City Squad: Marseilles + Aix

The French have it good. As well as delicious food, good wine, Paris, Alsace and a really nice helping of Alps, they also have a vibrant and extremely prolific Sound System scene. There are even 14 sound systems in towns like Grenoble! The Subsquad Prod label has set itself the task of making the most important Dub-Hotspots of the beautiful country to introduce successively. In addition to Bordeaux and Grenoble this time the spotlight falls on Marseille and its small neighboring town of Aix-en-Provence - both located in the sunny climes of Provence. There are 13 sound systems in Marseille alone. In Aix and surroundings more. The subsquad team has 14 tracks for "City Squad: Marseilles + Aix" collected. Another impressive collection. Steppers clearly sets the tone here. But it is not so much the - quite different - musical quality that makes this series so interesting, but much more the ingenious and yet so simple concept of presenting the sound system scene in France in the form of a - also free - sampler series. On a tour de Dub, sort of. I would like something like that for Germany too – in the hope that we wouldn't do much worse than our dear neighbors (which I actually doubt).

Similar to Grenoble, in the south of the republic the Dub-Culture to depend directly on a vibrant festival landscape. The initial spark was the "Musical Riot Association", which was founded in 2002 and under its own name Dub- hosted festivals. From 2010 the well-known followed a few kilometers outside of Marseille Dub Station Festival - Incubator of many local sound systems. Because the subsquad crew takes their business seriously, you can read a summary of their meticulous research into the subsquad website

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Dubblog charts 2021

It's that time again: for Christmas we'll serve you ours Dub-Top 5 of the past year. As you can see, diversity counts for us. How could it be otherwise with such a multifaceted genre? We look forward to your selection. Write them to us in the comments. Happy Holiday!

Top 5 from René

Late Night Tales Presents Version Excursion Selected by Don Letts

A concept album with cross-over potential. Don Letts presents Dubs of non-reggae songs. Many remixed exclusively by the greats of the genre.

Aldubb & Mr. Glue: Man

I stand experiments. Dub meets German poetry! Weird and very successful.

sumac Dub: Ex-Home Session

Magical, overwhelming, deeply sad, gloomy, heavy and powerful.

Blundetto: Good Good Dub

Sound Almagan made from exotic ingredients with an intense, dense - sometimes quite melancholy - atmosphere.

Jallanzo: Dubam 'It & Luvin' It

One of the few Dub-Albums from Jamaica. But all the better: Crisp, powerful, dynamic and full of ideas.

Top 5 of Ras Vorbei

Lee Scratch Perry meets Daniel Boyle: To drive the Dub Starship through the Horror Zone

The final chord of a musical genius. RIP Rainford Hugh Perry aka Lee Scratch Perry, we will miss you!

Late Night Tales Presents Version Excursion Selected by Don Letts

The "Rebel Dread" gives me a cross-section of my musical socialization in Dub.

The Mikey Dread Show: African Anthem Dubwise (rerelease)

A huge monolith; the one-of-a-kind unmatched to this day.

Kutiman: Wachaga In Dub

"The whole World is Africa," mine Dubious music album for 2021.

New Age Steppers: Avant Gardening

More original, unused, limitless Dub from the ON .U sound archive.

Top 5 from Helmut

Out on the floor Dub

A homage to vinyl, stylistically somewhere between UK steppaz and traditional JamaicanDub. Surprised with a new one Dub an old wailers riddim.

Alborosie: Back-a-yard Dub

More virtuoso, more merciless Dub-Showdown. It was not until the last meter that the Tuff Scout Gorilla was pushed into second place.

Dennis Bovell: Y in Dub

In 1979 Dennis Bovell produced the UK Pop Group's debut. 40 years later he mixes them Dub-Version. Radical! Effectively! And guaranteed reggae-free!

Roots Makers - Karigan meets DM Kahn & Organiks

Online project of an Indonesian drummer living in France and one in Vancouver Dub-Wizzards. Passionate instrumental music with Dubsee subtitle: Rubadub - One drop rockers.

Aswad - A New Chapter Of Dub

On a sad occasion: The new edition with "African Children", "Natural Progression" and the killer bassline of "Dub Fire ". Mixed with Michael "Reuben" Campbell, who passed away at the beginning of December.

