Akae Beka: Better World Rasta Dub

Vaughn Benjamin aka Akae Beka, the charismatic St. Croix singer with the voice that always vaguely reminded me of Norman Grant of the Twinkle Brothers, is dead. That news spread like wildfire last night and caused great consternation in the reggae community out. Vaughn Benjamin, the former singer of the band Midnite, who has inspired the reggae world as Akae Beka since 2015, is, as his record company announced, on November 04.11th. died completely unexpectedly at the age of just 50 years. It looks like the album “Better World Rasta Dub“(Rastar Records) remain his last sign of life. There is very little information about the album, according to the album notes it is supposed to be a live instrumental Dub act, unfortunately this is not explained in more detail. The unusual album sounds rough, raw is perhaps the more appropriate description, on bells and whistles such as extensive remixes, Overdubs and other musical refinements were omitted. If you are interested, listen to the 11 titles for yourself, I will not evaluate them for the given occasion.
RIP Vaughn Benjamin aka Akae Beka and many thanx for good vibrations

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Oh dear ... I honestly don't have the right words.
My condolences go out to the people who knew and loved Vaughn Benjamin personally. But it will certainly not matter to them whether here somewhere in d-land im DubBlog someone expresses their condolences. Still I say sometimes

Rest In Peace Vaughn Benjamin ......

Does it matter if I say that "Over Yonder" is playing in repeat function today. This Dub is so bubbling here and is so extremely mystical that I don't feel the slightest desire to hear anything else. I don't know exactly what Over Yonder means, but it seems to me that the title also completely fits the feeling that Vaughn Benjamin is unfortunately no longer with us, but Over Yonder.

In order to gain strength again, I then add “Negus I Rastafary Dub"On permanent rotation". Even if I'm only here on these two Dubs received, that doesn't mean that the other Dubs not like these two though
Dubs are my religion at the moment.

Sometimes death can also be perceived as redemption, but the way death has presented itself to me so far, this is not a nice "invention".

As I said, I actually didn't have the words, so I ask for your indulgence if I haven't found the right person here.

Kind regards ……………… lemmi

"Negus I Rastafary Dub“Reminds me almost 1: 1 of Rastaman Chant by Bob Marley & The Wailers. "One bright morning when my work is over you will fly away home"
Ingenious Rasta drumming ...
Lemmi, I can only say that you picked two pearls again!
Over yonder Dub (= over there) unfortunately actually fits perfectly.

As a pastor once said at the funeral of a dear friend: "Not everyone is allowed to grow old on this beautiful planet." Such tragic events remind us again and again. Therefore, we learn again, even if it may sound banal, we should cherish every day and live as if it were the last. In my circle of acquaintances and friends, too, the impacts are getting closer and closer. When I was 14 years old, I played actively soccer, and today there are only five of these teams.

For the bereaved, the sudden death of a loved one is something very bad, they could not say goodbye to her properly. Realistically, however, quick death is at the top of the “wish list” for many people. One can die without suffering, that would also be my wish.

Nevertheless, Vaughn Benjamin certainly had sooooo much more plans, a tour was planned for 2020, a new album, etc.
What a shame, Vaughn Benjamin, you would have brought us a lot of joy! RIP

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