Cookie Ranks: Digital Dub Clash

Already something of Cookie Ranks belongs? Neither do I. I have no idea who is behind this pseudonym. The biography on Bandcamp consists of the following two sentences: “People love cookies. Cookie Ranks is the best cookie. "Aha. After all, the name suggests a Deejay from the 1980s, which would put us on the right track, because what the top ranking cookie on his album "Digital Dub Clash" (Vizual Records) could be straight out of the 1980s: 8-Bit Computerized Dub. Minimal loops in the Atari sound, refined with reverb and echo - but the whole thing with the full sound dynamics of modern productions and an understanding of music trained in electronic minimalism. I generally have a preference for somewhat more unusual styles and I like this retro-futurism, especially since the pieces gathered here turn out to be quite varied if you listen carefully under the sound surface.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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this is the promo text from Vizual Records from Chicago, IL, which doesn't exactly bring the big "enlightenment":
"Vizual Records presents an amazing new digital reggae /dub/ electronic album by Cookie Ranks. 'Digital Dub Clash 'mixes tinges of 1980s and 1990s electronic dancehall, roots reggae, and synthetic electronic dub soundscapes to create altogether something vibrant, new, and oh-so-fresh.

While traditional dub producers started with a finished track and then would 'dub it out 'from the original master in the studio, Cookie Ranks goes straight for the dubs, almost imagining a track from its spaced-out components resulting in melodic tronics over stripped-down heavy dub rydims ".

Yepp, you can hear it, but you don't have to - the form of the day probably decides. For my taste it is too much synthetic, digital, as the title suggests. But it’s not university-interesting either, there are a few good approaches. A contradiction?!?

Ok, admittedly, I only fell through quickly so far, but I wasn't in the mood for more. Even the sound (can you even call it sound?) Of the bass, in the first Dub “Synchro” for me is the main reason why I do this type of Dub not need at all. Clearly in the fair tent as a contrast to Helene and Stefan Mronz, that's still very nice, but otherwise it's unsuitable for me. That is the worst form of digitization that I know. The melody of “Close To Dub"I feel fine, but as I've often written about something like that:
With the abundance Dub Music that I know by now and have at home, I don't need something cheap. Sounds real, like a cheap wedding ring from a chewing gum machine that falls on the floor and shatters.
It's somehow clear, because 80ies 90ies electronics dancehall was the beginning of the end for me even then.
My buddy collected the stuff until nothing worked and yes, I also had some sampled tapes from him but they have been in the basement for a long, very long time. I never needed that stuff and I probably won't need it in the future either. Yes, you are right, there were also a few good tunes, for example “Rumors” by Gregory… .. is accepted.

Otherwise you can enjoy the summer that way too ……………… .. lemmi

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