Dubblog annual charts 2023

It's that time again: We serve you ours Dub-Top 5 of the year ending. As you can see, diversity counts for us. How could it be otherwise with such a diverse genre? We look forward to your comments.

Top 5 from René

Zion Train: Dissident Sound

Maybe the best Zion Train album ever. Everything is right here: composition, production, mix. Even the message fits.

Pinnacle Sound: In Dub Flight. 1

Appeared at the last meters of the year and immediately became my highlight of 2023. Runs on a loop over the Christmas holidays.

Guiding Star Orchestra: Communion

Finest instrumental roots reggae with fantastic brass sections, soulfully mixed and gently presented.

Prince Fatty meets The Gorgon in Dub

It's hard to believe what the fat prince gets out of the Bunny Lee productions he's heard thousands of times.

Jah Myhrakle: Who Keeps The Seals Dub

A mystical and mysterious album from Belize, from a musician about whom hardly anything is known. It doesn't have to, because the music speaks for itself.

Top 5 of Ras Vorbei

The Thugs: Holy Cobra Dub

Tracks that have exactly this expansive, profound attitude, this feeling of constant invention.

Jah Myhrakle: Who Keeps The Seals Dub

Jah Myhrakle is an electrifying reggae performer who presents a mental and spiritual challenge in a positive sense.

Dublerone: Dub For Kailash

Handmade Dub-Chocolate at its finest with a jazzy touch from the Swiss capital.

Creation Rebel: Hostile Environment

After more than 40 years of absence from the stage, Reggae/Dub-Legend back with a brilliant new album.

The Grapes of Dub: Combat Dub

Head Music: These strange sounds are remarkably bizarre yet exciting to listen to.

Top 5 from gtk

2023: Unfortunately no!

Just between us: 2023 was not a good year for that Dubgenre, especially in the area of ​​roots. Of course, a “merely good” album could have been placed here, but that wouldn’t have been deserved. That's why no No. this time. 1 – unfortunately!

Dub Syndicate: Acres of Space (Re-Release 2023)

Even at No. 2, you have to fall back on the tried and tested: The “Acres of Space” album, originally released in 2023, is also available in 2001 Dub Syndicates is a wonderful work refined by Adrian Sherwood. A long-awaited re-release!

Mellow Mood & Paolo Baldini DubFiles: Manana Dub

About the quality of the Dub-Counterparts from Mellow Mood’s “Mañana” album only require two words: Paolo Baldini.

guidance Star Orchestra: Communion

“The finest instrumental roots reggae with elaborate brass sections and not so subtle ones Dub-Effects” – that’s what it says in the album review and you really can’t put it better.

Dub Plantation: Beware of the Megamagicmushrooms!

The debut of Dub Plantage sounds like a lost album mixed by acoustic wizard Paul Smykle that could have been released in his heyday - around '84. Wonderful!


Dubblog annual charts 2022

It's that time again: We serve you ours Dub-Top 5 of the year ending. As you can see, diversity counts for us. How could it be otherwise with such a diverse genre? We look forward to your comments.

Top 5 from René

Horace Andy: Midnight Scorchers

A pair of Dub-Treatment by Adrian Sherwood that goes well beyond the borders of Dub goes out.

Mysticwood: The Mystic Way of Dub

Full arrangements, nice bass lines, classic ones Dub-Techniques and analogue equipment - a Swiss quality production.

Death by Dub: Abundance

An album with beautiful brass melodies, composed with inspiration and produced to perfection. Everything is right here.

JonQuan & Associates

Double pack consisting of vocal versions and Dubs. Produced and mixed by Victor Rice. The authentic sound of real instruments is refreshing and the musicianship is impressive.

Errol Brown & The Revolutionaries: Conference Dub

Here is one of the great old masters of Dub on the controls, who was always overshadowed by Tubby & Co. But it's not just the mixes that are great, the productions are too.

Top 5 of Ras Vorbei

Ambient Warrior: Dub Journey's

It's nice that there are still labels that make it their business to make such extremely rare, unique ones Dub-To save sounds from oblivion.

Sabab presents: Dubplate Pirate

Riddims for Eternity! Classics congenially reworked by Sabab.

