David Harrow: Virus Dubs

The fact that David Harrows cannot be tied to a clear stylistic becomes clear after “Lockdown Dubs "second Corona album:"Virus Dubs“(Workhouse initial). No trace of techno anymore. The album sounds like a production from the 1970s: airy, acoustic sound, real (probably more sampled) instruments, slow beats - and yet unmistakably a modern production. This can be recognized by their complexity and the excellent corners and edges. This music was not composed as backing for a song - as was common in the 70s. The virus Dubs are pure instrumental music - and not just because no voice can be heard. That's why I'm such a great friend of Dubs that were produced as such from the outset: composition and sound are usually more radical, complex and original. If then, like here, a fantastically clever and exciting mix is ​​added, this is it Dub completely with yourself.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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I had to look again at the same time to see what to "Dub Journeys Vol.1 “so wrote. The disc probably only partially inspired me. But at least
was there something for me.
In terms of sound (although computer bass) I find the “Journey Dubs “as the only one that is really professional. This virus Dubs sound really brutal like an old, dusty cassette from my basement. Even if they sound “airier”, it sounds very musty like old, dusty air. I'm actually over that kind of sound quality. But that doesn't change the fact that the riddims here mostly appeal to me. Also the DubThe atmosphere, especially the mystical reverb and the echoes on the percussions, is entirely to my taste.
And with “Snuffle and Shuffle” I have one here Dub found that straight away in mine DubHall of Fame is coming. The keyboard produces an "acoustic tinsel" that I cannot and do not want to escape. This is BlingBling to my ears. I admit that I love BlingBling, colorful lights and all kinds of light shows. Therefore the term “BlingBling” is to be interpreted positively for my acoustic perception. By “BlingBling” I don't just mean the glittering gold chains but also, in particular, such shoes for children (why aren't there for me too) that shine so brightly with every step. Light show! It's a shame that these parts didn't exist in my childhood. I also find the Christmas lights (shit about co2) not only kitschy but also somehow romantic.
Even if “Snuffle and Shuffle” might mean something completely different, I translate it for myself as “Snuffle and Cuddle” ………

Because I feel like it the most at the moment …………………… lemmi

What can a Dub- Better to start an album than with a nice bassline?
The "Maskup Dub“With its repetitive stoic has something challenging that somehow fits the name. The counterpart is then "Mask Off" from Future? I like it.
“Conquer Virus” with its impulsive emphasis continues in my memory as a half-finished DnB remix (more jungle-like), I have to sit down at Ableton again.
“Virus Return” doesn't grab me that much, somehow I find the beat too stressful and with the melodica there is no real joy due to the sound.
"Dubmasker “reminds me of things from the 90s that were running at Klaus Fiehe's back then. Not exactly my soundscape back then, not today either. At the elevator music limit.
“Oh my god this heaven” - that shoots into my head with the first notes of “Sixfeetdance”. Sample or not? Track clearly better than the previous one.
With “Purplecircle” there is still a good chillout tune on it, which I can easily imagine on the stoned second floor of a psychedelic party with a large number of hammocks in dignified volume between the chai stand and the compost toilet. The shrill tones towards the end should bring one or the other Fraggle down a lousy track.
“Reinfector” has something sad about it, for me the contrast to the really driving drums is not right. Not enough happens to me somehow.
“Sniffing and cuddling” doesn't occur to me about the last track, rather “add an instrument”. Like other tracks by David Harrow, this one is suitable for improvising over it.

The album is tonally mixed. I'm just too cold to hear whether some samples are "dirty" or poorly resolved, or whether the whole production is (intentionally?) Acoustically a bit dull. There is no real bass either, nothing happens below 60 Hz. As if the bass player was missing the E string. But I also have the problem with the last kanka album, which is a pity ...

lemmi, LED shoes are also available in adult sizes. Chargeable via USB ... and from what you read, the electronics are pretty short-lived and the shoe is not exactly comfortable.

Hehe, thank you ropp up!

Just running out of joke here at work with the BlingBling shoes would be completely to my taste.
The fact that electronics are short-lived probably has a method anyway.

In any case, it was very gratifying for me to read a slightly different opinion on the disc.

Oh and ... get well soon! ………………………………… .. lemmi

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