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Alpha Steppa & Nai-Jah: The Great Elephant

I am an avowed fan of Alpha Steppa's militant, meditative sound. He learned a lot from his father and aunt (= Alpha & Omega) and developed it into his own style. The mystical, dark atmosphere of the two UKDubHe keeps pioneers, but produces more accentuated, mixes more imaginatively and also skilfully garnishes his stoic beats with elegiac melodies. Above all, he has an unmistakable sense of being congenial to his Dubs matching vocals. He has now found the ideal partner in the Nigerian-French singer Nai-Jah. A creator of strong melodies and committed, intelligent lyrics. Finally a conscious singer who does not reproduce the old patterns but is able to look beyond the Rastafarian horizon. He sings of corruption, greed and suffering in Nigeria, but defiantly and self-assuring at the same time conjures up the size and beauty of Africa. Above all, however, it is Nai Jah's fascinating voice that made the joint album by Alpha Steppa & Nai-Jah, "The great elephant“(Steppas), a very intense experience. It offers 11 vocal tunes followed by 10 DubVersions. Even if I usually do the Dubs particularly recommend, in this case I definitely favor the first half of the album.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

One reply to "Alpha Steppa & Nai-Jah: The Great Elephant"

If I didn't know exactly, I would say, Don Carlos is singing!?!
The bass frequencies here may be so strong that I can no longer distinguish between them so precisely.
Well, by now you know how I feel about programmed music in general. For me, programmed music is not only the beginning of the end, but also responsible for melting the polar ice caps and making the fish full of plastic ;-) …………
When I ran through Spotify quickly, “Africa is great” flashed me so much that I have to say again that this music can also hit my “G-spot”. I just think it's a shame that real musicians will soon no longer be in demand, because many people hardly know real music anyway and soon everything will just be ravioli from the can. Canned ravioli can also taste really good if you are extremely hungry, but they always taste better when they are freshly made.

Greetings ………… .. lemmi

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