Crucial Rob: Dreadlocks on the Battlefield

(This text has been machine translated.) Sometimes the time is just right. Then you need steppers. Especially now that you are stagnate at home and sound systems are in lockdown. "Tailored for the sound system, this EP is just waiting for the return of those evenings that we miss so much," writes Culture Dub, with which the French label speaks to me from the heart. By the way, we're talking about the EP "Dreadlocks on the Battlefield“Hammered together by Crucial Rob. The title fits perfectly, because we really hear the sound of the heaviest guns here. The French definitely don't take prisoners. The bass drum stoically stamps through the tracks and the bass hums in the background. Like shrapnel, synthetic sounds fly through the room everywhere, echo back from the walls and finally lose themselves in infinity. There are even small rudimentary melodies that float as synth plankton through the bass-heavy atmosphere. The real stars of these tracks, however, are the percussions. Virtually virtuoso you drive the beat in intricate patterns.
The EP features a total of nine tracks based on three rhythms. So there is: instrumental version, Dub 1 and Dub 2. Sounds minimalistic? It is, but it benefits the hypnotic effect of the EP massively. In short: Crucial Rob has sound systemDub Roger that. Dark, minimalist, hard, magical - that's how it has to be.

If you want to get to know Crucial Rob, take a look at this (somewhat lengthy) video portrait, which also clearly shows the context for which Rob's music is made.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Sorry René!

For me the time is far from ripe for a steppers boom in this style. I'm just coming back from a nice long weekend with Roots Dub Reggae and
There is no trace of domestic acidification anywhere in my home either. As already mentioned, I've been in a shutdown ever since Style Scott passed away and I can't miss Steppers nights, because I probably won't go to the HardCore of the Dubfans belong. I love the diversity of roots way too much for that Dub Reggae and therefore can't find anything magical about the “dark, minimalist hardness”, which seems to be the “real thing” for Uk-Steppers fans. I got to know you in a completely different way and I can still remember how you often had to "defend" yourself because these Hard Core Steppers fans always suggested a certain aversion to these stoic, monotonous steppers riddims. Indeed, your reviews of this music have not always been as positive as it has come across in recent years. The many Dubweekender and various others Dubfestivals have probably triggered something for you that is still missing from me. I also have one or two steppers on this wonderful weekend Dub but they were mostly from Paolo Baldini or others DubWizzards and radiated much more variety and joie de vivre for my taste. But so that you don't get a wrong impression, I'll say right away that I don't like the very stepper-heavy riddims from Paolo as much as his - from my point of view - best Dubs i for example on the beautiful DubSlice of Mellow Mood can enjoy.
Actually, I didn't want to annoy you all so much anymore, but here it just has to be again. In the video portrait there is an audio sample where a really fine bassline is hand-made and plucked "appropriately" and I like that a lot better than what we then "hammered together" as a data package and stream for free
was released. Three “hardcore lines”, stoic, straight ahead and without a single curve. If it were a highway, I would get a dangerous microsleep after three miles at the latest, which wouldn't be a bad thing, because it's always straight ahead. It takes an ironman graduate mentality to fight your way through this monotony. I am not saying again that I have no respect for such monotonous "sports activities" and, if I am honest, I even feel contempt for them. How can you be so monotonous? (I hope none of you are up to it now, but a half-run or a marathon would be monotonous Dubs maybe even fit).
In principle, the stepper from the gym should also - in the true sense of the word - be suitable for this music. Or this weird “bicycle” where you step in like crazy - some even with encouragement from an animator - and don't move an inch forward. All things that I can't understand, but that shouldn't mean that they have to be fundamentally wrong for everyone, but for me it's all complete nonsense. Waste of time. I really prefer to go into the goal. Assuming nobody shoots.

“Alternative facts”, which may also seem “offtopic”, but I tried to explain my lack of enthusiasm for overly monotonous steppers riddims.

“Do the revolutionary step” …………………………… .. lemmi

Hi Lemmi, you write it yourself: “The many Dubweekender and various others Dubfestivals have probably triggered something for you that is still missing from me ”. I think that's exactly what it is. Since then I have always associated steppers with the live events. But even before that I liked steppers. Only through the festivals did I learn to love the genre again. But I'm by no means committed to it. Other forms of Dub i love too. Sometimes it's the sophistication that fascinates me, sometimes the monotony beguiles me. Dub has many good sides.


