Culture Horn Sound System: DubLaboratory Vol. 1

I am very much in favor of boycotting Russia and Russian products. No question. But what about the album by a Russian sound system? I don't think the boycott applies here - for three reasons: 1. A Russian one Dub-Album per se is not a commercial product. Not hearing it will not harm the Russian economy, so boycotting it would be pointless. 2. Free (!) art and culture almost always serve the understanding of people and thus peace. 3. I firmly believe that the protagonists of a Russian sound system are subversive and critical of state power. So we are on the same page. It follows: I want you on the album with a clear conscience "DubLaboratory Vol. 1" (Dubophonic) from the Culture Horn Sound System. It is definitely not one Dub-masterpiece, but maybe the Culture Horn-Dubheads a little solidarity of Dub-community deserves. To celebrate its tenth anniversary, the Sound System from Kremenki in the Kaluga region has brought together the four best productions from its own oeuvre and is presenting them in the Dublaboratory in two versions: as instrumental and as Dub. I'm guessing fully digital productions, Stepper's style - but not brutal. Check it out and send some kudos to the Russian underground.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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