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Ambient Warrior: Dub Journey's

Now we have further proof that our fine little sub-genre Dub is timeless and limitless. The Australian Isle of Jura label has proved this with the official new edition of an extremely unusual DubAlbums by Ambient Warrior: Dub Journey's, which was originally released in 1995 on the English label Lion Inc. The album is basically deep in the Dub rooted, but uses a much broader spectrum, which equally absorbs the most diverse musical influences and styles from all over the world and combines them into these wonderful soundscapes. The concept for Ambient Warrior was created as a side project for Ronnie Lion and Andreas Terrano. Ronnie Lion, who is not entirely unknown, noticed pretty quickly during the recording that Andreas Terrano is a very talented guitarist and keyboardist, and so the two quickly agreed to create an oeuvre that reflects the diverse musical influences of both protagonists. Andrew is z. B. Italian, Armenian and Russian descent what on Dub Journey's is unmistakably expressed. Insiders know Ronnie Lion from Brixton as the label owner from the beginnings of the British neo-Dub.

Since the earliest Dubtry from King Tubby, Lee Scratch Perry, Augustus Pablo, Prince Jammy and whatever their names are, we know that good one Dub must touch you deep down. That's why Ronnie Lion's slogan: "This is Ambient Warrior...coming to You from the Heart", presented in a distinctive voice (Dennis Rootical) reminiscent of Prince Far I, takes me from the start on (m)an unforgettable pilgrimage to Kailash. (Kailash: The Tibetans regard it as the holiest mountain, it is worshiped by Hindus, Buddhists and Bon, it is the headwaters of the four largest rivers of the Indian subcontinent.) Excuse me, Kailash? Yes, because these typical sounds of the Tibetan prayer bells are omnipresent and ring out again and again. The album is cast in one piece and gives me a pleasantly warm, meditative mood. Andreas Terrano weaves very soft guitar solos and synthesizer/keyboard sounds together into wonderful soundscapes. What was very good for the album's versatility is also due to the fact that many musicians of different genres and instruments were involved in the recordings. In addition to South American elements such as tango and bossa nova (Eastern Dub; cajun Dub); we also hear harp (Cajun Dub), Russian accordion (Bayan; Southern Dub), vibraphone and jaw harp (The Good, the Bad and the Dub).

My quintessence of the album is: Great Dub-Albums creep up on you very slowly. You can play them once and they're "quite nice". Play it umpteen times and very slowly a picture forms: small details emerge, the spirit of the Dub and the bliss of repetition make their way into your soul.

It's nice that there are still labels that make it their business to make such extremely rare, unique ones Dub-To save sounds from oblivion. Therefore, for the Ambient Warrior re-release, Isle of Jura gets: Dub Journey's albums six stars out of five from me.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Thanks for the great tip, I like it Dub Journey's exceptionally good. I find the carelessness with which Ambient Warrior tries everything possible wonderfully refreshing and still new today. The album offers homogeneous and extremely soothing music with meditative bubbling sound. A fluffy, very varied carpet of sound for heart and brain.

The foundation for this - even in 1995 - quite unusual Dub-Album constitutes the album by “High Priest” Roy Shirley (RIP), it is called “Black Lion Negus Rastafari”; it was also published by Lion Inc. in 1995. Roy Shirley's voice and at times completely wacky background choirs create a unique sound here as well, as commentator Steffen describes it very nicely.
Info & YouTube links to listen here:

Hi all,

I couldn't stop asking about the egg and the chicken. So I took another look at Lion Inc's release catalogue:
Ambient Warrior: Dub Journey's > Catalog #: CDLINC007
High Priest Roy Shirley: Black Lion Negus Rastafari > Catalog No: CDLINC011
The catalog numbers suggest that indeed Ambient Warrior: Dub Journey's should have appeared first.

When there was still no review for the album, I noticed it positively with the "ReleaseQuickCheck". But I'm always looking for the fly in the ointment so that my streaming lists don't get too full. First there was the word "ambient" which can be an exclusion criterion for me. I think Ambient is great, I even like it very much but against my love for Dub it's only second choice. That's how Ambient playedDubs like “Night Flight Over Trieste” gave me the reason to skip further. Not because I don't like him. I only have to skip that due to lack of time, but for me it's not one of my highlights here. In my opinion, the "KeyboardBass" is also well done here, which I feel is at least on half of the Dubs is used here. It only roars very occasionally (maybe that's also due to my "SoundSystem" ) and otherwise it really produces a very pleasant - quote - "KlangBlubbern". Which I find very progressive for an album from 1995. There was still a lot of British neo dub at the start, which already got me to the end of Dub let think. But fortunately there were “a lot” of people in particular Dubproducers who didn't want to end up with this booming sound either. It was only because of the review that I listened to the album more often and more intensively and better late than never checked that I like the whole album very much (“great insight”) and I can listen to it in its entirety at any time. But I especially like it when I have real “Special HighLights” on an album.
find and I have here with “The Ambient Warrior” and “Eastern Dub" found. This shouldn't be overshadowed by various other highlights – e.g. “The Good The Bad And The Dub" but these are just high lights for me and not "special high lights".
Ok, before you get “blown away” by all my HighLights ( ! ), I'll say goodbye and wish you pleasant bubbles in every respect. (Except for bowel movements)

So long ……………… lemmi

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