Bob Marley & The Wailers: In Dub Flight. 1

How time flies. Exactly forty years ago today, a message on the radio hit me right in the heart. I pulled my old VW Beetle to the side of the road, stopped in shock and felt like I had just received the sad news that a very good friend of mine had died. Reggae's figurehead, the Tuff Gong, had lost his last battle with cancer. After almost six months of treatment at the Ringberg Clinic in Rottach-Egern, Bob Marley's health deteriorated significantly in early May 1981 and he decided to fly back to Jamaica to spend the last days of his life there. Unfortunately, he should no longer achieve this goal. Already on the way back to the Caribbean it collapsed at the airport in Munich-Riem. After a stopover in Miami on the morning of May 11th, he was too weak to continue the flight. He was taken to a clinic, where he died a short time later. One of the most charismatic and challenging performers of our time, a musical, political and even spiritual figure of mystical proportions died at the age of 36 and is and remains Reggae's greatest icon and an outstanding figure of our time. No artist in modern music has dominated his genre like Bob Marley has dominated reggae. Marley sang of rebellion, riot, rasta and the power of love. A man who rose from the most modest of circumstances to become a role model for the oppressed. He was the most renowned Jamaican artist who gave a voice to the daily struggle of his people and the Rastafarian culture (s) and also the first to achieve global fame.
Bob Marley & the Wailers recorded eight studio and two live albums together during their lifetime. On the occasion of his 65th birthday (February 6th) - if he had seen him - in 2010 "Bob Marley & The Wailers - In Dub Flight. 1" released.
Apart from Soul Revolution II, which Lee Perry originally only released on his label, “In Dub Vol. 1 “one of Marley's few attempts Dubs to be published in album length. That makes the album interesting from the start, but also daring. With “Roots Rock Dub“The album starts and the skanking rhythm guitar in combination with fragmented backing vocals are complemented by jazzy saxophone sounds. The “Jamming Version” almost completely dispenses with echo and reverb. "Is This Love Dub“Comes out much stronger: The lead vocals are faded in and out, echo, reverb and beautiful percussions show the way. "One Love / People Get Ready Dub“Sounds good to me too. In “Forever Loving Jah Dub“Aston Barrett's incomparable bass takes on the role that he played in Dub also due to the main role. The “Lively Up Your Dub“Retained more of Bob Marley's voice than any other track. "Three Little Birds Dub“Sounds a bit like from the beginnings of reggae, maybe also because of the classical instrumentation. "Crazy Baldhead Dub“Looks even darker and therefore more interesting, while“ Waiting in Vain ”seems much darker to me than the original. "She's gone Dub"Contains much of the original vocals before being converted into a great old-school version /Dub-Style transitions. The album closes with a "Smile Jamaica Version" and a somewhat muffled production sound that was characteristic of the time.
"Lively Up Your Dub“Is the only track on this album that clearly shows that it was mixed by Scientist. The remaining ten tracks could have been mixed by Bob Marley with Aston Barrett or other sound engineers working in the Tuff Gong Studio. Unfortunately, no further information can be found on the album in this regard.
In conclusion, it can be stated that “Bob Marley & The Wailers - In Dub Vol. 1 “No major mixer trickery taking place or one Dubfireworks being burned down. Rather, we get before our eyes and especially ears that also in the reduced Dubsound Robert Nesta Marley's songs and melodies light up like fixed stars in the infinite universe.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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What a beautiful homage to the king of reggae, Ras Vorbei !!!

Every word of your review speaks from my soul! As usual, I would have completely forgotten both the day of his death and his birthday. However, I always forget my birthdays (I've even forgotten my mother's). But not everyone lives the day like me and so I am very grateful that you thought of Bob Marley today, Ras Vorbei.
And then with such a fitting one DubI think it's just a success to appreciate the disc!
The Dubs are described so well that I can't put anything on it and, above all, don't want to. It may be that there is no "Dubfireworks "with" great mixer trickery "is available, but as if you had felt my complaints of the last few days, we now have one here DubDisk (just the fact that I can write “Disk” again makes me feel good), with basslines that couldn't be better anywhere. The family man himself !!! Normally I would write "from my point of view" but here I do not allow any other way of seeing or hearing ;-) !!! There are people who can't start with Bob Marley's reggae (especially those from the ex-sound system scene) but I can only regret such "lateral thinkers" ......
I have (felt) this disc for at least 10 years and I keep wondering why it has only stayed with Volume 1 so far. If I add it all up, we should be at Volume 8 by now, plus two liveDub-Discs ;-). It's a shame, because here too I would like to express the wish, "Please more of it" !!!
Ja Ras Vorbei ! All those who don't know this disc yet and (which would be even worse) don't have it, should write you a whole mountain of thanks, because this disc is a TREASURE!
You can't help that you can't see the first five stars here, but why did you forget the 10th? .... ;-)

"One Good Thing About Music Is, when it hits you feel no pain" ... .. The Prophet! ………………………… so long ……. lemmi

"... I keep asking myself why it has only stayed with Vol.1 so far."

Thank you very much lemmi!
I've been asking myself this question for ages. During Bob Marley's lifetime there were mostly versions or on the B-side of the singles Dubs to find and from that we have ours Dub-Tape put together. The Redemption Song single is on the back z. B. the band version. On the singles there was usually a delicacy to be found.
Perhaps now, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of death, “In Dub Vol. 2 ”published. I would be happy.

A few days ago I was rummaging through my archive again and, in keeping with the 40th anniversary of Bob Marley's death, I found this:

The mixes come from Dartanyan GreenLion Winston, who some also know about his Dubmixes for Taxi Taboo 1 should be known. When you listen to it, you realize again what an incredibly good riddim section like that of the Barrett brothers can do. Carly's drums and Aston's basslines are unmatched to this day. I also find the old audio recordings and interview recordings from that time very nice.

I'm gasping again!

The Dubs are even better than the ones on “Vol. 1" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More radical effects and an even deeper one DubThe atmosphere !

And that's exactly what I always try to talk about. The Riddim Section makes the music!
A lot more comes out of it than if a computer program chokes on loops.
And when it comes to the Barrett Brothers, quality is once again far above quantity.

Danrtanyan Green Lion Winston! Please hear my cry! I (we) need 8 albums in vinyl
from this amazing great DubMusic !!!

"So long, so long, so long many people dem a suffer" ………………… ..lemmi

I like to remember the album, dreams of freedom v. Marley and
Bill Laswell, who is incredibly good with a lot of experience and sensitivity Dubs by Marley has created songs that are not the usual reggaedublike to serve the listener, and will only develop after listening to them several times.
I would have liked to have heard this record in the warm-up or at the end of a sound system session.

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