Alborosia Meets Roots Radics: Dub For the Radicals

The new one appeared in January Dub-Alborosie album: Alborosie Meets Roots Radics: "Dub For The Radicals "(Greensleeves). What? You read that right? Alborosie and the Roots Radics? How should it work? Style Scott, the legendary drummer of the Channel One house band, has been underground for four years. But the press release is clear. Drums: Lincoln Style Scott, Bass: Errol Flabba Holt, Keyboards: Gladstone Anderson, Wycliffe Steelie Johnson, Guitars: Eric Bingy Bunny Lamont, Dwight Pinkney, Noel Bailey, etc. In other words: The original line-up. So old recordings that Alborosie has now remixed? Apparently not, it should be about new recordings. And: sounds like it too. Crisp, punchy and dynamic. However, the album is far less exciting than it first appears - apart from the cover, that's awesome! The collected tracks sound good, but I'm not really enthusiastic about them, although there are some Roots Radics classics like z. B. Gregory's “Night Nurse” or Michael Prophet's “Gunman”. "Surveillance Dub"Calls the legendary Scientist-Roots-Radics-Dub in memory, but apart from the title there is nothing in common. On the other hand, I really like “Chalice and Dub“With a nice little melody (actually, I'm very easy to please). My verdict is: Alborosie has once again landed a great marketing coup, but can reduce his general weakness of form Dub- Don't overcome albums.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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I see exactly the same way. The guy is so on the brakes as if he was afraid of something. This will make the Dub-Working so well that you wouldn't really miss it. No comparison to Paolo Baldini, for example, who is light miles ahead in the traditional DubI.

Well, tastes aren't always that different. Although you can even purchase the disc materially, I have left it there (so far). We are already too spoiled or what?!?
Now I have to google Poalo Baldini first …………… .. lemmi

Yeah man

I like it ! Especially "Ms. Mary Dub"Comes immediately into my" Peaks Of Dub“Playlist.

Very cool! ………………… lemmi

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