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Alborosie: Back-a-yard Dub

(This text has been machine translated.) It's Friday April 23rd and Alborosie's sixth dub album is out today. Let's not kid ourselves, the candidate has been chosen. "Back-a-yard Dub“ will hardly be able to be pushed from the pole position of this years Dub-Charts. Because it's not just grandiose sounding, modern old school Dub is in the tradition of real versions, but also an audio event that works on its own, which even without deejay, dancehall or sound system blows away everything that gets in its way with murderous waves. The album is the counterpart to the Wailing Souls LP "Back A Yard" released a few weeks ago, which Alborosie produced in his studio with a lot of Eighties fanfare, Simmons and synth drums. Flabba Holt from the Roots Radics played bass, Tyrone Downie from the Wailers played the keyboards. After the powerful old work of the Wailing Souls was in the can, Puppa Albo has the "Alborosie Dub Station "thrown on. It's his newest toy, a plug-in he developed that is able to reproduce the typical effects from King Tubby's studio. The reverb and the sound of the tubby tape echo are less spectacular, but very nice. Absolutely awesome, however, is the digital replica of the high pass filter. In combination with the variety of instruments of the Wailing Souls template and the Dubskills from Alborosie, the new effect board creates a monstrous spectacle. Assembled to an anarchic ping-pong excess full of reverb and filter effects that have never been heard before. Comparable to the force of sound of a Groucho Smykle. But he has to record additional keyboards to stage his wall of sound. Alborosie, on the other hand, benefits from the complexity of its production and packs for him Dub a few more felt dB on it. No matter what the people say, these sounds lead the way! His mix is ​​like a sales recommendation for the device he has developed, and initial reactions in social media are already showing that this plug-in will be able to use it in the near future Dub is mastered over a wide area. That the LP “Back-A-Yard Dub“Means - and means: back in Jamaica - and the packaging is reminiscent of the aesthetics of the old stamp print cover, not only alludes to the fact that alborosies are by chance Dub is created where it comes from. If there were 10 stars, this LP would get 15.

PS: When the text was written, no streaming links were yet activated. There are audio samples here. Or you trust the reviewer and get the LP straight away. Vinyl won't be around forever anyway.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

23 replies to “Alborosie: Back-A-Yard Dub"

Uiiiiii! Who would have thought that. So far I've only done the quick check (45 sec.) At irie records and thought I don't have to order immediately. Should when listening to the complete album or the respective DubTunes create a different impression after all? I would have bought them anyway, because I also have the other 5 from the Albo. I think so anyway. I haven't counted yet. Well, after this review I really have to do it again. Which means that it has once again fully fulfilled its purpose. I take the stand anyway, everyone DubTo buy discs that can not only be heard on loan as “dark matter” under the control and supervision of “Internet dictators”.
So on to irie records lemmi but dalli dalli, because Helmut Philipps says, “She is great” !!! ……. ;-)

Good Friday Morning ……………… .. lemmi

I feel the same as you do, Lemmi. When I listened to the tracks for the first time - admittedly without too much concentration - the album didn't really impress me at first. But as I already wrote under “About”: A competent review changes the reception. After reading the text, I now hear the album with different ears and have to say that I really like it. It is Dub in Jamaican style and therefore not easy to compare with my modern ones, which usually come from Europe Dub-Favorites, which helps explain my first reaction.

I ordered the record but haven't heard it yet. I'm curious. But at this point (... it is Dub in Jamaican style) I would like to stop for a moment, because I feel the same way that mine DUB-Favorites all come from Europe (especially from Switzerland) and I wonder if I might have missed something. What is there currently or from the past few years still to be highlighted DUB-Albums straight from Jamaica. What happened there anyway, that DUB since it doesn't (anymore?) play such a role. I would like to know more about it. Or maybe I'm just just ignorant. I would be glad about feedback.

Although the Jamaicans back then with the first King Tubby Dubs flipped out completely while dancing - at least that's what I've read many times before - they haven't even appeared fully for a long time Dub to leave. I also have European (German) DubDances not (!) A single Jamaican or even one DubFan with African roots seen. However, I'm not entirely representative of that. For example, I have no idea how the English "DubWeekEndern ”looked. It is against a slight generalization that I am making, but my impression is that Africans, and therefore most Jamaicans, can join in Dub don't start so much.
I have also read that the government in Jamaica says "Roots and Culture-Muisic"
unsupported. Dancehall and dumbing down of vocals, on the other hand, are very welcome.