Top 5 from gtk

Mungo's Hi Fi - Antidote

Pure joy: Catchy, suspect vocal sprinkles meet ingenious basslines that boom from the speakers like a sound system.

The Dub Chronicles - Simba (Return to the Throne)

The album that deserves the award for the most differentiated and dynamic sound. Chapeau, sound engineer Casey Burnett! 

Papa Dee: Sir Pinkerton Investigates Another Murder in Red Hut Studio

Sneaky Dubs, roaring loudly mixed with a bit of dirt. Embedded in a murderous concept, this results in a… well, a killer album!

Zilla Dan Meets Riwan Pruvot: Starlight Dub

Fresh from France and already in the top 5: A wonderfully relaxed, charmingly awkward journey through the solar system - or: the rehabilitation of the saxophone.

BuffBaff meets Aldubb: Dubs from the BuffBaffTV Sessions

That could have been a lush album, but it comes as a single broadside: rock solid roots tracks in Aldubb accustomed-reliable-conservative Dub-Quality. 


Obituary: Robbie Shakespeare

Robbie Shakespeare died on December 8th during kidney surgery. He was only 68 years old.

I didn't know Robbie personally and yet his bass playing has been with me for most of my life. When I discovered reggae around 1980, the music of Sly & Robbie was ubiquitous. It was the high point of her career. There was also a huge oeuvre of rhythm twins from the 1970s to discover for me.

At some point around this time I stopped listening to the radio Dub by Sly & Robbie. It was the first time that I noticed instrumental reggae. I was absolutely delighted and started everyone Dub-Buy albums from the duo that I could get hold of at the local record store. Then in 1981 “Nightclubbing” by Grace Jones was released - with rhythms recorded by Sly & Robbie. It was a sensation. In the same year I bought "The 60's, 70's Into The 80's = Taxi" and "Sly and Robbie Present Taxi". I played the two vinyl albums so often that in the end all that was left was a smoothly planed groove. The live album "Black Uhuru: Tear It Up" followed a year later. What a great time it was! I had discovered "my" music and was showered with masterpieces. Countless other Sly & Robbie albums have followed since then, which I gradually incorporated into my record collection. At some point I began to review reggae albums for various music magazines, unfortunately at a time when the golden era of the rhythm twins was drawing to a close. Unfortunately, in the last few years in particular, I had to hack a lot of tears into the keyboard. What hurt my soul, because Sly and his partner Robbie created the soundtrack of my reggae socialization and Robbie's bass in particular was one of the main reasons why I was so in love with Dub developed. Now Robbie Shakespeare is leaving one of my most important identifying figures in reggae. The Rhythm Twins are irretrievably history. It makes me sad. Rest in peace, Robbie.

Photo: Schorle, CC BY-SA 4.0


Marcel Philipp Meets Scientist

Marcel-Philipp is on the Dub-Good taste, his last three albums all come from this genre. But after "Dub You Crazy ”and“ Can't Get Enough of Dub" there is now a very special album: "Marcel-Philipp Meets Scientist" (Ashera). What an exciting collaboration: the multi-instrumentalist and creator of light, airy reggae compositions meets him Dub-Great master and creator of heavy-lead mixes.

How did this remarkable collaboration come about?

Marcel Philipp: “The first contact came about at the end of 2019 when I was planning a Scientist Audio Engineering Master Class was involved in Germany. In mid-2021 I sent him the raw material for a track of mine. At the beginning the project was actually limited to just one track, but we were both thrilled with the result. That's why we decided to make a complete album. "

How long did you work on the album?

Marcel Philipp: “With his experience and skills, he had the whole album done in a matter of days. The Russian artist Lera (lastcaress), who I commissioned with the cover design, could not deliver until the end of September due to scheduling reasons, which is why I set the release date for November 2021. "

What do you like about Scientist's work?

Marcel Philipp: “Many of the albums mixed by Scientist are among my absolute favorites in terms of sound. During the collaboration, the contact between us was very intense and I was able to gain insights into his approach and his knowledge in the area of ​​audio engineering. "

What is the Scientist's Secret?

