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Biblical is a Cultural Singer/Sing Jay whose unique singing style has evolved since the release of his first album "Inborn Precepts“ (2007) has probably already caught the eye of many. He grew up in a Northern California household with a heavy love for reggae and Rastafarian music. Music has always played an important role for him. From the very beginning it was food for his soul and spirit. Beginning with classic roots reggae interpreters Bob Marley & The Wailers and Burning Spear to name just two, the teachings of Rastafarianism and a passion for Jamaican roots music were planted deep in his heart from an early age.

After Biblical has already released over ten albums, his latest album "Well Read Dubs(Trinity Farm Music). The counterpart to the April 2022 published "Well Read' is his very first Dub-Album. A total of ten of the original eleven tracks became one superb Dub- Subjected to refinement. The album was recorded with the Barcelona-based reggae band Go A Chant. Behind the pseudonym "Go A Chant" also hides the musician, producer and head of the band - Manel (Catalan form of the first name Manuel) Guerra. The musician and engineer has worked several times, also live, with artists such as Midnite/Akae Beka, Army, Tuff Like Iron, Ancient King, Iqulah and Prezident Brown. Interesting: Manel Guerra does not name Bob Marley & the Wailers as a formative musical influence in the first place. Above all, he was fascinated by the mystical Burning Spear and especially Augustus Pablo, whose Far East sound particularly impressed and shaped him. But influences from contemporary artists such as Midnite/Akae Beka from the US Virgin Islands can also be easily identified.

Most tracks included on Well Read Dubs” are very reminiscent of the sound, mood and vibes that e.g. For example, the band Midnite with their charismatic frontman Vaughn Benjamin carried them from the Virgin Islands into the reggae world. The album begins very subdued, with some spherical synth sounds. Followed by " Dubfullness” with a loosely bouncing organ and great percussions. The strong guitar work of Russ "Tuff Lion" Williams is pleasantly noticeable on almost all tracks - whether on the acoustic or electric. His contributions make a large contribution to the overall picture of the “Well Read Dubs” at. The "Lion my Dub' is enriched with a fine, subtle playing of melodica. In general, the basic mood of the album is pleasantly relaxed, almost meditative. Sometimes Biblical's voice comes across as an additional instrument. The song fragments floating freely in the room are more onomatopoeia than song and give the whole sound cosmos another facet. Neither track is completely stripped to the bone. A small, supporting melody can always be identified.
All in all, Well Read Dubs" is a very entertaining album with mystical overtones, which sometimes like "One Dub“ Drift off into jazzy realms.
Warning: In my opinion, the album requires careful listening and is less suitable as pure background music. But if you get involved with this partly unusual album, it reveals unbelievable dimensions. At least that's how it felt for me, who has been listening to the album every day for the last few weeks and has come to appreciate it with growing enthusiasm.

Finally, a little treat for guitar lovers: "Tuff Lion: Ten Strings“ a beautiful, guitar-heavy, something dubgreat instrumental album.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Well, no one needs me for anymore Dub to inspire... that has Dub done all by myself for a long time... but every now and then I find good things about you Dubalbums that have passed me by so far... for example the Tuff Lion guitar album (I hope it's good at first, but it sounds good in my head... I won't be able to listen to it until later)... it is Yes, it has become really difficult to keep track of things and sometimes really good albums go under the radar...
I'm currently surfing the waves of the Iditafari Family with their recently released album "Instrumentals + More part 1", which can be found, for example, on bandcamp... this German combo comes off very well... but it's not a thoroughbred, ultra-clear one Dub as the title already suggests, but under the "more" one or the other is hiding Dub-Borrowing… still a warm recommendation for all Roots and Dublovers:inside!

Oh yeah !

I forgot about this very fine album. If I'm not to forget it needs to be released as a disc properly!!!
The extremely voluminous and mystical BassLines in particular create a foundation for the meditative mood. But even if the bass is the most important thing in the Dub is, the whole trappings are right for me. The guitar is played very effectively by "Tuff Lion" and for me it also contributes a lot to this fine Dubalbum deserves the utmost attention. The melodic interplay of drums, bass, guitar and the keyboard, which is mostly used to support the rhythm carpet, gives me goosebumps that don't go away that easily.
Sure, basically I hear such and actually all Dubs ( music in general ) of course with the greatest attention and not just incidentally. Especially not while working!!! But I find that if this music was played as background music somewhere, it didn't take long for the background to
all captivating panorama and it is no longer possible to escape from the sound and the atmosphere. It creates, at least for me, an extremely comfortable room climate in the whole apartment, so that one has the feeling that all rooms are filled with very healthy vibes.
A long time ago (around 2012) Yehjah and Go A Chant came in haptic form (that's why I haven't forgotten about it either) on the Human Market Place. Especially musically this disc was ( and is ) a kind of milestone in reggae music for me.
And yes, I'm also a guitar friend and can therefore fully agree with the recommendation of Tuff Lion "Ten Strings". Also a brilliant music jewel, for all those for whom music does not only consist of "bounce".
And the fact that the Iditafari Family Family is being spoken of here today is downright mystical again. I was thinking right now at Easter what has become of them. If I'm not confusing them, I've known them since the first "Sunshine" reggae festival, when they didn't even have a band. I got a small "hobby interview" in which the singer told what he and his wife (girlfriend) are planning to do in reggae and I thought "wow, pretty ambitious" what these young artists always have in mind. But what else am I supposed to “blaspheme”? You made it !!! In the meantime they've even started with a band and I've just listened to quite a bit of Iditafari and I'm very pleasantly surprised.

Greetings ……………… .. lemmi

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