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There are seven (!) Albums by the man, and he was actually unknown to me until the end of last year! It wasn't until I was browsing the odgprod catalog before Christmas that I noticed the works of the French composer and keyboardist Art-X and found their way into my media library. Some were produced by him, for others he only contributed his melodic playing. Is very fresh "Nomad“, His new album. It obviously belongs to the latter category: The Dub-Backings come from Zenzile, Roots Attack, the Dub Shepherds or the radiators, the Frenchman's melodic play hovers over them. Despite the diverse origins of the Dubs, the album sounds beautifully closed and harmonious. Although I usually have problems with the melodica at album length, I like Nomad very much. Probably because of his relaxed and unobtrusive style. The perfect sound for Sunday breakfast.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Yeah man

I could make it short and just say, I'm a fan of Art-X!

My previous favorite has always been “Under Mi Kultcha” and then the “Dready Walk” as a highlight. But I actually like everything about Art-X. I also think his Satta Massagana version is great! Is there a bad one anywhere?
I also really like the "Nomad"! But this is mainly due to No. 3 “Wisemen-Askan Vibes” !!! Bassline "Flabba Holt"
in the original by Dub Syndicate ;-) (even if that's not the original, for me it is, or Roots Radics!).
Anyway, Flabba Holt is blessed. In general, the basslines here very often sound like roots radics and how should I put it, with the sound I still feel as good as when I was a baby on mum's breast.

But with track 3 I realize why that is DUB SYNDICATE was and still is the best of the best of the best for me.

Greeings from another roots adict ………………… lemmi


this is not such a "brutal steppers French", the French can actually be different. Art-X has caught my eye for a relatively long time while “browsing” the ODG catalog - despite Melodica, which I like much better here than the doodling of Augustus Pablo's offshoot (Addis). Art-X's things are always very relaxed, nothing is annoying. The "Nomad", which I grabbed on the first day of publication (February 19.02th), fits perfectly with every occasion.

There's really nothing to complain about!
And there's something new since the beginning of May: Art-X - Heady Tunes (EP)

Nice, relaxed weekend ... stay tuned

I can only warmly recommend the mixtapes.

you once threw a crazy idea into the room somewhere in the blog, replacing melodica with an accordion. Great ... that no one has ever thought of it

Yes, Ras Vorbei I don't want to adorn myself with strange feathers. It could also be that the idea first came from DubBlog boss himself was set in scene here. Anyway, I remember that we were 100% in agreement on that point. Is that René?!? In any case, he also had a few good tips in store in which the accordion was used. For example in “The Moon” (?) By Hey Oh Hansen. I can hardly start with them but “The Moon” (?) Rules.
There is another one Dub, which I also got to know via ODG, where in my opinion an accordion plays really big:
“Pour Qui Son Le Dub" from Dubamix, Kyam (whoever that is). The Dub definitely divides the spirits again, especially since it is really split in two. The beginning is just E = MC to the power of 9… .. Bassline, Groooooove and a fine accordion (maybe that's not real, my perfect pitch doesn't reach that far), or a fine accordion sound! Up to the middle, the part grooooooved, dripping heavily with hot lead, and then some kind of "flash markers" meant that one should now urgently switch to steppers and children's singing, so that people who don't like music would like it hold. Well, I admit, I always pull the part in from start to finish, but my buddy only manages half the tune or Dub.

While we're chatting here, I would like to thank you briefly. I love it when someone talks about a record where I think you have lemmi too. You don't need to look for it and you don't even need to stream it. You can put it on yourself at home! What am I talking about? From the African Roots record (Joe Gibbs Productions) Part 3! I think you mentioned them in the Uly Neuens thread. Of course I had to include “An Appointment with His Majesty” on Thursdays, where I manage to LISTEN to MUSIC UNDISTURBED for more than 2 hours at a time, in order to hear them again. The "African Roots Saga" never belonged to my topDubFavorites but I have to say, I had a lot of fun with Chapter 3 yesterday and I had really good feelings !!! So it was very good that you talked about it again. I don't know if I would have looked them up otherwise. So that you don't think I just wanted to sneak in on you, I'll write you now that I think the "African Roots Saga" by Bullwackies (behind the seven mountains with the seven dwarfs) is even better.
Well and while I'm at it, I can proudly report that I also have the "Rock'n'Groove" from Bunny Wailer as a YesPress. Very good that part but for me “Blackheart Man” is still the measure of all things. So this weekend is under a particularly good star, because for a long time now I've had the feeling of being "up to date" ;-)

"Rock'n Groove With Me, Get On Now Its Skanking Time" ………………………. lemmi

Thank you Lemmi,

I knew that I had a "squeeze table" in the Dub/ Heard reggae before. Hey-O-Hansen did it, now I don't have to look anymore. You see, that's how tastes are, I think their music is so weird that it's good again.

At African Dub Chapter III has to be emphasized that the disc was released in 1978. The acoustic gimmicks (even cuckoo clocks) that Errol Thompson came up with were extraordinary and much of them new and unused. Ok, Lee Scratch was always very creative too ...
What Lloyd Barnes did a little later with Clive Hunt in his studio in the Bronx is actually the first awesome Dub from Amiland. Good tip, should I take it easy again. With the flood that overwhelms you every day, you often forget what kind of jewels are in the record cabinet or the media library.

I just remember a couple of great JA pressings.
Burning Spear's Living Dub I + II but not the badly remixed and of course that (almost) Dub-Album for Blackheart Man (Dubd'sco I), which for me will remain Bunny Wailer's best for all eternity. The original Rock 'N Groove is also very nice, but for me it never comes close to the Blackheart Man. I also found the answer why that is so, Blackheart Man is a great roots album, Rock 'N Groove is more like dancehall.
Roots reggae really always works for me and if you ask around inveterate reggae "experts" and ask about their all-time favorites, then mostly reggae /Dub-Albums from the 70s are called early 80s at best. There must be a reason for that.

In conclusion:
I once read a good saying about a deadhead and it went like this: “The earth is between 4,5 and 4,8 billion years old and I actually managed to be there at exactly the point in time where such a grandiose one Music originated. Be grateful “!

“The earth is between 4,5 and 4,8 billion years old and I actually managed to be there at the exact point in time when such great music was created. Be grateful “!

Exactly my speech always! Only that I extend that far beyond the music ...... so about "made nest and so". But maybe there is also something like reincarnation and “transmigration of souls above the church tower”.
Basically that would also be fair, because then not only your descendants (I don't have any) would have to spoon up our messed up soup, but we ourselves too.
Who knows, maybe we were both on the front line together in WWII or in Verdun ;-)

Until ………… lemmi

“But maybe there is something like reincarnation and“ transmigration of souls above the church tower ”.

I could tell you a story about a friend whose son died in an accident in Goa (India) almost a year ago, and the hair on the back of your neck rose. But that really leads too far here.
Just this much, there are things between heaven and earth that even "the crown of creation" (ironically) cannot explain rationally.

But maybe we're not that wrong about reincarnation. Time wants to tell, but there is hardly anyone who has not had the déjà vu feeling. I mean that you experience a situation or a place where you spontaneously say: “I've been there before”.

I also just got the "DejaVu" again, that we are a bit badly over the topic, or rather shoot far beyond it …………… ..
But somehow that also fits Dub I agree …………. lemmi

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