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Aldubb: Planets Of Dub Flight. 2

Aldubb and his crew (Big Finga, Pollensi, Stahl, Odi, keyboardist Toni Farris, Ganjaman, Jon Moon and trumpeter Mathieu Pé) have the next litter of the Aldubb Sessions series "Planets Of Dub Flight. 2“Among the residents of the Dubworld brought.

The emergence of this one Dubs, as always, was preceded by an organic creative process. Either producer Al collecteddubb his scattered riddims together or he organized spontaneous recording sessions in his Berlin Planet Earth studios. So again ten very beautiful pieces were created in these sessions. The focus is obviously on again dubgood instrumentals and first-class, relaxed playing by the band. Apparently the purely instrumental conception made it a bit difficult to find a title, because this is the only way to explain that this time most of the working titles made it into the final playlist. I haven't seen titles like: Norbert, Franz, Bufflex, Claudia, Hartmut in any playlists yet. I find Aldubb's new work is incredibly musical with very beautiful melodies and what I have to emphasize in particular are the wonderful trumpet solos. In general, the horn section is extremely positive. The "70s Steppa" could also pass as the Lost Tune of the Revolutionaries, which is to be understood appreciatively. The tracks sound very relaxed and well mixed again. There's really nothing that's annoying. German workmanship can still be a mark of quality - definitely here.

Short and to the point: Yepp, that is more beautiful, more varied, more versatile, more complex, well thought-out, well instrumented, more classic Dub for the 21st century, which must make all Steppers protagonists blush with shame. There is another way ... that sounds like it Dub, yeah mon ...

Rating: 5 out of 5.

2 replies to “Aldubb: Planets Of Dub Vol. 2 "

"... that sounds like that Dub, yeah mon !!! "

Yo, I see or hear that exactly as well !!! Really nice Dub Disc !!! I also like the tropical solos very much. The basslines also groove really well and generally “the whole thing is very musical” with a perfect SOUND!
What else should I write here? There is nothing to add to your remarks …………. lemmi

"There is nothing to add to your remarks ..."

It's actually a shame ... except that we are already on “Aldubb: Planets Of Dub Vol. 3 “happy !!!
If the following works can maintain the extremely high quality of the previous albums, then this session series should never end and at least once a year a new episode of the “Planets Of Dub" for us Dubheads to be published.

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