Da Grynch: Grynch Mountain

I discovered a new Da Grynch album in the stream: "Grynch Mountain" (Necessary Mayhem). It picks up where Curtis Lynch left off seven (!) Years ago with “Release The Hounds”: at one-dropDub with a dancehall vibe. Hard, sharp, digital and yet beautifully deep. If you really want to ventilate your ears after steppers excesses, you should hear “Grynch Mountain” loudly. Makes you awake and alert and blows the bass molasses away.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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There Grynch!
What did I scold about him when I heard the first things about him. First I got myself a complete album with Gregory Isaacs from him. I hope I'm not confusing that now. It was a mistake. I can't bear this disc with Gregory.
Then one day I heard a few again Dubs in the Deep In Dub Playlist and was pretty flashed. I couldn't believe Da Grynch was so horny Dubs managed (for my taste).
"Hard, sharp, digital and yet beautifully deep" is a very good idea, I think!
The Grynch Mountain EP, on the other hand, is a bit repulsive. Only with “Confirmation” do I have a good feeling and “Blood Thirsty Dub“Is still okay with me.
“Grynch Mountain” sounds too much like “ringtone Dub". That's exactly the sound that repels me.
“In The Mist” doesn't work for me either.
And “Out of order Dub“Gets to the point. These tones are just too shrill for me. The whole Dub is out of order.
Yes and "8 Bit Champion" is in the same line. 8Bit actually says it all. Perhaps one should have used 16 or even 32 bits or a lot more.

Greetings …………… lemmy


sorry, the whole thing doesn't sound like it Dub, more like minimal or whatever and that actually took Da Grynch 7 years.
I think "In The Mist" and "Confirmation" are still pretty bearable, I still hear at least a little One Drop but the rest ...
At the latest when “Out Of Order” I am “out of order”. No, for me "Grynch Mountain" is a waste of time.

And I have to blame myself again right away! First think about it or do some research and then write lemmi!

This Gregory disc, which I remember so badly, is called “Necessary Mayhem presents Gregory Isaacs remixed” and there is nothing to read about Da Grynch. Instead only fine musicians at the start and "Gussie" Clarke mixed the whole thing. I think “Gussie Clarke” is really great and the musicians anyway, but apart from a few very good exceptions, I still don't like the record.

“At the end of the day you always ask yourself“ what is it about, isso ”…………… lemmi

Lemmi, you weren't wrong with Necessary Mayhem presents Gregory Isaacs remixed. Gussie Clarke somehow had his fingers in the game as a producer aaaaaber: Mixed @ The Lynch Towers by Curtis Lynch Jr. - he screwed it up. ;-)

Hehe, do you understand now why I always rave about my "perfect pitch"?!?

My "ADS" is also really bad sometimes. (Necessary Mayham) is also in René's review!

My real life achievement is probably to somehow notice reality on the sidelines despite constant daydreaming.


By the way ! Thank you for looking again Ras Vorbei. The info raised my already good mood (today) to a higher level.

Greetings and have a nice weekend …………. lemmi

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