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Alpha Steppa: Rooted & Grounded


In addition to his project "Dub Dynasty ”, which Alpha Steppa runs together with his aunt Christine Woodbridge, he also publishes solo albums under his own name. The name is different, but the sound is not that different from the Dub Dynasty sound (just as it doesn't differ much from the Alpha & Omega sound) - which is actually good news. His latest work is titled: "Rooted & Grounded"(Steppas Records) and follows a simple and therefore strong principle: Dub is the mainstay, exotic sounds the free leg. The former stands firmly on the bass foundation, the latter crosses the boundaries of its own, familiar cultural area and enters into strange sound cosms, into old, deeply rooted musical traditions. There is no other way to say: Dub harmonizes perfectly with world music. Not least because of this they are Dubs from Alpha Steppa is simply magical. What dad and auntie had already achieved in the past is enhanced by the offspring with his best tunes. But unfortunately he also put not so successful pieces on the album, which dilutes the quality a bit. It's a shame, he could have chosen a little more critically here (12 instead of 24 tracks would have done it too). That would have earned him the asterisk behind the one plus, which was already achieved with flying colors.

Rating 5 stars

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Although I have bass again now, I unfortunately cannot give off good vibes.
The cover looked so familiar to me. Lo and behold, I've actually checked the part on irie records and although it can even be bought as a CD, I just left it there. So somehow I don't get warm with it. Apparently she has Dubfamily not that DubGen what I'm looking for.
In my opinion, there is no point in getting 27 + X Dubs on one disc and there are only two or three good basslines in total. The Dubfreaks just have to take more time for a good bassline and not just put low notes in series. And if "Mrs. Omega" also plucks the bass by hand, it is a disadvantage that she is not as blessed as Errol Flabba Holt, for example. I hope it wasn't too hard now, but sometimes “truth” just hurts.

"Nice Up Yourself inna di riddim of Life" ……………………… .. lemmi

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