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Christos DC: Tessera Dub

They actually still exist Dub-Albums preceded by an original vowel counterpart. We are talking about "Card Dub“(Honest Music) that DubAlbum one Christos DC, an American multi-instrumentalist with Greek roots. Both for the vocal parts of the vocal album "Tessera" and for the Dub-Mixes, Christos DC invited tons of illustrious guests and the great thing is that everyone made a fantastic contribution. Of the total of 12 tracks on the 2017 album, five were left to Laurent “Tippy I” Alfred to do the mixing. He does - as always (z. B. Dub Chronicles, Akae Beka) - his thing is perfect and delivers stripped down tracks with rich bass and drums. The relaxed “What Is Happening Dub“Convinces with the ethereal vowel fragments of an Akae Beka (Vaughn Benjamin) and the effects floating above the lush riddims. Overall, I like everyone Dubs that were created under the care of Tippy I. But also all other sound engineers like z. B. Mad Professor (UK), Jah Servant (CDN), Dub Architect (USA), Paolo Baldini (I), Mr. B (CH) inspire with good craftsmanship and all deliver gripping, very relaxed Dubs - possibly too relaxed for some. Paolo Baldini (Ex-Africa Unite) was given “Boots & Tie” for editing. The riddim from 1980 is unmistakably from Sly & Robbie. Paolo Baldini mixes the “Boots & Tie Dub“Like he's always been part of the taxi gang. The crisp mix is ​​actually reminiscent of the early work of a scientist. With “Desperate Dub“, A Nina Simone Original, is what Canada-based Jah Servant (Mark Giles) demonstrates.

Christos DC's “Tessera Dub“Inspires me on all levels. A brilliant work, the most diverse Dubs represented from different regions of the world and yet shines as a self-contained complete work. My respect goes to everyone who was involved in this project and who put together such a varied album.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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High Ras Vorbei !

Maybe it would be better if I'd rather wait a few days with my comment. I don't want to spread “bad vibes” again right away. “Bad Vibes” is probably a bit too negative and I may not be in good shape today. Anyway, they have me DubIt's really not that packed here. I guess I belong to the group that is not relaxed enough at least for the moment to share your enthusiasm for this album.
I went back to October 2018 to see if it was really Tippy I that I celebrated in connection with the Zion I Kings. It was actually him who I put a huge “laurel wreath” around his DubHead down. I couldn't believe how good and good he is with the versions. I also know Paolo Baldini well
crisper and bolder. He managed to get Mellow Mood to at least “In Dub“I really like it. Usually they are much too “normal” for me. The example of “Boots and Tie” by Sly and Robbie makes it very clear to me. His Dubversion really bores me a little, whereas the version on the vocal disc knocks me off my feet. I didn't even know the tune from Sly and Robbie. And then with Mad Professor I finally realized where my problem with this album was. Mad Professor is - for me - always weak, even when the riddim is weak too. And although the drums here sometimes approach Style Scott, the basslines don't even make it into the hallway with me. With the best will in the world, I can't explain rationally when a bassline grabs me and when it doesn't. Almost all of these drip off me. ???????????????????????????????????????????
All right with you lemmi ???????????????????????
Is something else. Actually, I should completely delete my comment, but I'll leave it as it is. Everything I wrote above describes my first hearing impression. When I listened again to check my impression again, I looked for the basslines that were draining completely on me and I couldn't find a single one that I didn't care about.
Now I thought again, the whole disc isn't that bad after all! Well, some people might go to the doctor now at the latest and relax a little on the couch, but what should I do, my inner conflict is the purest for me
Normal state. Maybe my "bad vibes" in the first part of my comment released a blockage in me, so that the second time I didn't have a stake in my head and the quality of the Dubs could perceive better. Besides, I'll probably always look for the fly in the ointment so I don't have to finish every soup. Because too much food makes you fat and full.

"Mama Hungry Papa Hungry, do something for the poor, open up the door" ………………………………… .. lemmi

Not the big hit, but a technically through & through successful album. As a streamer, I didn't know who they were Dubmixer were - to me it sounded like a single one. Not even close :)
Anyway: Neil Young's "Heart of Gold" ... what more could you ask for!

That's awesome!

Today, almost a whole year later, I actually ordered the record. I remembered it as a very well rated album and Dubs that can be bought are pretty good for me anyway.
But I also wanted to know again how I found this disc when I only got to hear the data. And as I read through the first part of my comment here, I just thought, “oh no! why have I ordered the part now?! ”Fortunately, I read my comment to the end and can now look forward to the disc.

Somehow my subconscious already suspected at the time that it was worth reconsidering the first opinion.

This is how it can go …………………………… lemmi

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