So I don't think that anything, let alone a lot, will come from Jamaica in the foreseeable future.

Protoje, Chronix and Buju also make a lot of music that is aligned with the direction of the wind (to put it mildly) and Gentleman also only makes "beautiful" music, but it has been for a long time. With reggae you simply cannot make any money and thus no livelihood. And with Dub certainly not.

Hmmm, nothing new, but it just came over me again ……… lemmi

Well, the jack-of-all-trades Alborosie really did a good job here and I was really looking forward to the review by Helmut Philipps. Unfortunately this has subsided a bit and I am disillusioned to say the least. No question about it, the album is very professionally made, the performers understand their craft and the filters and delays and other effects are very abundant and well used.
Still, the album lacks something that for me stands out from the crowd Dub-Highlights publications. It's difficult to describe because it's kind of just a feeling, but I try: even after listening to it five times in a row, I still feel empty and uninspired.
I miss an outstanding, catchy bassline that continues to hum in my head for hours afterwards, or the unconscious tapping along with the beat. Also, I never feel the need to go along at any point or whistle to the sound ... all that, for which a lot of outstanding and special me DubAnimate albums and songs is unfortunately missing here for me.
It's too polished and somehow "cold" (the drum sound?), Sorry, I can't put it any other way and I also don't like the fade-out ends of the pieces (although this is generally not a plus or minus argument) ...
Well dear Dubheads don't get me wrong, I'm celebrating the alboDub-Sound definitely, but it lacks “that certain something” so that I could really celebrate it as an outstanding album or even as (early) album of the year. Even the most legendary names can be there ... but the sound and the possibilities of the Alborosie are definitely outstanding Dub Station…

I find that quite interesting, how similar we are to this one DubFeel the album. I feel with all the albumsDubs so. They are not outstanding, but also far too good to ignore or even leave in the shop. Its DubMusic !!! Yes, especially here the drums are too sharp for me. A little bit more embedded in the overall sound would be better than being so dominant "on top". Sounds a little too harsh. Like René, primarily on the European ones DubGoes to productions without spurning the Jamaican productions in principle, but it is again - no, it burns - very on the tip of my tongue to draw my inviolable conclusion from it ;-) …… One, or the conclusion from it, can only for me with the connection between Jamaica AND Europe. And who connects Jamaican roots with European technology and DubDefinitions? The DUB SYNDICATE !!! Unfortunately, what is completely wrong with my conclusion is the word "connects". Unfortunately it has to be called “connected”.
That’s why I’ve been in shutdown since Style Scott’s demise …….
But I would like to write something about the missing "outstanding basslines". Yes, a kind of "CussCussBassline" or a "Police In Helicopter Bassline" or or or ...
Not every day does a Flabba Holt find it either. (I know CussCuss isn't from Flabba anyway). And on this one DubI don't find anything to whistle along with, but here there is this MegaTune (at least for - not only - my taste). "Dong Digidi Dong Doung… .." I always understand in the intro. For me, “Shark Attak” is still a huge hit. Also in this version with alborosia. I still think the "original version" from about 25 years ago is a little bit better than this new one. But when I tried to listen to the old album again, I failed miserably. What was happening there ?!? Wailing Souls goes Top of The Pops or what? No chance, after Tune 4 the window was blown out in a high arc. Anyway, at the moment I drive home every evening with "Don Digididong Doung" on my lips.
But now I'm still not done. I read somewhere that the tune is not supposed to be the original from the Wailing Souls. If you can recommend me a link or a wink somewhere in the ZaunPfahl where I can hear the "original", I would be very grateful.

"Don't you fumble, just be humble" …………………. lemmi

Yeah man

It was very good for me that the Wailing Souls made a record again after so many years. Also on the new one with Alborosie, “Shark Attack” is by far the best tune for me, which doesn't mean that I think the others are bad. Since the new album came out, I've been listening to the older Wailing Souls stuff again. The fact that “Shark Attack” didn't become a global hit at the time makes it clear that babylon has always had the music business under control. I like both versions of Shark Attack very much, but at that time the tune worked so hard for me that I still have a nice "quirk" from it and it hasn't swollen a single bit for me.
Since you have not presented me with an "original version" of another artist either, I now assume that the original is from the Wailing Souls after all.
If there are people who don't understand why Shark Attack is so important to me, I'm not sorry, because not loving this tune is unacceptable to me ;-)
But thanks again for the link! I saw the video for the first time.
Pure goosebumps !!! "Dong Digidi Dong Douuuuuung" ………… ;-) (I live It !!!)

