David Harrow: Lockdown Dubs

Who on the web after "Dub“Searches, comes across minimal techno more and more often. What Rhythm & Sound invented around 20 years ago is becoming increasingly popular today. I have the Dub-Techno celebrated at the time - it was a real innovation and its sound was absolutely fascinating. Today, however, the sound of the epigones bores me to death. Electronics with a technoid touch can also be heard very fresh and unheard of Dub combine: David Harrow does it with his "LockdownDubs“(Workhouse initial): Fast, bouncing beats, quick, melodic basslines, electronic Kraftwerk tinkling and an optimistic mood. Of course, the classic one-drop rhythm is dissolved and Steppers doesn't have too much to say here either. Still, there are enough offbeats, reverbs and echoes to suit the genre Dub meet. Harrows is a veteran of the Dub, even if he is little known in this scene. He worked closely with Adrian Sherwood as early as the 1980s and composed some of the tracks from the golden On-U era. Later he was an important acid house protagonist before devoting himself to electronic music and often experimental sounds. He is now an old man with a long, white beard, who apparently remembers his roots in lockdown times and is nerdy-handsome Dubs produced.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Well, I'll do the "poltergeist" again

Rhythm and sound is a good keyword to take a somewhat provocative position again. Apparently I need that every now and then, because it happens quite often that I completely become a "lateral thinker". With the word “lateral thinker” I have already maneuvered myself into an unsympathetic corner. That borders a bit on self-tearing but somehow I've always needed it.
As a longtime DubFan, which I was already back then, I wondered why so many of all people were talking about rhythm and sound and, for example, that Dub Syndicate nobody seemed to know. In any case, there was - if one can even speak of hype in this context - a decent hype gradient in favor of rhythm and sound. Maybe that was just my subjective perception and everything was completely different.
In any case, I must or may I finally say that I never understood that and that I couldn't understand it in any way. You have to have rhythm and sound, if it were up to me,
view it clearly from two different perspectives. One is the sound. I've always found it fascinating and very radiant, in the sense of radiation.
The other is the rhythm! In contrast to you René, I always found the riddims from Rhythm and Sound too boring. Of course there was always an exception, and the collaboration with Paul St. Hilaire in particular got hold of me here and there. I'm going to write this very boldly without doing any research. I have no idea if the backings of the Paul were really built by R. & S. But I can still remember well that I also thought back then, “There has to be another“ original ”so that the riddims of these“ dark people ”can groove properly. The tunes were still a long way from being hot. Well, you can listen to music "sometimes" on the couch, why not ?! I do it quite often. Anyway, Rhythm and Sound was always way too looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring for me.
David Harrow is already much faster. But I don't think that's any better. I am my own hobby psycho doctor, but I can’t explain why these basslines leave me completely cold. And since I am now reggae and Dub Most of all, fan of the Basslines TRUST ("In Bass We Trust"), I can
this Dubs can still hear well without getting another crisis, but to get into a storm of enthusiasm, it is nowhere near enough for me. I am of the opinion that one Dubs can safely be omitted with such basslines. Is a waste of time. But obviously it's this "annoying" matter of taste again, because you can obviously perceive the basslines as "fast and melodic". I can't even say anything about that, because they are definitely fast and even I recognize a melody.
But are these basslines really COOL? Not in the sense of cold, but in the sense of sovereign and beyond any doubt. Just like the Jamaican basslines !!!
Yes, not every bassline was fully on my line but hey, "come on now" you know what I mean or not ;-) ... I just say "Flabba", "Familyman", Robbie and him too “Fully” and I almost forgot the “Heavy Weight Puncher” “Bagga” Walker. May all the bassists forgive me who I haven't mentioned now, but who absolutely should have been mentioned here (can do or something like that). With these names I try to explain where I and where we all come from. Namely not from Jamaica ;-) …… but shaped by the musicians who have carried reggae and with it the most ingenious basslines of all time, across all borders, despite adverse circumstances to all corners of our earth. And that came from reggae Dub. "Skin Is Skin, Flesh Is Flesh, Blood Is Red, This Is FACT" !!!
It is clear, meanwhile I also have the "WorldDub“Got to know and appreciate all of its varieties. But no matter from which corner of the earth one Dub comes and even if it comes from the depths of the Mariannengraben (maybe even especially then), it has - from my point of view - to be measured and compared with the original riddims and basslines from Jamaica. Most DubFrom my point of view (or for my hearing) they can't do that. Doesn't matter, I'm tolerant and “open minded” but there are many Dubs (about music in general I don't even want to start now), they don't even come into the area, a possibility of comparison with the infinitely sovereign music from Jamaica !!!


