Dexter Dub: From Dub to Bass

Dub is a fairly changeable genre despite its minimalist formula. A very impressive exploration of the limits offers and the Cologne Dexter Dub with his new album "From Dub to Bass" (Knick-knacks Home Productions). The sub-title is a short manifesto of Dexter's approach: "Electronic Translation of Reggae Music". Dexter in his own words: “A central fulcrum in my current productions is the love for reggae in all its facets and the attempt to bring the reggae vibe into electronic/digital genres such as Dub, DubStep, deep Dub, Jungle, Drum'n'Bass or whatever you want to call it". In my opinion, "translate" is not the right term, because all the genres listed are more or less direct descendants of reggae and Dub. But we know what Dexter means, so it's not surprising that he went back to "From Dub to Bass" delivers an extremely colorful potpourri of almost all styles that are subsumed under the term "Bass Music". Sometimes he even combines several styles in one track. The whole thing is wonderfully eclectic, almost anarchistic - and therefore extremely refreshing. As is well known, nothing is more beneficial than a courageous step across borders. A blessing that we friends of the Dub treat us too seldom. Here we have the opportunity to do so.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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