Marcel Philipp: “Even before the Dub Tracks, Scientist breathes his special magic into the overall sound. All albums mixed by Scientist have this unique sound. For him it all starts with the drum sound. According to him, he can only identify each of his thousands of mixed tracks by the sound of the kick drum. When asked about the procedure for mixing the bass guitar, he replied "The bass guitar drives the kick". His obsession with sound is incredible. The combination of a technical and scientific approach paired with his artistic abilities and the interest in trying things out makes him what his artist name suggests: a scientist. "

You are obviously a fan of Scientist. Where does your admiration for him come from?

Marcel Philipp: “For me, the whole creative process begins with the instrumental versions. For a means to an end, I therefore dealt intensively with mixing and mastering early on. Decades ago I analyzed the sound, especially the kick and the snare, of Scientist Tracks. Not to copy this sound, but to understand how and what it is doing. When the opportunity arose to work together, I was very grateful and very excited to see what Scientist would do with my instrumentals. "

So what did he do to them? How are his Dubs of yours

Marcel Philipp: “Scientist made major adjustments to the sound of the kick and snare. The melodica as a lead instrument has a lot of space with him and is compared to mine Dubs much more present. From a technical point of view, Scientist plays a lot with the feedback when using the delay and the use of the high-pass filter is omnipresent with him. "

Does the joint venture with Scientist remain an exception, or do you also plan with others? Dub-Masters work together?

Marcel Philipp: “I don't try to reproduce certain sounds myself, and I let my feelings guide my own mixes. From a composer's point of view, collaborations are therefore very interesting and I would be delighted if I could also work with others in the future Dub-Masters could work together. I listen a lot in my free time Dub-Music and am always very positively surprised by the new releases. "

Sounds like you're up on your instrumentals right now Dub um increased?

Marcel Philipp: “My main focus is still on the instrumentals, because without them I can't do one Dub to produce. The three Dub Albums are a result of the many instrumentals I've finished over the years. I am now looking forward to recording a lot of new tracks again. So the next one will be one or more instrumental albums from me before I also put them in Dubs transform. "

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Five Star Review

High Tone Meets Zenzile: Zentone, Chapter 2

One has to state: Corona also has its good! These two (!) Albums, namely: High Tone Meets Zenzile - Zentone, Chapter 2 (Jarring Effects). What a brilliant one Dub-Plant! Emerging from the most depressing of all pandemics, fifteen years after "Chapter 1". Apparently the nine musicians have the two most prominent ones Dub-Bands of France could not stand it any longer in the loneliness of their home offices and locked themselves in a studio in Lyon for a week, unbelievably, to make music with each other face to face. Without a lot of studio rocket science (in contrast to "Chapter 1"). Instead with a simple sound system setting, spontaneous, direct and improvised. All that mattered was the interpersonal vibe. The result is breathtaking. Two albums full of fantastic, inspired compositions with a total of 22 tracks that are bursting with warmth, intensity and real beauty. The catalyst of this quality was apparently the pure pleasure in personal encounters - perhaps paired with a few musical ideas from everyone involved during the lockdowns. Substance instead of effect was the motto. All tracks were produced live and then mixed on analog consoles. The sound is warm, complex and full of dynamics. Everything is just right here. And of course the inclusion of singers fits in with such an approach. Yes indeed! I am actually Dub-Purist, but here Nai-Jah, Nazamba, Jolly Joseph and Rod Taylor make an absolutely essential contribution to the musical diversity, without sacrificing the Dub-Vibe to belittle even the slightest. Her performances - especially nai-jahs and nazambas - are simply terrific.

Okay, but now I have to deal with the two Albums are cleared up: Zenzile and High Tone recorded a total of ten rhythms during their week in Lyon. Zenzile then pre-decapitated all ten pieces, mixed them and put them together into an album, which can be bought as a CD or download. High Tone, on the other hand, only took on the four rhythms for which a singer was recorded and presented them in showcase style: vocal version, instrumental version, DubVersion - and thus comes to twelve tracks, which are offered as double vinyl (but they can also be purchased as a download). But to complicate things nicely, there is one more thing Streaming variant. This consists of the ten Zenzile mixes and the four vocal versions of High Tone. Understood?

real Dub-Nerds will of course compare the mixes with each other and find that High Tone goes to work more traditionally and aims at the use of sound systems with its mixes, while Zenzile tends to take a more playful, sofa-compatible approach. But I can't decide which one I like better - that's why I always listen to both albums one after the other.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Kanka: My Bubble

