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If you don't want to read, you have to listen: from now on we not only offer reading food but also a feast for the ears. You can now find two exclusive ones at the end of the start page dubblog playlists that we have put together for you.

Our playlist "editor's choice“Offers a weekly review and overview of current events in the Dub-Landscape. With the track selection we want to explore the genre in all its depths, but at the same time offer the subjective best and most up-to-date music selection. But the most important thing: The thing should make you happy and keep one or the other musical discovery ready. Your feedback will show us whether we are right.

The second audio offer is the playlist "deep in dub by dubblog". It comprises 100 tracks and explores the range of our favorite music in a much more extensive and sustainable manner. It is an offshoot of the proven playlist colossus "deep in dub (extended version)“, The one with over 4.700 Dub-Tracks of the more recent times, i.e. from the year 2000, comes up and is continuously expanded with new material. Curated by yours truly - Gerhard Thomas Kriz aka gtkriz - you can assume Dub to be served in the classic style. And that, if you want and persevere, for 14 days 24/7 without a single track repetition. The full broadside, so to speak.

For everyone who is more into the glorious Dub-Year in the late 70s and early 80s, here's a tip: Spotify also hosts the playlist "deeper in dub“: Roots Radics, Aggrovators / Revolutionaries / Sly & Robbie, Scientist, Prince Jammy, King Tubby, Joe Gibbs - all the old masters gathered in a single heavyweight Dub-Battle. Enjoy!

It should be noted briefly: The web integration of the two playlists "editors choice" and "deep in dub" at the end of dubblog start page allows - for reasons of copyright - only the playing of 30-second previews. But just one click further you get to the free Spotify web player, which offers you complete listening pleasure. With SongShift there is also a free app that allows you to import Spotify playlists into the streaming service of your choice.

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Perfect service !!!

Review! Audio sample! ……………………… .. (order - vinyl or CD)! (Press the requested quantity and deliver)!

Then we would all be in my world! …………………. lemmi

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