Coldcut x On-U Sound: Outside The Echo Chamber

I have to admit: I'm a professional idiot. I know more about the music of Uganda than I do about Coldcut! Shame. And besides, I'm confused. Somehow I always had Coldcut in the back of my mind as an electronics technician close to hip hop. But what about the album Coldcut x On-U Sound: "Outside The Echo Chamber" (Ahead Of Our Time) is reggae! Okay, Adrian Sherwood suggests that, but I thought he was just giving this Dubmixer of the last six (Dub-) tracks. Not even close. Apparently "Outside The Echo Chamber" is a real collaboration project between the two Ninja Tunes founders Matt Black and Jon More and the On U-Sound mastermind. After all, Black and More bought On-U records long before Coldcut existed: “The On-U Sound records were a unique and powerful influence on us. The whole Coldcut mash up thing was partly inspired by On-U, "explains Matt Black," without On-U there would be no Ninja Tune. "What takes a long time ... And so now three older men look from the press photo -" sixty years of shared musical experience ”, as the press information assures us - and are proud of their new work. A mélange of reggae, dancehall, a little bit of hip hop, trap and bhangra pop, in which a very illustrious group of musicians (mostly from the On-U context) took part: Junior Reid, Lee 'Scratch' Perry and Ce'Cile , Guitarist Skip McDonald and bassist Doug Wimbish as well as classic ninja tune artist Roots Manuva. Apart from the intro track of the latter, I really like the album. For real. The many cooks have put together an absolutely delicious porridge here. My personal highlights: "Everyda Another Sanction" - a very classic reggae piece (on a riddim that is confusingly similar to the African Beat) with a beautiful melody by Chezidek, then definitely "Kajra Mohobbat Wala", that Bhangra classic that Sherwood & Co have re-interpreted this in a congenial way, and then of course wonderfully dubbige "Divide and Rule" with a tiny Lee Perry sample (which allows Perry's name to be added to the album's artist list). Well, and then there are the six mixed by Sherwood Dub-Versions - the real stars of the album.

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Well, I'm used to a lot from Adrian Sherwood. Maybe I write way too early, because I can only really judge music after two or three bottles of beer, but this ColdCut disc doesn't really ignite me. In contrast to you, I think the first piece is even the best. Of course Adrian Sherwood has a beautiful, mystical one here too DubAtmosphere conjured up, but I think the album has been poisoned too much with trap and bhangra pop “spices”. In any case, most of it gets stuck in my throat. Maybe it slips down better with a bottle of beer …………. There was probably a reason why ColdCut has so far passed me by completely.
I put my conclusion in brackets because it is written from the perspective of a completely aloof, arrogant, incurably infected reggae fanatic.
(It's nice that there is variety, but love ColdCuts and ColdPlays and all other "non-reggae musicians" ... .. you can do what you want, the magic of reggae
remains a stranger to you and so, from my point of view, you can go home forever).
If you would like to get rid of a few tips about the music of Uganda, I would be very interested ;-) ………… .. and now I'll see who or what bhangra is.

Greetings …………………… lemmi

Uganda? Clear! Check it out (even has something to do with dancehall): Eddy Kenzo, “Zero to Hero”.


Oh what a beautiful morning !!!

Thank you very much Rene´!

I haven't found Zero Zero yet, but everything - and I emphasize everything - every note, every beat, everything that I have clicked and listened to so far is magical.
Yeah man Eddy Kenzo !!!
Sounds a lot like dancehall but with a lot of music in it !!! There can - no - the Jamaicans have to cut a slice of it! Even autotune doesn't sound as annoying here as it does with the Jamaicans. (Well mostly ...)

Seriously …. I am very flashed! Great music that !!!

By the way, I just ordered the ColdCut from irie records ;-)

I am sure that when the opportunity arises, I will create the necessary conditions so that I can float on cloud nine "together" with Adrian. I also think the first piece is really GUUUUT !!! We just can't always have exactly the same opinion ...

Oh, I could really talk about you again right now.
This African Dancehall Style is also really great. I also found Jose Chameleone there. Also very cool! And it was a long time ago that the Reggaeville Toolman Kibalama recommended “Oyaka” and I had to realize that, at the bottom of my heart, I am also very much into dancehall. This oyaka riddim really worries me. It's strange but I can't do anything with Jamaican duncehall.

So, now isses yut, continue to wish everyone a happy holiday and happy holidays all summer long! (I was upgraded by African Dancehall).

Greetings …………… .. lemmi

And now a little audio report about ColdCut X On. U sound. Yesterday evening I was able to relax and listen to the record under the best of conditions.
I stick to the fact that there are riddims on it that I really don't need under normal circumstances. In addition, Adrian Sherwood makes the same mistake (from my point of view) with the tune with Chezidek as so many other reggae producers before him. The voice way too loud! An unbearable blaring. No offense, I also have favorite Chezidek songs, but then his singing was transmitted - at least to my mind - in the balanced decibel range. That means I could hear the music too and not just his singing. (Always those people outside of my body who think that music first and foremost consists of singing or conversations and above all text ... they should read poems or go to the theater).
So much for the "bad vibes" from my side. Using the Actec Riddim as an example, I slowly make the transition to the Good Vibes on my part. For the first four bars I thought, what dry pounding junk. But then the magician came into play, who, as I said before, can also turn Skinni Puppy (or similar) into a real listening experience. He played with the nipples so skillfully that the tune behaved like a woman with whom you are only too happy to do it. All gates opened and nothing stood in the way of a ride on cloud nine. And right after that, the highlight comes from one point of view.
"Kajra Mohobbat Wala", !!! Both the vocal version and the Dub this is pure magic!
So Bhangra has been known to me for a long time, without which I could call it by name. Isn't that Bollywood? Yes, I admit ... .. I've zapped into sunny strips before. When it comes to lard, not even rosamunde pilcher comes after and the music just kept dripping with lard. My buddies always said "ey dude, what's the matter with you, put that away!"…. and I always just “why? the riddim is cool! "
Yes, I could have made it shorter, but I think it comes across better.
So that this does not turn into a G20 summit, I will now try to say briefly. that it is Adrian Sherwood who makes this album a further musical revelation for me, despite many weak (not bad but weak) riddims. Just the exorbitant difference between “Everyda Another Sanction” with full vocal use and the mystical one Dubversion “ohne Gesinge” makes it clear again why I'm a fan of On. U - Sound aka Adrian Sherwood am and probably always will be.
Sometimes I could just throw away my system because there is simply no real sound, but Adrian always manages to make the Royal Albert Hall and, more recently, the Elbphilharmonie sound like the side room of a broom closet compared to my little room.

And to emphasize my enthusiasm, I would like to quote Bob Marley again:

"Hopes and Herbs have the same roots" ;-) ……………. sometimes you just have to expand your consciousness in order to acquire the necessary intelligence to be able to correctly grasp the music in all its shapes and colors. If you like text, you don't need that. Well, the vocal versions are just a bonus ;-)

And now Toots ………… “Go spend a weekend, a happy happy weekend, go spend it with your mom” …………………………………… lemmi

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