Bass is the base of Dub! A fact that is as simple as it is evident. Sure: Bass is of course not everything (but everything is in the Dub nothing without bass!). But bass is - at least for me - at least fifty percent of what I wear Dub love. Everything else has to share the remaining percent. And that's why I'm a fan of Kanka, that humble French one Dub-Nerds who regularly offer their music for free download. Kanka is THE man of the bass. Apart from Alpha & Omega, I don't know anyone Dub-Artist who produces bass lines that weigh tons like him. In his music, bass is the all-pervading dark matter. Everything exists IN the bass, not next to it, above or below it. The bass is all encompassing. Well is with "My Bubble" his new album was released. I advise you to listen to it on a good hi-fi system - preferably with a voluminous subwoofer - to enjoy the massage of the bowels and not to switch off even if the structural engineer called for emergency repairs is already in the door. Of course, it is even better to experience Kanka in a live sound system. The little man stands in stoic calm behind his mixer, his gaze never lifts into the audience, he never speaks a word. But the music that he sends through the loudspeaker towers makes the earth shake. The title of the album, "My Bubble", makes it clear that only we hardcoreDub-Nerds who are Kanka's target audience. We who are in one with him Dub- Stuck the filter bubble and know how to enjoy this kind of music. I admit that his music has no sophistication, that it does not contain any fresh ideas and borders on less complexity. For free. But I appreciate what comes from doing without all these ingredients: An absolute focus on the essentials: bass & rhythm. The effect is mesmerizing. A trance ride through the depths of dark matter. The album is included for free download.

Rating: 4 out of 5.


Roots organization: Stricktly Recreational

I've said it so often: “Instrumental reggae is a gigantic, supranational, omnipresent over-hype!” Honestly! Here we have another perfect example of that: "Stricktly Recreational" from the Roots Organization. And again, this wind-driven, brilliant work comes from the Alps - like the last "Winds of Matterhorn". But unlike the winds, the root organization is located more in the sound spectrum of jazz - whatever sounds a bit like Ska, although the EP is free of corresponding rhythms. As a producer, aDUBta responsible. He recorded the nine-member band live in the stress studio in Graz - which helps to explain the sound. Since I play brass in reggae and especially in Dub I like the EP very much and can also do a lot with their solos. The sound is airy, the arrangements extremely varied and the tempo lively. The mix even conveys a little discreetly from time to time Dub-Appeal. Nice.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Ksanti & Owl Trackers: Time Lapse

Most Dub-Albums obey a consistent style - from the first to the last track. Once the Logic Pro setting has been found, it can be copied from track to track. The collaboration project of the two producers Ksanti & Owl Trackers: "Time Lapse“Breaks with this pattern and rather resembles a journey through different styles, musical influences, moods and tempos. The spectrum ranges from gentle steppers to Indian influences to lo-fi and electro-Dub. And that in just four tracks (and an interlude)!

Ksanti & Owl Trackers are two French producers. Ksanti is a Dubmaker from Bordeaux, with a preference for progressive steppers and musical experiments in the direction of electro, chill and sometimes lo-fi sounds. Owl Trackers, on the other hand, is a Dubmaker from the Paris region, the Dub connects with electro, trip-hop or techno influences and weaves them into fascinating soundscapes.

“Time Lapse” leads us through these landscapes in slow motion. the Dubs radiate an uncommonly contemplative calm while at the same time a feeling of sublimity arises with which we look at the beauty of the imaginary musical landscape. Sounds a bit pompous, but - if you get involved - is what makes these four tracks so attractive. Have a listen. Of the Download is free.

