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Aldubb: A Timescale of Creation - Symphony No. 1 in Dub minor


Oha, what is that? At this point I am always mocking unimaginative Steppers clichés (although these can be right from time to time and in the right place) and demand more experiment, more surprise, more free-thinking - and then that! An album that takes this requirement absolutely seriously. That breaks with everything that is typically Dub matters. That radically questions conventions, doesn't care about genre and style, bravely crosses musical boundaries and does everything differently than one would expect. Or to put it another way: The new work by Aldubb is either a brilliant concept album or a cerebral botch. "A Timescale of Creation - Symphony No. 1 in Dub minor“(Feingeist Records) is the complete title and demonstrates the crazy high standards of the album. A journey through space and time of the universe, from the Big Bang, the fragments of seconds afterwards, through our current existence to an uncertain but optimistic future - in Dub, understood. The 13 tracks on the album flow seamlessly into one another, resulting in a single 42-minute piece, one Dub-Symphony of subsonic bass frequencies, thundering wobble bass, electronic sound clouds, classical symphonic strings, finely dosed clarinet and trombone sounds and - it is hard to believe - normal reggae beats. Creation Rebels “Starship Africa” meets Hey-O-Hansen, meets Matthias Arfmann, meets Mussorgsky's “Pictures at an Exhibition”. It can be damn easy to lose your pants. The criticism would be positive to write about it, because art always has a bonus compared to mundane entertainment. But not infrequently, the highly acclaimed work would actually be boring. Although it belonged in a well-kept, sophisticated collection, it was never actually published voluntarily. How different it is here! Aldubbs excursion through the obscure history of our universe and into our much more obscure future is entertaining, gripping and simply incredibly beautiful with every beat. The relationship between new, disturbing (but all the more exciting) stimuli on the one hand and solid, well-known beats and harmonies on the other, is exactly right. It is impossible to escape the fascination of this acoustic journey. And if you don't get at least an idea of ​​what by listening to it DubBeyond the well-known concept, everything can be more, must either be deaf or narrow-minded. Aldubb opens a door to a new dimension of Dub on. Let's go through!

Rating 5 stars

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Well, I couldn't quite make it through and would say botch. Somehow too much wanted or something. Judging by the whimsical cover, it could also be the soundtrack to some fantasy stuff. Bad enough.

Hey hello you Dubheads. I'm very happy that someone else makes a comment here. Otherwise it might be too one-sided.
Well, I have to admit, I'm more like Manfred here. I also find the disc somewhat unsatisfactory. I have nothing against strings or instruments of any kind in the Dub. From my point of view, everything is allowed and even desired. But I think the way the strings play here is too much like the German cliché. At least as we have always been perceived in the world so far. The basic mood of the very dominant strings on this album is simply too serious and a little too sad. I have nothing against dark, dark and terrifying ones Dub but sad, no sad he shouldn't come across. For me, music has to be an uplift even in the darkest hour. Unfortunately, the strings make me too sad here.
I like the “Advanced Physics” that I bought at the same time much better.
But what I find fascinating again is the fact that you too feel reminded of Creation Rebel. I had the same feeling regardless of your text. Not with… .. “Timescale”… .. but with “Advanced Physics”.
The sound of the bass goes well with all Aldubb-discs, which I own very well with my boxes. Here the bass becomes positive and beneficial medicine.
Even if that is a bit beyond the scope here and I am about the goal of this DubShoot out blogs so I just have to get rid of it. Micah Shemaiah “Original Dread” is what worries me the most at the moment. Quite apart from the fact that almost everyone tunes in anyway DubVersion comes along, this disc conveys an excellent sound from the first to the last note DubFeeling.

Jamaica is back on top ………………… lemmi

Oh yes, this Micah from Jamaica is really the best for me right now. But yesterday I heard the “Timesscale of Creation” again, and definitely not for the last time, and I realized that despite a certain sadness, the disc has a lot of magical moments. Enjoying music all too often depends on one's physical state in which one is at the moment….

Greetings …………………… lemmi

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