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Death by Dub: Abundance

I don't know what it is, but instrumentals or Dubs led by brass instruments seem to be absolutely trendy in 2022. I'm very happy about it, because I've always liked the brass sections in reggae. So good that I always regretted that the productions often give the horn sections so little space in the pieces. The fact that they then fell victim to keyboard fake brass instruments in the course of increasing commercialization is one of the dark chapters in reggae history. But now the time for compensation seems to have come: Youthie, Dub Vallila, The Super 20 and now: Death by Dub with the album "abundance" (Color Red). It's blowing from all directions at the moment. Influenced by the usual suspects, Perry and Tubby, and of course Tommy McCook and Rico Rodriguez, Dan Africano and Scott Flynn have formed a band that's completely different Dub and has dedicated brass. Dan Africano and Scott Flynn are veteran reggae musicians and (like Lee Hamilton and Craig Welsch of The Super 20) received their reggae apprenticeship from John Brown's Body. Around 2018 the two struck out on their own, moving to Denver, Colorado and forming Death By Dub. Now they present their debut album "Abundance". As with the "Whinds of Wareika" a variety of musicians have their hands in the game here. The arrangements are correspondingly opulent. But unlike the "Whinds", we are dealing with "Abundance" with real ones Dubs to do. The sound is tighter and the beats are heavier. I'm absolutely delighted with this album. It strikes the perfect balance between focus and openness. The rhythms are excellently produced and the brass melodies are composed with inspiration. Actually everything is correct here. In addition, the vibe of the whole album is so wonderfully positive and uplifting that it's just a pleasure to float through the summer with this music.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

3 replies to “Death by Dub: Abundance"

Yes, then I'll say something about that too.

I'm sorry, but I'm probably already so spoiled that I now consider these quite good riddims to be a solid standard. As such, the album doesn't tempt me into my usual exaggerations and effusive enthusiasms. In addition, I don't feel any different about albums with an almost constant fan than a vocal album. It's just that no human is singing here, but a brass instrument. It's just too much fan and not enough for me Dub.
But since that's not good publicity that I'm spreading, I'll try to hold back on similar albums in the future and just stay calm.

"Steppin' out of Babylon" …………………. lemmi

Oh sorry!

I wanted to get rid of a few positive vibrations.

I would even buy a wallpaper from the cover. I think that's great!

So long ………… .. lemmi

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