Five Star Review

Late Night Tales Presents Version Excursion Selected by Don Letts

We Dubheads live in our little, hermetic Dub-Bubble and celebrate our very, very special interest sub-genre as the center of the world. A navel whose existence 99,999999 percent of humanity do not even suspect. Compared to rock, pop and hip hop, the music we revolve around lives absolutely hidden. This obscurity is downright cynical in view of the fact that the descendants of Dubas z. B. Discomixes, remixes or bass music have long since become part of the mainstream. But whatever? As long as there are still musicians and producers who provide our bladder with fresh supplies, we don't care if the world out there takes notice of us. And yet ... Somehow the missionary in me stirs: “Hey guys, listen to this. It will change your life! ”. Well, yes, you will be allowed to dream. But in fact, a fantastic opportunity is opening up, not for the mainstream, but for people interested in music outside our bubble to glimpse the beauty of Dub to grant: "Late Night Tales Presents Version Excursion Selected by Don Letts". Late Night Tales is a compilation series that has been inviting artists and DJs since 2001 to delve deep into their personal collections and curate the “ultimate late night mix”. Twenty years ago it was a completely new and hugely popular concept. We remember z. B. to the extremely popular KJ Kicks series, or to the legendary Fabric compilations. What made these CD series so interesting at the time: With extensive marketing, they were aimed at an open-minded music audience and gave the collected genre productions an incomparable reach. In the Spotify age, this may not be that important anymore - but it still works. That's why it's something very special when a series like “Late Night Tales” (according to GQ the “Rolls Royce among the series”) invites DJ, radio DJ and filmmaker Don Letts to invite them Dub- Curate album.

Who, if not Don Letts, would be the perfect man to lead this missionary crossover, since he has always stood for the mixture of diverse musical cultures and Dub. “A disciple of sound system, raised on reggae n 'bass culture my go to sound was dub. Besides being spacious and sonically adventurous at the same time, its most appealing aspect was the space it left to put yourself 'in the mix' underpinned by Jamaica's gift to the world - bass. But that's only half the story as the duality of my existence meant I was also checking what the Caucasian crew were up to not to mention the explosion of black music coming in from the States. ”Don Letts explains his musical background and continues:“ That's why "Late Night Tales Presents Version Excursion" crosses time, space and genre, from The Beach Boys to The Beatles, Nina Simone to Marvin Gaye, The Bee Gees to Kool & The Gang, The Clash to Joy Division and beyond. You'd think it impossible to draw a line between 'em? But not in my world. Fortunately, the 'cover version' has played an integral part in the evolution of Jamaican music and dub covers were just a natural extension. "

What a cool idea! There Dub - at least in Lat's view - remix means that he only offers versions of songs that were created outside of reggae. A strong concept that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also ideally suited to addressing a mainstream audience outside of reggae.

Yes, Don Letts is the missionary I would like to be. Aware of his chance, he was by no means satisfied with submitting a disdainful list of titles to Late Night Tales, but made his little one out of it Dub-Exhibiting a real masterpiece by following the principle of remixing Dub made not only the principle of his selection of cover versions, but also the principle of his presentation. That is why 13 of his 21 tracks are “Exclusives”, i.e. remixes or remixes.Dubs historical productions created by the likes of Mad Professor, Scientist or Dennis Bovell.

Well, the man is in love with concepts - but so am I and can therefore only praise his Late Night Tales Version Excursions in the highest tones. Since the whole thing is done with a decent budget and a lot of marketing, there is also an entertaining video in which Letts explains the criteria of his selection and gives a few anecdotes about the individual titles. Cool guy and very eloquent. A born ambassador of Dub.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Dubvisionist: Treasures from the Harddrives

For new work from Dubvisionist I get reflexively curious because Dubs from Felix Wolter would suggest the Netflix algorithm with at least “98% agreement”. The hit rate is therefore that of Biontech. Fortunately, the Hanoverian DubProducer a constant output level of high quality Dubs - and has done so since the 1980s. He and ThaiGrr founded The Vision, a pioneering German reggae band, whose recordings are the basis of some fantastic ones Dub-Albums that Felix created over the years. In recent times he has delivered many compelling ones Dub-Mixes on behalf of Echo-Beach.

Now he has Dub-Wizzard rummaged in his archives and marked "Treasures from the hard drives“Ten exciting but still unpublished ones Dubs promoted to days. Why they had to eke out a purely virtual existence up to now seems completely incomprehensible when listening, because they are presentable in every respect. I am enthusiastic about the sound (the master understands his mastering), the arrangements and of course the mixes. But above all the variety of the track selection. Maybe that's a bonus that comes with it automatically when recordings are compiled from different contexts. The achievement then undoubtedly consists of sucking in to ensure that everything still sounds like one piece. Of the Dubvisionist completed this challenge with flying colors.

Long recipes, in a nutshell: I like the album exceptionally well. While some albums are particularly convincing due to their atmosphere and sound and are predestined to exist in the background, Felix's “Treasures” are ideal for conscious listening. Highly entertaining - 98% guaranteed.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.