Alpha & Omega: Dubplate Selection Vol. 4

Honestly, I don't know what else to write about Alpha & Omega anymore. I didn't count, but I estimate I've already written about 5000 reviews of their music. Everything was said there – several times! But on the other hand, the duo has a permanent place in mine Dub-heart, so I can't bring myself to ignore a new release of the two. So there he is, Alpha & Omega: "Dubplate Selection Vol. 4 ". On it you can hear what is always heard from A&O: mystical jungleDub, somewhat carelessly produced and mostly of medium to poor sound quality. But the hypnotic power that hers Dubs own, also works here with undiminished force. On the "Dubplate Selection Vol. 4" they have collected recordings for the fourth time that were previously known as Dubplates were in use. By this they mean alternative mixes of their productions, which they create exclusively for specific sound systems. Since the duo is quite prolific and constantly new Dubs produced, the number of their exclusive ones is also growing Dubplate mixes. In short: So it was time for a volume 4. I really like the handling of the vocal fragments by Ras Tinny, Nai-Jah and Joe Pilgrim. Used in an absolutely minimalist way, they characterize the Dubs with tiny tunes. They flash like sunbeams penetrating to the bottom of the jungle. Beautiful imagination!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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