Alborosia: Dub the system

Dub the system

It had to happen like this: Alborosie is such an old-school fanatic dyed in the wool that it is his duty to write a vocal album DubVersion to follow. This is how it was done in the 1970s, and this is how it is good in 2013 as well. So, bring on the disc - which of course consists of heavy, black vinyl: "Dub the System “, the Dub-Reworking of the album released a few months ago Sound the system (Greensleeves). Dug out old Thorens and put the needle in the groove. Indeed! Music - physical and analog. And what comes out of the loudspeakers fits perfectly with the almost forgotten vinyl ritual: namely classic, analogue mixed and refined with historical studio equipment Dubs. No newfangled gimmicks, no Dubstep, no steppers, no digital electronics - just a man and his mixer. Pupa Albo is the solo entertainer on this journey into the realms of the original, Jamaican Dub. It is his music through and through, because he not only played almost all instruments himself, but was also a recording engineer and of course Dub-Mixer (he only left the mastering to Kevin Metcalfe in London). When Alborosie is at the controls, there is no question where the journey is going: Already the first bars - unmistakable Sly & Robbie sound - make it clear: the album is a homage to the roots sound of the late 1970s in every note , recorded in analogue and all hand-played. Reverb, echo and switching sound tracks on and off are the only effects allowed here. A puristic setting, which, however, needs a few ideas to do more than just reincarnate the 70sDub to be. To be more means: one Dub-Album committed to tradition, but ours from 40 years Dub-Experienced listening habits can still surprise you. Has the Sicilian succeeded in this feat? I am not so sure about that. The rhythms are good (“Guess Who's Comming to Dinner” and “Zion Train” are among them), the compositions are good, the arrangements are good too, and ultimately that too Dub-Mixing not bad. On the other hand, there is still something missing to make me really happy. If the essence of the Dub really consists of completely breaking a track down into its component parts and getting to its core, consisting of pure drum & bass, around the Dub Rebuilding from this base means Alborosie is only half the way. Dub the system could use more consistency. According to my taste, they should Dubs be significantly more radical. Perhaps the entertainer, who is undoubtedly Pupa Albo, shied away from challenging his audience, denying them harmonies and lush arrangements, and replacing carefree fun with fascination. But maybe he loves his music too much to be brutally cut and rebuilt. He lacked the courage to destroy - something groundbreaking DubUnfortunately, it makes it impossible, but is somehow still sympathetic.
Rating 4 stars

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