All my information is without guarantee and corresponds to my subjective (universally valid) perception. They are therefore welcome to be refuted or at least criticized.

For example, yesterday I heard the Tokyo Space Cowboys again. Immediately I think of someone who as Dub would doubt and who would probably fold his hands over his head when he hears that (right gtkriz? ;-)) but I say here again very cheeky, there are a lot of people against this music DubIt's just a children's birthday party ;-)… even though the disc starts with children's vocals. At least that's how it sounds to me. Autotune is for DubConnoisseurs (in this case for me) also known in an unknown way.

It is possible that my text is bursting at the seams again for sheer "arrogance". That's because I still haven't landed correctly after my flight with the Space Cowboys. My text was written in a higher orbit and therefore sounds a bit aloof to one or the other. Or I should have written for one and the one and the other and the other ………………. sometimes I really wonder what else to ask myself ...

Ok, I say it like Mickey Rourke in Barfly ……… "to all my friendseeeeeeeeh !!!" ……………………. lemmi

Exactly Ras

Audio Active !!! Audio Active !!! We are Audio Active !!!

Just this "text" with the Dub this makes me more than just HIGH !!!

It's not about the "WHAT" but about the "HOW" !!! I need a jacket that is closed at the back, otherwise I will turn completely off. How can you produce music so uncompromisingly?!? I need exactly THAT !!!

Then the marijuana anthem with Bim Sherman ………… .. I go with a stick. Just really FAT! At that time I played it in reggae jamming (that was the name of the regular dance that we had in Göttingen at the time). Yesterday I had to smile again about what great times I have already been able to experience.

Jan Delay has this disc as the best in the Riddim Interview DubDisk of all time. I don't know whether he still sees it the same way today and whether I would sign it exactly like that, but I don't actually find it that completely absurd either.
In the example, my main goal was to show a little how I feel about things Dub so tick. Dub Is crazy !!! And that's mainly why I like to hear it so much.
Of course, I also like it a little more serious, but I like it best
"Inhuman" especially against the background of being human
seems to repeatedly accept women and children as war victims. It seems just as deeply "human" to put people all over the world to flight and the refugees like animals behind some fences
to keep. European “power orcs” let refugees drown in the sea with a system and on command and even by law against “our values”. I would love to lock them all up and play Audio Active for them until they finally understand that they are on the wrong track.
(Today I'm back to a bit of aggro ...... "sorry" to all law enforcement officers)

“I know that there is someone up there. No plan whether human or animal, woman or type.
Although (he) is up there, (he) is down here in me and if you are a flasher too, (he) is down here with you “not exactly the same, but it is about Jan and his Jan Soul Rebels. Also available as Dub but well ……

"Do The Reggae" ……………………… lemmi

Hi Lemmi,

there are worlds between David Harrow and Audio Active. Both Dub, but ultimately apples and pears. Rhythm & Sound is in a class of its own: bananas. In other words: is difficult to compare. I have the impression that you Dubs that are “rich” and that work almost like songs - in the sense that they provide enough food and entertainment for conscious listening. Such DubI love s too, of course. Repetitive, hypnotic and minimal Dubs, however, have no chance with you. They are almost the opposite of the "rich" Dubs. I, on the other hand, love such music too. I also love steppers! A good bassline is of course worth its weight in gold, but a voluminous, warm bass sound - even if it comes from a moderately good bassline - is also great. There are m. E. Countless aspects of music that make it subjectively good or bad. That's why it's also fun to exchange ideas about it in the comments, because there is no generally valid, objective judgment with which everything is said about an album.

I don't want to say that everything is a matter of taste. That would be too easy too. But there are very few objective criteria. All other criteria and judgments are at least "intersubjective", ie they are based on a canon that for some Dub-Enthusiasts. But others do not share it.

Actually, we are negotiating the one "right" one here in the comments Dub-Canon. What is considered good Dub, what not? It's great fun, but we'll never agree ;-).

But we don't have to. I think the different Dub- preferences of gtkritz, Ras Vorbei, me and you, Lemmi, and everyone who takes part in the discussions, the real flavor of the dubblog are.