Horace Andy: Midnight Scorchers

Over 40 years of legendary and unique On .U sound. This is how the slightly different one works Dub.

Eeyun & The Co-Operators - Vibrations from the Bionic Tabernacle

Then it was about time. Finally some fantastic ones Dubs on the wonderful vocal templates from Bristol.

Black Uhuru: Taxi Trax

Ultra rare A-Sides, Dubs and Dubplates from the strongest phase of the best Black Uhuru ever.

Top 5 from Helmut

The Soul Revivers: Grove Dub

Shaped by London's nu-jazz and the golden years of the roots era, Nick Manasseh has delivered the most beautiful reggae album of the year with "On The Grove". "Grove Dub' is the equivalent counterpart.

Boris Gardiner Happening: Super Ultra Dub Flight. 1

Two untraceable, enigmatic and priceless LPs come to light. Nobody knows who mixed them where. Most of the vocal tunes can't be figured out either.

Boris Gardiner Happening: Ultra Roots Dub Flight. 2

Both ultra LPs are from the mid seventies. The enigmatic and the unsolved questions ensure fascination. The restored sound is fantastic. The mysteries remain.

Rockers All Stars: Chanting Dub With The Help Of The Father

A 1978 reissue. Not the best pressing, but it was in the full broadside mixes by Prince Jammy at King Tubby Dubs goes down.

Paul Baldini Dubfiles: LAB in DUB

Paolo Baldini currently masters the keyboard of effects and on & offs like no other. The artwork, reminiscent of Linton Kwesi Johnson's "LKJ in DUB“ from 1980 ensures the place in the top 5.

Top 5 from gtk

Dub Vallila: Catakom Beat

The ultimate surprise in 2022: The Finns can also do reggae! In this case it's instrumentals, by an excellent horn section, but also wonderful ones Dub- Effects, brand King Tubby, benefit.

Joe Yorke: Noise and Emptiness

A surprising debut album that relies on catchy riddims, Yorke's sure-toned falsetto and fine brass sections. The whole thing is reservedly distinguished in the best sense of the word – as the supposed reputation of the British demands.

Gaudi + Savona: Havana Meets Kingston in Dub

Gaudi defoliates tracks from the overly lush "Havana Meets Kingston" albums. What remains are wonderfully slimmed down Dubs that focus on drums, bass and successful hooks.

Horace Andy: Midnight Scorchers

Adrian Sherwood, after a few excursions into genre-unrelated realms, is finally turning back to it Dub re: Brilliantly polished remixes characterize this companion album to the vocal release "Midnight Rocker".

LAAm Dub

An album that stands out solely and only because of the fine Dubmixes by Paolo Baldini crept into the top 5. This is all the more remarkable as the originals deserve the title of slick pop-reggae.


Dubblog charts 2021

It's that time again: for Christmas we'll serve you ours Dub-Top 5 of the past year. As you can see, diversity counts for us. How could it be otherwise with such a multifaceted genre? We look forward to your selection. Write them to us in the comments. Happy Holiday!

Top 5 from René

Late Night Tales Presents Version Excursion Selected by Don Letts

A concept album with cross-over potential. Don Letts presents Dubs of non-reggae songs. Many remixed exclusively by the greats of the genre.

Aldubb & Mr. Glue: Man

I stand experiments. Dub meets German poetry! Weird and very successful.

sumac Dub: Ex-Home Session

Magical, overwhelming, deeply sad, gloomy, heavy and powerful.

Blundetto: Good Good Dub

Sound Almagan made from exotic ingredients with an intense, dense - sometimes quite melancholy - atmosphere.

Jallanzo: Dubam 'It & Luvin' It

One of the few Dub-Albums from Jamaica. But all the better: Crisp, powerful, dynamic and full of ideas.

Top 5 of Ras Vorbei

Lee Scratch Perry meets Daniel Boyle: To drive the Dub Starship through the Horror Zone

The final chord of a musical genius. RIP Rainford Hugh Perry aka Lee Scratch Perry, we will miss you!

Late Night Tales Presents Version Excursion Selected by Don Letts

The "Rebel Dread" gives me a cross-section of my musical socialization in Dub.

