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Aldubb: Mesozoic Valley

Aldubb is everyone's favorite. His “Planets of Dub“-Albums won the hearts of the proudest Dub-Critic; - and as far as I'm concerned, since the publication of his epic “A Timescale of Creation - Symphony No. 1 in Dub minor ”the title of nobility“ Al von und zu Dubb ". With his new album "Mesozoic valley“(One Drop Music) he dedicates himself again to the prehistoric times of our planet (the“ Planet of Dub“-Albums obviously belong in this series thematically, as I have just noticed). But while the symphony was a "great" work in the truest sense of the word, "Mesozoic Valley" (One Drop) comes as a purely digital production, so to speak as a laptopDub, therefore downright modest. But as soon as the first track starts, the humility is over. The bass blows in your face and your earlobes flutter in the wind. This is hardcore stuff for the sound system. Get out there and have fun - that's how it feels to me. My Dubblog colleague gtkritz criticizes a lack of hooklines and a lack of conciseness, which he is absolutely right about, but from my point of view this is not so important here. Why not just take a dip in the bass and feel good? Why not switch off system 2 nonchalantly and let system 1 have fun? I would say: click on “Mesozoic Valley” (streaming is the right form of consumption for the album) and turn it up really loud. Anyone who then says: "No, I lack complexity and the reflection of the conditions of our existence", I refer to the "Timescale of Creation".

Also read the review from gtkriz.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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High René!

Yeah, Aldubb is also one of my favorites!
But to “LapTop Dub“I don't have to write anything more. Although it still is Dub and if they suddenly put something on in the TV garden, that would of course be the “driver of the race” or the salvation of the West for me. But compared to other Aldubb-DISCS MADE OF VINYL (or at least as a CD) which I already proudly own, this flow of data cannot trigger any enthusiasm in me.
Streaming is not only the right form of consumption, it is also the only one. Yes, and as is the case with “streaming”, the data has already been extremely diluted after it emptied into the oceans of the ones and zeros and is only present in my memory as tiny homeopathic droplets. For me it is not - in any form -
outstanding album, so that it streamed past me like the water of the Rhine. That should by no means mean that I think the data is bad, but since it is a pure consumer good, it will be forgotten according to the motto "Ex and Hop". It doesn't matter what comes out at the back. If that's just as fleeting as a poop, then it just disappears into thin air.
Sorry, that was just "The Same Old Song" again ……………………………. lemmi

I have the same opinion as you, lemmy, but I see it simply as “good entertainment”, in other words background music: D and I admire this incredibly powerful and clear production. and i hope i won't get dissed when i say: i like the “mesozoic valley” better than this “creation symphony”. of course the concept is admirable, but I really lack the common thread. in the end, every single track is totally disheveled, and even after listening to it several times, it doesn't grow into a “complete work”. now I have to do another alldub find that I'm really good at, because in terms of sound it even surpasses paolo baldini, I didn't know that something like this was possible: D

High Doc!

How can you criticize the “creation symphony” !? .... ;-)

In any case, I feel the same way as you do. I have to fight my way through a hodgepodge of bulky and top-heavy “riddims” before I get caught up in various magical moments every now and then.
But overall I listen to all of A's other albums (including Mesozoic or Mesozeug?)dubhe stayed.

I'm sorry René, I know that you like that part pretty well, but with me
It still doesn't "work" properly.

So long ………… .. lemmi

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