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Blundetto: Good Good Dub

I was really looking forward to this album: Blundetto, “Good Good Dub“(Heavenly Sweetness). Dangerous, because such anticipation often leads to disappointment due to the high expectations. But not with "Good good Dub“! The Frenchman's album is simply very good good! Of course it's that Dub-Version of the album "Good Good Things" released last year - which in turn is a belated successor to "Bad Bad Things". Who doesn’t know Blundetto: It’s the Frenchman Max Guiget, who tends to record his music in a small two-room apartment near the Gare du Nord between a gigantic vinyl record collection, old recording devices, exotic instruments and overcrowded ashtrays. He is dedicated to global sounds - especially Latin - and maximally relaxed rhythms full of smoky atmosphere. Reggae is rarely heard on his “normal” albums. Quite different, however, on theirs Dub-Counterparts! Blundetto knows what Dub really needed: a reggae foundation. Okay, sometimes it's not that solid, but that would be too easy for the sound nerd. Rather, his art consists in fusing exotic ingredients into a fascinating sound amalgam, which is characterized by an intense, dense - sometimes quite melancholy - atmosphere. Whoever lets himself in, breathes in the fat atmosphere to the full, opens ears and mind, cannot help but succumb to this music; To let yourself fall into it like in a bed of cotton candy and finally to sink into pleasure. Beautiful! Only seven tracks - but with as much emotional content as seven albums elsewhere.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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This is exactly how I “know” Blundetto. Here, too, I feel an inner turmoil in me. It feels very comfortable and I actually sink into this "bed made of cotton candy" with relish. To relax (to fall asleep / is not meant negatively) and ultimately as an intro for a powerful one DubSunday afternoon is also extremely fine with me. But if I look at it purely musically, there isn't so much going on here overall. A lot of time passes with ambient and seemingly melancholy time loops. No problem, I like that, but I don't think it's particularly difficult and not really creative. However, I would still not be able to do something supposedly simple. So my head is leaning far out of the window again. This “criticism” fits first and foremost to No.1 “Fly Dub". With a little more rhythm comes “Menina Dub" therefore. Is also difficult for me to describe. On the one hand it babbles like a crystal clear Gerbirgsbach through a fresh green spring landscape and on the other hand it doesn't really manage to fascinate me. The entire sound structure and the timid plucking of the rhythm guitar is just too banal for me, even if a few here and there DubEffects pop up and remind me the just one DubEp is running. That makes the "thing" very mood-dependent for me. Multiple can Dubs (and music in general) create moods that weren't there before. You can really upset a mood or mood. Which works particularly well from sad and depressed towards a happy, new, energizing mood. With Blundetto I have to bring along the tendency to melancholy and the associated sadness from the start. This is probably another moment when I have to say clearly that I am talking about my and only my "feelings". Talking about feelings is still not easy for me and so I have to admit,
that I just got a little lost too. I fully understand if you (and “males”) cannot follow me in any way. “Canasta” is another piece of music, something on one Dub Syndicate record wouldn't even show up as "Fillah". There's autotune here and there too Dub but that doesn't sound as trendy as it does here. Still, the piece is beautiful.
But “we” prefer to come to the really good tracks here on the EP ;-) “Bacelona Dub“Ripples pretty softly, but grooves really deep ravines through mine Dub drawn DubFace. And then comes the best! "Dub Azucar “!!! Here you can tell his "true love" for him! Latin sound! at least it sounds like it to me.
Very nice groove with fine "keyboard applications" (really a melody that touches the heart, I think), as well as skilfully interspersed or precisely brought to the point
Guitar “riffs” inna fine Dub Style. And as I have often noticed, the Latin percussions can in a certain way compete with those of the Rastafarians. Although it's not quite enough to a “NyahbinghyDrumTalk”.
Yes, and then it goes downhill again. “Atras Desse….” I don't need at all. I'm so sorry (Wilson) but this piece reminds me, especially in the second half, of an accompaniment for a Bette Davis film rather than of Dublet alone good ones Dub. Then there is “Feel The Dub". Of the Dub would also leave me a little "hungry" but this Hindi Zhara has it DubVoice par excellence. She definitely feels that Dub. The woman has a great voice. Doesn't it have the original tune
Sang "Echo Beach"? Of which there is also a fantastic one Dubversion and a number of similarly good versions. Well, probably just "similar".
"So now ma without shit" (my buddy always says when it fits). For the fact that Blundetto spends so much time here on a "bed of cotton candy" and has less concerned with crisp or even more sophisticated riddims, with five stars it is just as effective as a football team that keeps the opponent for 88 minutes Lets play goal and then defeated it with two counters ice cold with 2.0.

I'd rather go into the goal again ............................................... lemmi (no time for spelling)

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