Yes René!

I really liked what you write here. Even if I “sometimes” leave out the “poltergeist”, that doesn't mean that I am basically different
Opinion. Whereby music has nothing to do with opinion, but much more with feeling. I already suspected at the beginning of my commutation that something was "boiling" inside me again and that I probably couldn't suppress it completely.
You are definitely right when you say I like the “rich Dubs “.
I have already hinted at that by emphasizing that minimalism is not for me. I really like the “full program”. Digitally produced Dubs that are not in an analog echo chamber for mine, still biological and analog
functioning ears, as well as my entire biological bodily functional apparatus, have been "seasoned" are in fact mostly too boring for me and
seem too cheap to me. A bit like Nutella with palm oil. People who have never known the original taste of Nutella will probably always say, "Why, it tastes nice and sweet". I, on the other hand, will miss the original taste of Nutella until the end of my days. Now I am only trying to express that it is more difficult for me than others to eagerly soak up everything “new” and to accept it for good or even better. That we humans are kept more and more on the leash of our cell phones and should be guided and controlled even more is very difficult or even impossible for me to accept. But apparently most of them think it's great. Another app here and another app there and what's new on fazzebuck and …… .. I'm getting upset again ;-)
People have become addicted to information. It just seems that the quality of the information no longer plays a role at all. You can tell that I'm bubbling too much again now, so that I can't get to the point.
In any case, I also like minimalist ones Dubs. There's a sone 'record by Mr. Spalding (if I'm not mistaken about the name). Both the vocal and the DubVersions mostly come "simply" with only drums, bass and keyboard. But all Players of Instruments all have “seven
Miles Boots ”and work space and time with all the power that reggae and Dub Well it's in there. Also DubEffects are here on the essential,
so limited to reverb and echo.
With all my "pounding", I hope that one thing will always be stuck in the end,
i primarily try to express my feelings to the Dubs to get across and even if it should only revolve around music, my emotional world also becomes when listening to intensively Dubs and music in general are unfortunately always influenced by my or our environment (including all orcs).
To listen consciously, I would like to say that this is extremely important to me.
Music and especially Dub and reggae, which only runs on the side, makes me depressed and aggressive at the same time. When I have to concentrate at work or during sports, I cannot listen to my favorite music. That makes me extremely aggressive. I'm not really at work, nor do I really listen to music.
So that there are still no misunderstandings in the future, I say again, I definitely don't want to come across as if only I knew something really good Dub is. I can only answer this question for myself - if at all.
And then again it's just a matter of taste. I always try to somehow describe my taste and to justify it every now and then, but that the tastes differ a bit in the details, I find really really "annoying" ...... ;-)
No! Of course that doesn't bother me! This is exactly where the “flavor” lies and that is exactly the salt in the soup. That's how I see it too.
And now I might make a mistake by rummaging through something again that gtkriz might have perceived as a "small insolence". I put it in a drawer again. I do that often, but I don't mean that in any way. I pretty much agreed with him that he could do something like a "favor" for Audio Active. Of course you don't do that. Sorry for that gtkriz but at the same time I also believe that it is also a little teasing
could have been felt.
The thing is, I have already hinted that I often struggle for words to describe my impressions. So if I also in the future
over the base of Dub (for me the basis of everything), DIE BASSLINE is talking, then that's because every piece of music that should have a shelf life of more than two weeks has to have a bassline that lifts me to the throne of feelings and me there Float until the end of my days
There is none Dubs that I don't like at all. But the time in which I can CONSCIOUSLY LISTEN TO MUSIC is very limited and therefore I try to badmouth anything that does not completely inspire me.
I found this mega-hit by Adele “Never Mind I found someone else like you” awesome right away. Even though her voice is only accompanied by a piano. I melted away anyway and even had to cry a little once. But now the tune is through. I only hear blaring. And everything else from Adele is based solely on her blaring. Ok, yes, she has a reggae tune somewhere but exceptions always confirm the rule. In any case, Adele's tune is worn out (for me) because there is no bassline and when, on the other hand, I play "Natural Mystic" by Bob Marley and The Wailers - just for example - the feeling is almost still as if I was playing this brilliant tune for the first time listening. Because ! Because of the bassline !!! ( amongst other things ;-) )
And that's why I'm still an unteachable reggae nerd !!!

I don't care what the others think, I'm fine with it ……… .. lemmi

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