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Aldubb & Mr. Glue: Man

“I just like albums,” says Aldubb. »I don't like the development that most artists only produce singles. For me an album is more than the sum of its singles. The logical continuation of the idea of ​​combining several individual pieces into a complete work is the concept album. Actually is "The human being“But not a classic concept album, the concept consists more in the unusual combination of Dub and German lessons. "Since"A Timescale of Creation - Symphony No. 1 in Dub minor“Undefeated concept album grandmaster Aldubb but huge. His new work “Der Mensch” makes it clear from the seemingly philosophical title that it is by no means just a dozen vulgar ones Dubs can go. A concept consists of an overarching idea on which the work is based, an idea that gives it form and meaning. That idea is with Aldubbs new album "Der Mensch": German poetry. What ?? “The idea came up like this:” he explains, “Mr. Glue like it when during our DubHerz-Radio shows instrumentals were running, quoting 1-2 sentences of literature every now and then. At first it was just quatrains, until I got one Dub and arranged it into a song with longer lyrics. That was the song "Die Liebe". In terms of content, we then relatively quickly gave ourselves the two key words “man and love” as a guide. Then within a few weeks we had recorded 9 texts. ”What Aldubb describes it sounds so natural and obvious, but I wonder why no one has come up with this grandiose idea before. Day in, day out we patiently expose ourselves to the sound of boring texts about religion, weed and sex - one reason, by the way, why I hardly like to listen to "normal" reggae. There is such a wonderful lyric poetry that only needs to be combined with such wonderful music to create such a wonderful listening experience as “Der Mensch”. Aldubb and Mr. Glue have Dub Poetry just reinvented. Thank goodness, the two did not succumb to the temptation to underlay German-language poetry with atonal or otherwise cerebral “art music”. No, we're listening to superbly produced, hand-made ones Dubs, powerful and at the same time sensitive, meticulously arranged and mixed, perfectly mastered and above all extremely musical: “A lucky coincidence led Toni Farris, who had to do with the Evolution band in the studio over the weekend, found time that was almost at the time to spice up finished songs with a few of his ingenious piano melodies and thus to enhance them enormously ”, Al revealsdubb.

Rarely have I heard an album this enjoyable lately. Because of "German lessons"! Dub and poetry enter into a connection that is much, much more than the sum of the two components. The words get additional power through the music and the music becomes even more of a conscious "listening experience" through them. Let's get a new one Dub-Genre make of it! I am in.

However, anyone who suffers from conditioning damage against poetry caused by the real existing German lessons in his / her childhood will find everyone on “Der Mensch” Dubs completely sober without poetry. Nice too.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Hi Rene,

what an amazingly nice tip. Aldubb, the master of the extraordinary has once again proven that poetry and music /Dub are very capable of entering into a liaison. The Novalis lyrics caught my eye right away. By the way, there was a (Krautrock) band of the same name in the mid-1970s who also mixed these lyrics with music. Of course, I prefer the spoken texts of Mr. Glue, whose voice I think is so good that he could read me a phone book, which he proves convincingly by reading the Korvapuustit / Finnish slap recipe. The album deserves the title particularly valuable!

Thank you very much for the flowers !!
I like the tip with the phone book a lot. I remember for part 2 ;-)


But now you really have me in the shortage. Conditioning damage from German lessons?!? … .. I still have long-term damage from every form of teaching today. Regardless of whether it is German, English, French, mathematics (igittigit), chemistry (“oh go away from me”), biology (the pure gray) ……. let's make it short, except for sport everything was "murder".
So it's not just the lyrics that fell by the wayside with me. Although I really appreciate the lyrics by Bob Marley, Bunny Wailer, Peter Tosh, Burning Spear …… ... "One of my good friend said, don't jump in the water if you cant swim." But that's exactly what I do when I babble about Lyric! So I should keep my hands off that. But even for me it has never been enough to warn me not to reach into a burning candle because you will burn your little fingers. I had to answer it myself and I know that it was the same with almost all children. That's why I dare to bitch around a bit, against these scraps of lyric poetry that are here about them Dubs were placed over it.
First of all, they are pretty difficult to understand because the “Lürizist” mumbles so much here or because - for my hearing - it was received too badly. Second, “wisdom” such as “if you hear butterflies laugh, you know how clouds taste” don't really bring me much, and I don't necessarily have to call up “baking recipes” when I'm actually on a trip to DubLand, "behind the seven mountains with the seven dwarfs", somewhere between Babylon and Dubylon wants to do.
The concept already existed in a similar way Dub Spencer and Trance Hill. On the one hand I like the voice of William S. Burroughs but on the length of the album I have to admit that I have a lot of scrotum here and there. The ganja, you can not only "praise" anew in every tune, but with every single move ;-)
So I prefer to stick to the riddims or instrumentals, as they are called here. Overall, the riddims are solid and very nice! Oh, oh, we know what "really nice" really means ....... At least not…. "Bad" ! But nothing stunning either.
“Die Liebe” is also an example of good steppers, which is extremely enhanced by the jumping keyboard in SkaRhythm and mine by the spherical sounds of the synthesizers DubHeart massaged with pleasure and upliftment. With the “laughing butterflies” I like the piano (keyboard) extremely well and with the “colored meadow” it pulls out the trumpet. It plays a very successful melody here and - for my ears - has exactly the right sound. And in the “Song of Childhood” the “xylophone (?)” Really plays almost virtuoso and creates something like a magic of “instrumental lyricism” for me.
So my overall impression is rather mixed when it comes to this album.

Goodbye first …………… .. lemmi

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