Concrete Jungle Dub

Expectations were high after Dub Store Records 2016 with Errol Brown's "Orthodox Dub“ a true one Dubtreasure had recovered and then the new edition of the "Concrete Jungle Dub" announced by Winston Riley. After all, this is a highly sought-after album, of which just 1976 copies were pressed in London in 300. The LP was in a neutral cover and was hardly seen after the release. The myth-making of the LP attributed to King Tubby skyrocketed. Exorbitant sums were paid for the rare specimens that appeared on the collectors' market. 2018 laid Dub Restock this obscure object of desire at a regular price, both on LP and CD. The reissue now had a cover with a photograph taken from the back cover of the Jamaican pressing of Pat Kelly's 1976 LP "Lonely Man". It shows Winston and Buster Riley at the helm of Harry J Studios. Viewed soberly, the excellent sounding ones Dubs like the "Stalag" riddim, Donovan Adams' and I Roy's "Who Is The One" or Johnny Osbourne's "Ready Or Not" far less spectacular than the myth would suggest. Whether all versions were actually mixed by Tubby himself is not as clear as claimed. The wordy liner notes bring little light into the darkness. The vinyl of the new edition is currently available again. Whether re-pressed or as stock is unclear. But no matter where the copies come from, it's one of those legendary records that will definitely sell out at some point. And then prices will go up again.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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“Expectations were high after Dub Store Records 2016 with Errol Brown's "Orthodox Dub“ a true one Dub- Treasure had salvaged"

That doesn't surprise me at all! I have "Orthodox Dub“ Admittedly only for about a year but with the Dubs by Errol Brown I not only had gaps to cope with, but entire continental rifts and it was only in the last few years that I discovered this treasurer for myself. Whereby whole canyons certainly still open up.
As always, with Errol Brown or King Tubby it "cymbals" occasionally and I wonder why they didn't notice at the time that this "cymbals" all too often destroys the groove. Ok, at first I have the feeling that “Concrete Jungle Dub' within very tolerable limits. Even if it sometimes goes beyond the "cymbaling" and even rustles, as if the rims on the car are not really tight, or are only dangling from a screw next to the car, scraping across the street. Then the deaf ones come to mind .........
But no matter how much it 'cymbles' and 'rustles', it's once again clear to me why this music has inspired singers and players of instruments from every corner of the earth to try the same, even if it isn't for them - if at all - only partially successful. The music appears to be simple but the right feeling for it cannot be calculated mathematically and will always remain a mystery that can never be captured with ones and zeros......

Oh, I'm getting theatrical again ;-) …………………….. lemmi

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