Its a new world order "oh no" ……………. lemmi

"Back - A - Yard - Dub“Is ordered …………. The Shark Attack is coming inna Rub-a-Dubstyle!!!!

Greetings ………………… .. lemmi

Even if I should now be regarded as forever yesterday, to the “Wild Suspence plus Dubs “nothing to do with it anyway. A masterpiece!

"Ei ei ei oops uhhh moan" I'm completely confused right now. Should I have the "Wild Suspence" with a different cover? In any case, I only recently went to the Dubs written by Sly and Robbie, which I read about DubVersion of "Feel The Spirit" the most
I was pleased. "Feel The Spirit" is now also on YouTube but the cover definitely looks different from mine but damn original. I like my cover too, but I think I have a reprint. The Inchpinchers was my first from Wailing Souls.
After that I was a fan! I'll have to do some “homework” today.
(If the link is still needed:)

Until …………… lemmi

Ja Ras Vorbei, I guess I have to live with that. I've been tested hard anyway, because I don't have the "Catch A Fire" as a hinged lighter. I was just too small ...... sobbing (!)
But with the DubThey actually did it against the - from my point of view - the most important one Dub just let go. How good that this blatant "Lack of Education"
through the very nice "disc" "Raiders Of The Lost Dub“Was stuffed.
Small "stink" things happen everywhere. The Pickout Allstars simply leave out “molding” on the vinyl pressing (and that although vinyl buyers are still the heroes of music fans / sorry to all streamers, but sisso) and at Spotify tunes are now “blacked out2” whole albums that are already in the playlist had. Also in the Deep In dub List I've noticed this a few times now. Everywhere a finger is stuck in the ears and then hypocritically asked whether that bothers….

Babylon Is Burning (but we need some water, also to cool my head) ……………………………… .. lemmi

"... because I don't have the" Catch A Fire "as a hinged lighter."

Hey lemmi, how long have we been putting something on the packaging? The content is much more important. So we celebrated the alternative cover with the huge spliff between Bob Marley's lips at least as much. What an irony: Peter Tosh's “Legalize it” was sold because of the illustration of a ganja field under the counter and the “Catch a Fire” was available for everyone on the shelf.

Right Ras Vorbei !

I was a little annoyed again that I didn't mention
that of course I like the cover with Bob and the big spliff as well.
And the phrase “Don't judge an album by its cover” was on the tip of my tongue, too
somehow I got off it.
I prefer not to write anything more about the irony with Peter Tosh and “Legalize It”. Governments and their laws have never been comprehensible to me. All you have to do is look at how everyone romps around Corona, measures and laws.

If you had done it as I recommended right from the start, Corona would have been just something like a small storm in a water glass. But no, instead of seeing Corona as something like the common enemy of humanity, we have a race against which country can best get through this shitty crisis. Everyone against everyone, everyone for Amazon, Mercedes and
CONSORTES! (And here I mean consorts again really negative)
Grab Corona aid and then pay big dividends to the "Fucktionaires".
Something like that or something like that was or is it again or have I misunderstood something again?
All these bums should finally legalize cannabis! Until they can do it, I don't even trust them to pee a hole in the snow. These consort these ……… these….

No, today is Friday! I'm not upset …………… .. lemmi

So I'm ambivalent about the disc. I think the riddims are all great and catchy for me and the sound of the record too. I totally agree with Helmut in that part, score absolutely 15/10 :) What really annoys me is the mixing. I do not know any Dub Disc where the effects come so unexpectedly, the first time I heard it, I was downright frightened ... and constantly turning off this sound, it confuses me and doesn't even get me into meditation .. The fur .. beep is really annoying to me.
On the other hand, there is no boredom, maybe you should listen to the album more like a vocal album, maybe it should appeal to people who otherwise don't dub hear..and usually get bored of it ..
My greatest wish would be that a second dub album would come out which would have been mixed more chill ...

So I actually like it very much when me DubEffect sometimes really frightened.
These beeps in the Dub border with me on total aberration of taste. Some really fat, super horny Dub with excellent riddims was already destroyed by this beeping. That seems like a Jamaican quirk. Although I'd like to throw in a conspiracy theory. This stupid beeping could also have been "spanked" by europeans afterwards in order to avoid these otherwise unrivaled ones Dubmake s unbearable.
Alborosie is European ;-) ……………. however ..... well, forget about my theory.
In addition, I found that I liked Simmons Drums in the RootsReggae, but in the Dub they just don't create magic for me. For me, Simmons drums don't go with it Dub. There may be exceptions, but I can't think of any.
Just lying on the snare Dub so many different effects, so that the very technical sounding SimmonsDrumSound feels as if you have a horse's harness in your mouth. A beautiful analog "cord" like the Indians comes across much better and gives horse and rider much more freedom. And freedom is special in the Dub a limitless condition.