The Mikey Dread Show: African Anthem Dubwise (rerelease)

A huge monolith; the one-of-a-kind unmatched to this day.

Kutiman: Wachaga In Dub

"The whole World is Africa," mine Dubious music album for 2021.

New Age Steppers: Avant Gardening

More original, unused, limitless Dub from the ON .U sound archive.

Top 5 from Helmut

Out on the floor Dub

A homage to vinyl, stylistically somewhere between UK steppaz and traditional JamaicanDub. Surprised with a new one Dub an old wailers riddim.

Alborosie: Back-a-yard Dub

More virtuoso, more merciless Dub-Showdown. It was not until the last meter that the Tuff Scout Gorilla was pushed into second place.

Dennis Bovell: Yin Dub

In 1979 Dennis Bovell produced the UK Pop Group's debut. 40 years later he mixes them Dub-Version. Radical! Effectively! And guaranteed reggae-free!

Roots Makers - Karigan meets DM Kahn & Organiks

Online project of an Indonesian drummer living in France and one in Vancouver Dub-Wizzards. Passionate instrumental music with Dubsee subtitle: Rubadub - One drop rockers.

Aswad - A New Chapter Of Dub

On a sad occasion: The new edition with "African Children", "Natural Progression" and the killer bassline of "Dub Fire ". Mixed with Michael "Reuben" Campbell, who passed away at the beginning of December.

Top 5 from gtk

Mungo's Hi Fi - Antidote

Pure joy: Catchy, suspect vocal sprinkles meet ingenious basslines that boom from the speakers like a sound system.

The Dub Chronicles - Simba (Return to the Throne)

The album that deserves the award for the most differentiated and dynamic sound. Chapeau, sound engineer Casey Burnett! 

Papa Dee: Sir Pinkerton Investigates Another Murder in Red Hut Studio

Sneaky Dubs, roaring loudly mixed with a bit of dirt. Embedded in a murderous concept, this results in a… well, a killer album!

Zilla Dan Meets Riwan Pruvot: Starlight Dub

Fresh from France and already in the top 5: A wonderfully relaxed, charmingly awkward journey through the solar system - or: the rehabilitation of the saxophone.

BuffBaff meets Aldubb: Dubs from the BuffBaffTV Sessions

That could have been a lush album, but it comes as a single broadside: rock solid roots tracks in Aldubb accustomed-reliable-conservative Dub-Quality. 


Dubblog charts 2020

Looking back, 2020 was definitely not a good year. Luckily the last 12 months provided also some great musical relief: Here are the best Dub- and Instrumental-releases of 2020 - handpicked and carefully chosen by yours truly, the editors of dubblog.

Manasseh meets praise

No. 1 by René

More symphonic Dub. A brave experiment, innovative and perfectly implemented.

Dub Spencer & Trance Hill: Tumultus II

No. 1 by gtkriz

Four Swiss set out to produce the most creative, innovative and technically brilliant album of the year.

Lee "Scratch" Perry: Heavy Rain

No. 1 of Ras Vorbei

Sherwood meets Perry: genius and madness meet. Always a brilliant dream team.

Clive Hunt: Blue Lizard

No. 2 by René

Great instrumental music from Jamaica. There are only a few producers and musicians left who can deliver this quality.

Manasseh meets praise

No. 2 by gtkriz

An Englishman and a violinist set out to record the most beautiful, but also most melancholy instrumental album of 2020.

Rezin Tooth: Rezin Tooth

No. 2 of Ras Vorbei

Funk and Afrobeat rhythms experience superb Dub-Finishing.

Zenzile Remixed

No. 3 by René

What a variety of styles! If I could only take one album with me to a lonely island, it would be this one!

C Jones meets Ale X: Kalimba is my Telephone in Dub

No. 3 by gtkriz

An Austrian sets out to create a big cross-genre Dub-Album using a small, electrified african instrument.

Dubment: Showcase & Dub Runaways

No. 3 of Ras Vorbei

Swiss Made: A sure guarantee for quality and precision.

Tubby Isiah: Rising High

No. 4 by René

So must steppers!

