is in demand in the genre and that he has been involved in countless performances and recordings. He's also a very good live band leader, just compare Luciano's performances with Dean Fraser and the one without him ... a sky-high difference. The way he plays sax alone doesn't appeal to me, it's too screeching-aggressive in terms of sound and dynamics, and as I said, this layering over and over again ... you have to like it, and obviously many do that. Just not me (& lemmi :-).

If “Jamaica by Bus” had a little problem, it would be that the album starts with the weakest track. And the first track is imo the most important, it has to pop in and make a promise for the whole album: “I'm awesome and so are the other tracks from the album!” That's why I chose the two audio samples that cover the range of the album (they are also my favorites).

Dreadzone: I've never been a fan of - I'm too much in the direction of dance, mixed with Afro Celt Sound System. The one track in “deep in dub“It's still too hectic for me, it won't last long. The really sad thing is that it is the only suitable track from today's SpotifyDub- The list of new releases was. It is a dry time for new ones Dubs of the more classic kind :-(

Addis Rockers? The Warriors album… awesome !!!


“Addis Rockers? The Warriors album ... awesome !!! "

Since my confused head actually caused that "Tacheless" is spoken again here ;-)

I was probably a little overwhelmed with the name or the term "Addis".
I was thinking of Addis Pablo when I wrote Addis Rockers.
Addis Pablo can be compared to Addis Records, I think. If you leave out the harmonica completely.

ADDIS ROCKERS !!! ... .. and especially the "Warriors Album" is in a completely different league when it comes to aggressiveness against the administration.

For me, the album is definitely one of the “thousand” best DubAlbums of all time. I feel real power there! ... which is not only conveyed by the sound, but also by every single drum beat and every plucked or, if you like, programmed bass note.

Now it looks like I'm just AggroReggae and Aggro againDub but of course I also need the gentler riddims, which are entirely for relaxation.

But when I see what our "administrators" are tapping into, I need it aggressively. Even if I'm too stupid and get it all wrong again, I have to ask myself how one can deprive so many traders of their livelihood and ban them, while at the same time allowing their liabilities and debts to continue. Creditors and financial institutions must also be “logged down” and their claims also have PAUSE! Here hard-working people are driven into the debt trap or even without this detour into ruin and I consider that to be grossly negligent or a crime.

But how can people who don't even get it that cannabis is much better (or, if you like, the much lesser evil) than alcohol, but forbid cannabis and allow alcohol, can cope with such a crisis ?!

At least I have doubts.

Yes sorry ! that I couldn't keep my inner anger in check again but with the word "Warrior" it came out of me again.

Possibly (as I know myself, in fact, most likely) my thesis can be turned off its hinges very quickly, but only to let me teach me better. But that could get complicated.
(And should it even violate the general internet terms and conditions, which I wondered about our staatshansels, that would be another reason to increase my anger ...).

"Why has this administration failed?" …………… .. lemmi

Hehe, it took me a moment again, but I'm really excited how well I learned English over night ;-)

Kind regards …………………… lemmi

I'm also excited about the album. The sound and production in particular are superb. Dub-I don't need effects that badly. The most important thing for me is that nobody sings ;-).

Old woman Dub-Reviewers wisdom: Where a version album, there will soon be a vocal album.
Don't you listen to that, René!


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