The vocal disc with the Wailing Souls is accordingly much better.

Incidentally, I also got the latest "work" from the Albo. This is such an automatism for me but ui ui ouch. Firstly, the part comes from VP (and unfortunately it sounds that way) and secondly, he overdoes it with the “gendertune” or autotune. That's when your toenails roll up. And then all these repetitions. The same short line of text umpteen times in a row. Really had to cancel from tune 6. Whole pane did not work. Could it be that humanity is running out of creativity? Even in pop music, there are only remakes and remixes, I have the impression.

How good that there are so many good reggae records from the past that are so timeless that you can still enjoy them in 100.000 light years as on the first day.

Dub It! …………………………. lemmi

Hey Lemmi
with your objections with the drums and the beeping, I'll be with you and I'll be with the back-a-yardDubIt's not really warm either, although I gave the record a few chances ... nothing sticks to it for a long time ...

With the new Albo record "For The Culture" I can understand your aversion to the autotune sound, I also struggled with this effect for a long time ... but rather autotune than slightly singing along;) ... no, seriously, meanwhile I've got myself on I'm used to the auto tune and it often doesn't bother me anymore, that's probably the little "pop bitch" in me (and the Jan Delay, which I still like very much, has certainly had a strong influence -> his album Earth, I also like Wind & Celebrations very much by the way) ...
In my opinion you should have read the 8th song “Never Let Me Down”, it has catchy tune quality and (at least for me) stays pleasantly ... my tip, give the album another whole chance ... and yes, with “ Bun a Fyah "the Albo really exaggerates a bit with the repetitions ...

By the way, to cheer up the bitter disappointment, here is my summer reggae hit tip for you
How do you like that? There is also one Dub-Version to this (see Bandcamp) ... personally I really like this sound ...

High Philip!

Your summer hit is ……… how should I put it? …… .. that’s pretty okay!
I thought yesterday ;-)
Today it's actually pretty good. This BassLine, created in a rather modern way, ultimately digs into my brain as well. Nazamba is good anyway! Rhythmically, the part is a little too simple for me, but it has something.
Yes, and to some extent I've already got used to AutoTune. It must not be too penetrative and come across as a plea for gender madness. Then I go on the run. "Mind Of A king" by Protoje (A matter Of Time) has been one of my AllTime Summer hits since it was released! A real BIG TUNE for me.
Of course I'll also listen to the rest of the album from the Albo.
“For The Culture” and “Challawa” also go very well for me. The tune with
Collie Buds could also have been really good if the tune didn't “jump” so often with the word “Ginal” and also drift into an endless loop with autotune. In this regard, the tune only serves as a warning for the horror of what is going on with “Bun A Fyah”. For me that borders on bodily harm. Terrible ! And if I am asked a thousand times in a tune whether I am "ready", then I am actually completely finished with the world. “Out Of The Darkness” is actually not bad at all, but I can only endure such melancholy tunes when Germany has just become world champions. So it happened that after Tune 6
first needed a break. Let's see, maybe I'll get back to you on the subject when I've managed to listen to the disc.
There is such a collaboration barition with big mountain. I have to admit that I am not a little “afraid” of this with an open mind ;-) …….

"Mind Of a nerd" …………………… .. lemmi

So, I did it!

Heard the disc. I always had my best moments when two very familiar voices sang “JAH JAH give us life to live”. Then my heart felt warm again and everything was fine.
I will never understand why I feel completely cold for riddims like “break my chains” and “Listen to the waves”. I just have to gäääääähnen endlessly and
into the goal. I think that was an order from vp-records to keep the small chance that some mainstream r & b radio show would play. I can do without it completely. "I'm tired, go to rest, cover myself with" larifari ".
But I am only human and so I had a very good feeling with “Walking” again, even if the tune is a bit sappy.
And the meeting with Big Mountain also surprised me positively.

So I made peace with the pane after all.

Let's talk about Dub ……………………………… .. lemmi

Jah Moin .... the comment from duborigini even has it in the book by Helmut Philipps "Dub Conference” done ;) Regards

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