Arky Starch: Bass It Up

The first thing that struck me about "Bass It Up(Roar Like a Bass) on Arky Starch's new album was its tight sound. The bass player from Belgium seems to have outstanding mastering skills! Respect. But then I saw that exactly this part is nobody else's responsibility than Mr. Dubmatrix. But the super Dubber from Toronto only gild what already has decent substance. Arky Starch gave him eleven solid Dubs delivered. Beautifully melodic compositions, enriched with varied samples, arranged and mixed, all very uplifting and in a good mood. Good this way.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

3 Responses to “Arky Starch: Bass It Up”

Yeah man

This is "my" definition of a "boombastic" DubStyle ! Powerful - yes partly what I consider "aggro" - bass lines and riddims. Beautiful samples and vocal snippets that provide that "certain something" and stimulate my psyche, so that the "plan" for upliftment and GOOD MOOD works for me.
Actually, I'm not in the mood to look for anything negative here, but I think mastering could be the "Mr DubMatix” just like ours DubPractice visionist a bit or just reconsider your own taste. GTK once described the sound as "musty" and I think that's quite apt. I eat a little too dull over long distances. But with the controller for the heights in the sound, you (I) can compensate for that quite well.
It's just "moaning" again at a high level. the DubI like it very much!

So long ………………… .. lemmi

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