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Blue Riddim Band, "Tribute"

I have the hard impression that American bands are slowly getting better. What does that make me suspect? "Tribute" (Rougher Records, Download or about the German sales), the Blue Riddim Band! Instead of dedicating themselves to roots reggae, as almost all other US reggae bands play it (and that mostly with a blatant groove deficit), the eight musicians dedicate their tribute to the originators of Jamaican music, Coxsone Dodd and Duke Reid. In addition, they simply reinterpreted their favorite songs from the era of Ska, Rocksteady and early reggae and then performed them through the instrumental Dubwolf turned. What came out of it sounds damn authentic. "Love Without Feeling" by the Heptones, "Only A Smile" by the Paragons, "Baba Boom" by the Jamaicans or "Fatty Fatty" by the Heptones sound in a sound carried by brass, decorated with an organ and fired by airy drums. You can almost hear the cracking of old vinyl records. Even the Dub-Effects sound kind of like Studio One. So of course you can ask yourself why you should listen to a US remake instead of the original. The simple answer could be: Because the remake is a hell of a lot of fun.

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