City Squad: Grenoble

(This text has been machine translated.) The French label Subsquad is pursuing an interesting concept. It compiles under the title "City Squad“Free Dub-Samplers with Dubs by artists from one French city each. After Bordeaux last year, it was now Grenoble's turn. The town near the Alps has fewer residents than Herne, and yet Subsquad has 15 (!) Tracks of different types Dub-Artists get together - all from Grenoble. Incomprehensible! There are actually 14 sound systems at home in the city and the surrounding area (not a single one in Herne). Well who would have thought? Little did I know that Grenoble was a stronghold of the Dub is. For some inexplicable reason I am locating Dub still in big cities. But at least since Paolo Baldini it has been clear that Dub also resounds through the valleys of the Alps. Grenoble of all places Dub-Hotspot is mainly due to the Roots 'n' Culture Festival, which started in 2003 as a summer festival dedicated to alternative music, but gradually turned to reggae and has been a pure sound system event since 2017. I've never visited it before, but I imagine it to be fantastic because this is where two of my greatest passions magically come together: Dub and the mountains. Infected from the festival Dub soon the whole small town and the Roots'n'Culture collective now hosted all year round by many others DubEvents in Grenoble. who the Dub-History of Grenoble in detail can be found on the Subquad website . make

Back to the sampler: It offers 15 tracks by local artists, of which not a single one has crossed my path so far, but they have gathered here DubBut s completely convince me. I've already made a note of the next Roots'n'Culture festival.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Maybe I should have waited a little longer before I post my comment here again. I would like to have one DubSteppa a hymn of praise to this ( Dubs) allowed to sing. But today I was traveling far too much at the speed of light, so that time goes by very slowly again. So I still have some time for mine
("Hate" comment). No, I don't always want to spread BadVibes. I'd rather MadVibes, but I can't think of anything good. But I can’t write that I’m junkDub I feel when I know that there are people who really like it. Oops, now it slipped out of my mind. So I'm sorry, but I can't keep up. Neither have a cool reggae nor Dubfeeling. Sounds almost as if they want to win over David Getter's audience from the next room.
I'm out of there.
However, there is a small "downer". "Valley Ferrite" from Sumac Dub I love it. With the best will in the world, I cannot explain why this is now. Maybe it sounds a little more mature, a bit more thought out and, above all, not so pissed off. Sorry, such views are allowed in the DubBlog can also be deleted. But I just want the best we can. No false flag DubActions, the long-established DubConfuse nerds, send them to the sidelines and only carry roots and culture in their names. I'm afraid that will ruin the genre. Is it given at random and may even be commercially exploited in the end. My fear goes even further. The New Kids On The "Dub“Ask me one day when I'm really smart Dub by Poalo Baldini, Mad Professor, Victor Rice, Adrian Sherwood or any other DubWizzard, whether I don't even have a "right" Dub by David Getter could hang up… .. In my opinion (!) something is going wrong here.

But maybe it's just my obsolete taste in music …………………… lemmi

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