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One of the best Dub- Last year's album comes from France: "Talk the talk“(Jarring Effects) by Brain Damage, aka Martin Nathan. It is the Dub-Version of last year's Roots album "Walk the Walk", on which he gathered a whole host of illustrious Foundation artists such as Horace Andy, Willi Williams, Winston McAnuff, Kiddus I, Ras Michael and others and recorded them in the Jamaican Harry J studio. (A nice documentation of the recordings is . to find). The best conditions for a brilliant one Dub-Work with beautiful vocal passages, fine melodies and of course solid beats. And that's exactly what “Talk the Talk” turned out to be - at least the little that can be heard of it, because the album has one very decisive flaw: The tracks are considerably too short, a maximum of four minutes (but there are also tracks that are over 2,5 minutes do not come out). Far too little to accommodate everything that Martin has to offer: His excellent rhythms, his mix, the sung melodies and then sampled interview fragments in which the artists - following the concept of "Walk the Walk" - from theirs Telling childhood and youth. The richness of detail in Martin's sound, the sensitive, balanced composition, the warmth and soul of his pieces, his fine, well-considered mix - all of this would have required considerably more space. Perhaps he lacked the courage to radically shorten the voices of the singers he admired and confidently put his rhythms at the center of the action and trust his musical quality completely. If he had had this courage in addition to his musical abilities, then we would probably have the best here Dub-Album of the year available. Long story short: I want the extended Directors Cut!

Rating 4 stars

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"WALK THE WALK" !!!! ... what a fantastic album !!! I never thought that Brain Damage riddims would grab me like that. Everything I knew about him up until then I didn't think was bad, but despite “steppa steppa steppa” it didn't really knock me off my feet. When I heard “Walk The Walk” and then of course bought it, I couldn't believe that he could do it alone. Well, after all, he hasn't. In any case, I found the riddims super straight away, but the singers really deliver first-class cream here. For example, I don't know that much about Winston Mc Anuff. I've even left slices of his in the shop because he didn't really like my taste, but what he delivers here is perfect. Above all, watching him sing his lyrics in the studio showed me again what it means not just to do reggae, but to be reggae.
The Dub-Version including the documentation has long been ordered, but is unfortunately still in the pipeline.
Many thanks to everyone who made it possible to purchase this music regularly and in WAV quality on CD and now also on DVD.
At least my little world is fine with that.

"Listen to what MAMA say" ………………………. lemmi

I'm also very happy ;-) ………………………… lemmi

(I could write now that certain things can ultimately only result in an opinion, but I'll leave that out today)

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