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Bunny Wailer: Dub D'sco Vol. 1

A very sad news is shaking reggae right now /Dub-World. The last living Wailer from the triumvirate of the Wailing Wailers, Bunny Wailer, died yesterday (02.03.2021) at the age of 73 in Kingston Hospital. On this sad occasion I would like to repeat the "Dub D'sco Vol. 1" to remind of. An album that Bunny Wailer released on his Solomonic label in 1977 and that I celebrated then as now. Bunny Wailers first Dub-Album contains (only) seven tracks that Bunny Wailer says were specially selected for the Dancehall Massive.
The album opens perfectly with “Roots Raddics” (from Roots, Raddics, Rockers, Reggae). Today it is still unbelievable and really gripping Dub. This is followed by the meandering “Battering Down” (from Blackheart Man), which is a great one Dub- Spreads a mood that flows slowly and in a fascinating way. It is always a real pleasure to hear the other dimension of the original vocal piece. Next up is “Armagedon” (from Blackheart Man), a breathtaking spatial soundscape refined with Nyahbinghi drumming. Another great version is “Fig Tree” which has a lot of vocals in the mix. "Love Fire" (from Love Fire) is a bit reminiscent of "Dub Of Parliament, ”Lee Perrys Dub-Version of the meditation classic "House Of Parliament". The hymn "Rasta Man" (from Blackheart Man) is a fantastic one DubVersion with a dazzling atmosphere. Very nice how you can hear Carly Barrett's drumming right there. This incredible masterpiece is rounded off by “Dream Land” (from Blackheart Man), which contains some wonderfully kitschy space synth sounds.
Most of the on Dub D'sco Vol. 1 will be more than familiar to reggae fans, but it's always an exciting experience to find them in another, here Dubwise style to hear. The way like all the songs from the lesser known ones Dub-Master Sylvan Morris and Karl Pitterson in the control room for an inspired sounding DubTreatment can be considered a great moment of the Dub are designated. The instrumentation and especially Bunny Wailer's voice were seldom in Dub-Mixes left as much space. It may be that Dub D'sco is a bit overproduced with its special effects, but ultimately the strength of the songs and the exquisite performances of the musicians make this album an absolute must for the Die-Heart-Dub-Fan.
RIP Neville O'Riley Livingston aka Bunny Wailer

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Thank you very much Ras Vorbei !!!

If there can be any consolation at all, it is here especially for us, this one DubDisc !!! Also a milestone for me from the first note, a MEISTERWERK (!!!) and for my taste not overproduced in any way. That's exactly how I need it Dub !!! I don't want to stammer anything else today, because I think you got it very soulful and exactly to the point. Bunny Wailer was one of the really great reggae artists for me too! The man could sing and always gave the music enough space.

A reggae man from the very beginning! His blood consisted of reggae globin and his body and soul constantly breathed the finest riddims in and out.

Take care "Blackheart Man" Your discs (!) Will stay with me and nothing else will be on the plate in the next few days, POINT! …………………………………. lemmi

Thank you for your comment, lemmi!

Here is some additional information on Bunny Wailer's death: He suffered a minor stroke in 2018, which is why he reportedly struggled with speech impairment in the years that followed. After suffering a second stroke in July 2020, Bunny Wailer had been in the hospital for treatment from time to time. As we know, he has not recovered from the consequences of the second stroke.

Lemmi, since this sad news yesterday I have listened attentively, rather devoutly, to his debut and, like a monolith, the masterpiece “Blackheart Man” standing over his entire oeuvre. The album reflects everything that made good roots reggae at the time. The list of musicians involved reads like a who's who of reggae. Everything that had rank and name back then has been ennobled by this masterpiece with its musical contribution to the diamond. This fabulous musical quality gushes out of every groove on the album. And that's exactly why these five are Dubs from the "Blackheart Man", the "Dub D'sco Vol.1 “put the stamp of uniqueness on.
"This train it is bound to glory ...."

"Thank you for your comment, lemmi!"

It's a matter of honor Ras Vorbei ;-)

"Blackheart Man" is very clear and my No. 1 anyway!
All of his other works will be running today and for the next few days.
I don't have every album from him, but I won't be through with them anytime soon. I don't even want to.
In addition, I also get "Dub D'sco Vol.2 “run. I think it's on mine Dub D'sco "Deluxe" on top of it.

Until ………………… .. lemmi

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