Dubvisionist meets Dubblestandart & firehouse crew

No. 4 by gtkriz

A German sets out to save a deadborn album and, en passant, gives it atmosphere, style and last but not least: relevance.

Nat Birchall meets Al Breadwinner: Upright Living

No. 4 of Ras Vorbei

A roots rock reggae Dub Album like from another time.

Various artists: !! Dub !! Dub !! Dub !! Vol 2

No. 5 by René

The best Dub-Compilation 2020. Curated by Elastica and Zion Train.

Paul Baldini Dubfiles meets Dubble standard

No. 5 by gtkriz

An Italian sets out to revive certain lackluster tracks with some heavyweight dub-mixing.

Tara Putra: Obvious Dubmuch

No. 5 of Ras Vorbei

Vive la difference!


The Dub Top ten 2019

Wow, what a response! Thank you for your overwhelming participation. You have chosen and this is yours Dub Top ten 2019:

1. Aldubb: Planets Of Dub Flight. 2
2. Yes Schulz: Railroad versions
3. The Last Poets: Understand what Dub is
4. J. Robinson (WhoDemSound): More Than Music LP
5. Mate: Classical Dub
6. Ras Teo Meets Lone Ark: Ten Thousand Lions
7. Jim The Boss: Dub In hifi
8. UB40: For the Many (Dub Album)
9. Guiding Star Orchestra: Natural Heights
10. Lee Perry: Heavy Rain


My Dub-Top Ten 2018

1. Teflon zinc fence: Dub Policy
2. Sly and Robbie Meet Dubmatrix: Aboutdubbed
3. Dubmatrix: King Size Dub Special
4. International Observers: Free from the Dungeons of Dub
5th year Schulz: A railroad session
6.Scientist Meets Hempress Sativa: In Dub
7. Lo-end Dub meets George Palmer: Back to the Roots
8. Richie Phoe: Kingston Connection in Dub
9. Alpha Steppa & Nai-Jah: The great elephant
10.Lightman: Roots


My Dub-Top Ten 2017

1. Lee Scratch Perry & Subatomic Sound System: Super Ape Returns to Conquer
2. Mad Professor Meets Jah9: In the midst of the storm
3. Irie vibrations: Dub Station
4. International Observers: Escape From the Dungeons of Dub
5. Various: King Size Dub - Reggae Germany Downtown - Chapter 3
6. Zion train: versions
7. Riddim Research Lab: Research program # 1
8. Dub'Ozone: From root to roots Dub
9. Violin Bwoy: dod
10. The Frightnrs: More to Say Versions


My Dub-Top Ten 2016

1. Mad Professor and the Robotics featuring Lee Scratch Perry: Black Ark Classics in Dub
2. Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno: 1000 Watts
3. Dub Dynasty: holy cow
4. Vin Gordon & The Real Rock Band: Heavenless
5. Radical Guru: Dub Mentalist
6. Brain Damage: Talk the talk
7. Pressed records: Dub Compilation Vol 1
8. AMJ Meets RSD: Sky blue love
9. LUKL: Dubs
10. Dub Spencer & Trance Hill: Physical echoes


My Dub-Top Ten 2015

  1. Aldubb: A Timescale of Creation - Symphony No. 1 in Dub minor
  2. Zion train: Land of the Blind
  3. Blundetto: World of Dub
  4. Vibration Lab: Brass Plant EP
  5. Mad Professor and the Robotics featuring Lee Scratch Perry: Black Ark Classics in Dub
  6. International Observers: Touched
  7. Detroit Boys: Sexy Jamaicans
  8. Imhotep: Kheper Dub
  9. Umberto Echo: The name of the Dub
  10. Dubvisionist: DV IV

My Dub-Top Ten 2014

1. Dubmatrix: In Dub
2. Rafters: It's reggae
3. Razoof Jahliya: Dubs & remixes
4. Tomas Hegert: Dub on Svenska
5. Lee "Scratch" Perry: Back on the controls
6. Dubvisionist: King Size Dub Special
7. Alborosia: Dub the system
8. The Senior All Stars: Verbalized and Dubbed
9. Audio type: Op'ra Dub Style
10. Dub Syndicate: Hard food