I mean it is also the setting at a dance / festival, the mood and above all the massive sound - i.e. also the physical experience, keyword bass & treble. I'm currently experiencing something similar on a small scale: I have replaced my B&W system with two simple Harman Kardon streaming boxes that really can't do anything other than play streamed music via WiFi and Bluetooth. What can I say ... HK blows B&W against the wall; I am now discovering music in a completely new way and in a completely different dimension. It does spark a joy! :-)

Which boxes are those? Could be something for the office. I have a very fat Nubert subwoofer at home. Nothing beats it!


Harman Kardon Citiation 500, 2 pieces paired as stereo. In my personal listening test, the Sonos 5 did well and they also look much more valuable - even if you can be divided on the design. You can stream everything via Bluetooth - Pacemaker App, Spotify with fade and the like. Via WiFi via Airplay 2 “only” the pure stream is possible, but with outstanding quality. Must be because of the Google app, because Android things are clashing with my Apple devices.

My B&W sub was throbbing when I couldn't find the sweet spot to the stereo monitors, which is around 49Hz. Nubert has a very good reputation, but I've never heard of it.

@Lemmi: I liked your text. I'm meanwhile, so having been into things for the past few years Dub I've learned something, sometimes a little steppa tired, especially when he shoots straight through in a very monotonous manner. But that was exactly the sound that kicked me a few years ago. I can do both, everything in good time. Right now it couldn't be “dark” enough.

I am always happy when my "lyrics" are liked, Andi.
This is one of my "main problems"! I don't like it "dark". I like twilight even less when it's neither light nor dark. I hate a candlelight dinner where you can't really see the food. I need festive lighting there.
And in order to get support (perhaps unintentionally) from gtkriz, I emphasize again that it is universal DubPlaylist also “Deep In Dub“And not Dark In Dub heist ;-)
And “deep” can't be enough for me. (I'm not in the mood for "deeper" though).
Everything is not meant very seriously, because the seriousness of life has not yet caught me and does not harass me with bad vibes.
But I know that he's already lurking in the background and to keep cheating on him, I always take the lift up and ride my bike
only berchab.
Dub sprinkles my soul and around mine DubThis little soul striptease now had to be to explain or describe taste.
There are so many people who are up to challenges. That's probably the right attitude, but I can't understand that in the least. Water doesn't flow uphill either and always looks for the soft stone to get further, so why drill through or on granite? And a DubWeekEnder with steppas “always in the face” would be a similarly difficult challenge for me as a meeting with hooligans, where it is clear that it will be very “dark” here.

So long ………… .. lemmi

Well, if festive lighting isn't a challenge, I don't know either. Some things are better left in the dark :-)

Tired of "deeper"? I read that as a shameless criticism of the “deeper in dub“Playlist. BLASPHEMIIIIE !!!


Oh oh gtkriz!

Bad misunderstanding! I almost deleted this sentence, but something inside had to write it down.

The sentence was a private joke that only people who have attended a special conference in Uganda, at least on YouTube, will understand.
I can't get out of my skin and definitely didn't want to be misunderstood what “deep” means to me.
I didn’t write about “Deeper In Dub“Don't feel like it, just not in a special form of“ deeper ”. With all my tolerance, this is also a kind of blasphemy. But "Stop Dat Crazy Ting now". Sorry for my “hidden” taboo break, mentioned in brackets.
Another “private joke” would be that I often annoy what I write in brackets. In your case, I can at least understand that now.
Since you ended your comment with a big smiley, I also think you don't really see it that tight.
A certain gross negligence is on my part but of course I can explain that too ;-)
I look far too seldom into the “Deeper In Dub“Playlist. In any case, that could also be a form of blasphemy, if, yes, if I hadn't had the feeling at the beginning that I knew and even HAVE most of it (!).
How important this is for me, I'll definitely get out of mine every now and then
DubHead out.
In addition, there is my limitless excessive demands on the Internet. My days would have to be 25 hours and a week would have to be thirty days and a month would be a year and so on and so forth. Then maybe I would have the time for “Deeper In Dub“But now I have to work most of my life and that makes the whole thing almost invincible for me.
That's another reason why I work at Grenoble Assembly LineDubs “make a cut. I just can't go with that anymore. But I don't have to either.

I always write so much so that, in the best case scenario, I am not misunderstood and I hope I was able to explain why I “Deeper In Dub“Not even on my screen. Therefore there is no connection, and indeed not the slightest, between “deeper” and “DEEPER IN DUB" have seen.
Certainly a somewhat cryptic text from me, but due to the general sensitivities and the general Internet guidelines, "KlarText" was not possible.

I ask for your understanding ;-) forbearance ;-) and for empathy ;-)

And especially I (not ironically) ask for forgiveness ……… .. lemmi

:-))) All good, lemmi! Was also meant as a funny remark on my part - or as we say: shameful - meant.

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