Bob Marley in Dub conducted by Cpt. Yossarian

Bob Marley's music is like a good friend. One has known, trusted and valued for a long time; accompanied by ups and downs, puts you in a good mood or gives comfort. Words and sounds are as if set in stone - so perfect that nothing more can be added to them.

Or so perfect that nobody can harm them: We all know Marley covers in abundance, and only very few of them do the originals half justice or can find a new aspect of the composition. One of the few successful endeavors has to be last year's album "BOB“The Austrian / German band So & So feat. Count Captain Yossarian (= Manuel Da Coll, drummer of LaBrassBanda). It is a successful attempt to have Marley's classics interpreted by a brass band - with the exception of drums, guitar and harmonica, almost exclusively wind instruments. The tuba then becomes a bass, and that is not the only surprise: Each track features a solo instrumentalist - and those are well-known musicians from Biermösl Blosn, folkshilfe, Mnozil Brass or LaBrassBanda. Ultimately, however, what defines “BOB” is sticking to the original arrangements with maximum freedom of interpretation at the same time. A successful balancing act that rightly makes the album stand out from the crowd of Marley covers:

... and because the whole thing is so beautiful and multifaceted, one could go a step further: So why not use the material Dub Produce album? All it takes is a Captain Yossarian, i.e. Manuel da Coll, to write the tracks dubbt and the Echo Beach label, which is happy to be used for experiments of this kind. The result is now as "Bob Marley in Dub conducted by Cpt. Yossarian“(Echo Beach) has been released and surprisingly takes“ BOB ”back into more conservative realms. Of the Dub Mix, rather classically reserved, is characterized by what can no longer be heard. The joy of playing various wind instruments gives way to a sedate journey through a sound space expanded with echo and reverb, which considerably reduces the recognition value of the Marley classics and thus gives new sound nuances a chance - for example when the bass tuba turns the "Exodus" bassline into a pounding furiosum lets guess. At the latest then it can be seen that the station wagon Marley, marching band and Dub is not a fun experiment, but "serious business".

Anyone who is open-minded has a clear advantage here. With their artistic standards, professional bands ensure that brass music beyond the village youth orchestra level has lost its horror, and “Bob Marley in Dub conducted by Cpt. Yossarian ”and the wonderful“ BOB ”album are excellent examples and evidence of this. More of the same please!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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I don't know if that's okay if I'm the first to write something again.
Especially since it should be almost clear that reggae resp. Dub of a “marching band” does not lead to the utmost euphoria for me.
To be honest, I've heard or felt a tuba as a bass better. Perhaps the original ExodusBassLine is a bit too jagged to be played well by a tuba. In any case, the tuba is a little "plucked too short" for me as a bass. Even if there seems to have been a real bass underneath.
(Sometimes our own grammar is too complicated for me). The tuba could hold the bass tones a little longer for my taste, but then we would probably no longer have an ExodusBassLine. So it's really difficult for me and really makes the whole thing a "serious business".
In general, the many Marley cover bands were too often a thorn in my ear. There used to be a really good Marley cover band, but I just completely forgot the name (it was quite long). With most of the other Marley cover bands I always had to bring too many “good vibes” with me in the form of a good mood and then - at the request of the singer - to troll along with me. I am always ashamed of things like that, because although I always participate out of solidarity, it does not correspond to my inner truth. I can't do something like that and I would prefer not to raise the "gun finger" but the middle finger, but you are tolerant. And so I take part in the matter without feeling at all comfortable with it. I feel a bit like, "Hey, we're playing Bob Marley music here and it'll put you in a good mood." But I'm not a "good mood machine". I would have been in a good mood if I had seen the original Wailers live and direct with Bob Marley for myself. I got in a good mood at many SuperNova reggae concerts, where the original band performed their own works. I'm not going to list them here, because there were a lot of them, but from my point of view it could have been much, much more, especially since my good mood has always increased into complete ecstasy. And automatically ;-)
What does all this have to do with Capelle So & So?
I dont know. I just have a hard time with “good mood projects” and that has always included LaBrassBanda for me. And as I understand it, they are involved here. Perhaps that explains a little why I lack “open-mindedness”.
The fan is on most of them Dubs, just like that for Dub heard (arrogantly rightly) pushed out. But also the "remaining stock" of blowers could or should have been - for me - throttled even further, especially in terms of sound. Here and there the sound reminds me too often of the soccer World Cup in South Africa, where you couldn't be quite sure whether you were in a snake pit or whether this drumming could actually create a good atmosphere . Perhaps my ears are too sensitive or even already sick, but with me the winds - even if only briefly scattered - produce something like ventricular fibrillation or just shrill tones in the ear.
But I claim that they could have been controlled here with more sensitivity.
“STIR IT UP DUB“!!! This DubFrom my point of view, or for my ears, Tune is perfect! In addition, the part grooves the best for me by a large margin, and so does the little ones DubGimmiks create the necessary euphoria for me! I admit that I lack the necessary open-mindedness to discover more for myself. And so the “Stir It Up Dub“The only one who was included in my“ Best Of The Best DubTunes Around The World Playlist ”is coming and will occasionally remind me of the entire album. Still, I don't think I will give it another chance, because the global competition is just too strong, too big and, as I know it, has long been waiting again to bring me to the edge of positive madness.
I noticed that they even have an accordion with them. At least with LiveAct. Or is it just a harmonica in size? They would have liked to have emphasized the instrument more for my taste. But an accordion has been blown in the for ages Dub would really be a successful innovation.

Now I'm not the “measure of all things” and if someone wants to write something “nicer” about it, the So & So band will definitely be very happy.

"Stir it up Dub“Is really great! …………………………………………. (Means the) lemmi

oi… lemmi doesn't like brass instruments.
Interesting that you have the Dub from “Stir it Up” - it was also released from the label as a single ... that is, released as a teaser before the album.

What can I say ... I like that Dub-Album, the original "BOB" album with the full brass broadside, I like it a little better because of the fine arrangements. There are great musicians among them who also allow themselves some freedom - in other words, there is a lot to discover.

Harmonica can often be heard there ... we often take over the part of the rhythm guitar. Florian Ritt from folkshilfe is playing on his Styrian Quetschn (= button harmonica). Interesting part, because for the folkshilfe he (also) plays the bass on it.

Good mood Marley? Strange ... I've never felt that way myself.


Yes gtkriz!

It's a shame that only me and of course you as a reviewer have an opinion on the album (s). I also really like the musicians and they come across really well, especially live. I'm still missing something in direct comparison to Bob Marley and The Wailers. I can't describe exactly what it is, but it's not just Bob Marley that I'm missing.
But hey, I don't want the boys to be discouraged. I am always looking for reasons to “leave” a disc or an album because I actually think everything is good, but with the best will in the world, I can't process everything.
If I didn't already have such a "huge" selection at home, which the Internet has increased exorbitantly to the immeasurable, I would also take these two discs with a kiss.
And so I limit myself to the essence of these albums: “STIR IT UP” + Dub.

I also find it very interesting that the "Stir It Up" / Dub also published by Echo Beach and Kapelle So und So as a "teaser".
There are always these examples where it becomes clear that music is not just a matter of taste, but a really good tune or Dub just simply good or very good or as in this case TOP is ;-) ………. Because "everyone" feels that way .....................
“Finally Monday!” ………………… .. lemmi


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Do you know any "remedies" that I could take so that I don't get so angry. I could blow up the whole internet for that. Or even better send to IN THE OUTA SPACE. That is a coercion and thus violates our Basic Law or do I see that wrong?!?

I want them to give away a few cookies, but not these cookies!

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