De Soto: Silverado Days

Many will scratch their heads and notice: "de Soto says nothing to me so far ”. The Senior Allstars, on the other hand, should all readers of the Dubblog be relatively well known. Markus Dassmann (bass, guitar, keyboard / organ, melodica, percussion), the Spiritus Rector of the Senior Allstars and Martin Musch (drums) have already teamed up some time ago under the label Ancient Mountain Records and released some interesting things. With "Silverado Days“(De Soto / Echo Beach Lifefidelity) Markus Dassmann is now releasing his first solo album with the help of Martin Musch. Then we get the music that Markus has been playing with the Senior Allstars for many years: Instrumentals with classic Jamaican sounds, rock steady and occasional - unfortunately quite sparingly set here - DubElements. What might bother some is the relatively frequent use of the melodica, which sounds a bit too uniform in places. Perhaps Mr. Dassmann could think about whether the use of an accordion or bandoneon would be an attractive alternative. The eleven songs, all of which are original compositions by the musical master and composer Dassmann, develop on the basis of beautiful, catchy riddims. Somehow the whole thing sounds like an album that could have been released in the 1970s - but with a much richer sound. The tracks are recorded analogue, have a pleasant, warm sound and come naturally. “Silverado Days” is another album with really decelerated tunes that sneak comfortably unobtrusively into the ear canals. Quality always wins.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Nice release to listen to while reading, stretching etc. Could pass as a Senior Allstars album at any time, but imo the mixdown is much more successful here. I can also well imagine that the melodica sound is saturated when you listen to it often.

Oh yes, what a pity ......

The melodica is a bit annoying and when you listen to the disc it annoys even more. Mind you, the melodica is a bit annoying, not the poor guy (I refuse to write the poor guy) who has to warble it. It should comfort him that the Melodica von Augustus often drove me to the edge of madness because it was simply too dominant in many Supertunes. I assume that many musicians simply do not understand the principle of roots and traditions. Just because the RootsReggae was originally mainly about repatriation, Haile Selassie and “the half that was never told”, that doesn't mean that every RootsTune still has to bring up the same topic over and over again. And certainly not just any white Europeans. And just because the great originator Augustus Pablo thought the melodica was so great doesn't mean that the melodica is in everyone DubTune, must show up forever. So you DubMakers out there, take a look at the melodica, it's OUT! ……………………… so lemmi ……. and now come down again.
Yes, I think the melodica here is so “crap” mainly because I could literally melt away with the instrumentals.
I have never seen the Senior Allstars so crisp and firm (Tide). I already know a few basslines but here they have a very special charm. Great !!! Nothing against the Senior Allstars, I have almost all of them but this album is very special. Yes, I know, they are not the Senior Allstars at all, but it’s okay ………… ..
I have to see if the children's toys really annoy me in the long run, but that's actually why I don't really feel like this disc anymore. But these riddims!?! ………. FANTASTIC !!!
I may have to report to the disc again later to report that I was still able to get used to the Melodica. In any case, the music as a whole is top notch. I am flashed.

Greetings ………………… lemmi

Greetings wool,

The musical use of the melodica should not be demonized by me either. What tires me a little while listening is the melodica as the lead instrument over the entire length of the album. Even Augustus Pablo noticed that, because he often used a clavinet, xylophone or vibraphone instead. The tonal spectrum of a melodica is not that intoxicating either, hence my suggestion with the accordion or bandoneon.
Nevertheless: Augustus Pablo's Melodica and the legendary Far East Sound are still, without a doubt, a great moment for reggae for me.
But it's all a matter of taste ...

Once again, diplomatically, you got it right to the point. I definitely don't want to demonize children's toys, and such a small intermezzo with Melodica is always nice for me too. But as I have already done about trumpet, trombone, saxophone and co. wrote, is an instrument as a lead instrument - especially - on album length, tired. The word tired is too diplomatic for me here. As a fan, I allow myself a more radical expression and call that annoying. It annoys me - with all my love - pretty much. IT SUCKS !!!
I think an album length accordion could annoy me. The lead instrument in everything that has to do with reggae is and remains THE BASS for me! DI BIASS !!!

Gimmie dat Biassline man ……………………… lemmi

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